Why Do Vegetarians Eat Fish? Updated 2021

Why Do vegetarians eat fish?

If you acknowledge a Lent in your company, then you may be familiar with the saying “No meat on Fridays, but fish is okay”. The thing I am trying to explain here is that fish is not considered as meat in various cultures.

For various people, fish is an underwater creature that is present in abundance, and it is not comparable to some cute-fluffy hen or a big-eyed cow. Because extinction of animals or killing them are the main reasons why someone opt for a vegetarian diet.

So the question is valid “Do vegetarians eat fish?”. For traditional vegetarians there is an obvious statement which they swear by. It states that they won’t eat meat of any kind including fish, no poultry, no game animal, and they also cannot eat any other aquatic life.

These days there are some vegetarians that eat fish too along with the floral diet. But they are not true vegetarians, there is another that is used for such a group of people and that is “Pesco-vegetarians”, or “Pesectarians”.

Sea food is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins which we do not find collectively in most of the food sources. It contains healthy proteins, full of healthy heart fats, and also consists of a lot of iron and a lot of Vitamin B.

Why Do vegetarians eat fish

Do vegetarians eat fish and eggs?

Yes! There are groups of people in the world that are vegetarians but they also eat fish. There are also those vegetarians who may not eat fish but they do consume eggs in their daily routine.

The vegetarians that eat eggs and other dairy items are known as “Lacto-ovo” vegetarians. However, the choice of eating eggs depends on a lot of factors like culture, religion, ethnicity and personal reasons.

Most nutritionists explain that consuming eggs and fish while being vegetarian is better than being a full-fledged vegetarian. Seafood and eggs provide all the nutrients that are found in chicken, mutton, and beef and other types of meat. So they not only satisfy the taste buds but they also complete the nutritional requirement of a person.

 Why do some vegetarians eat fish?

Vegetarians eat fish because of the nutritional factors mainly, seafood provides healthy fatty acids like Omega-3, that is an excellent thing for people who are suffering with heart disease.

Eggs are one of those foods that are classified as “superfoods”. They are loaded with nutrients, which modern foods usually lack. There are some amazing health factors that even make vegetarians eat fish or eggs. They are incredibly nutritious, containing components like Vitamin A, B5, B12, Folate, Selenium, Phosphorus, Rich fatty acids, and Omega 3.

Another important aspect that makes vegetarians add fish in their normal diet is that it provides more variety and the food does not remain boring all the time.

Why do vegetarians eat fish but not meat?

Most of the vegetarians do not see fish meat as the proper meat. By definition, strict vegetarians do not consume any kind of poultry, meat and eggs. But fish is an exception.

The pescatarians believe that fish for them holds a place below meat but above bugs, and they also hold this stance that fishes are abundant animals as more than 3rd part of the Earth is covered in water.

So, there is not any chance of their extinction. Despite these reasons, they also want to bring more variety on the table instead of the boring lettuce and broccoli.

Moreover, many vegetarians also consume fish in their diet to supplement their nutritional requirements which a floral diet alone cannot fulfil. As we all know fish is jam packed with several essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It provides healthy proteins, healthy heart fatty acids, and Omega 3 which is found in abundance in fish oil.

Do vegetarians eat chicken and fish?

 Different people follow different trends and patterns of vegetarian diet. However, a true vegetarian swears by to not eat any kind of poultry, eggs, chicken or any kind of meat.

However, there are certain groups of vegetarians that do not follow this strict vegetarian diet. The people who consume only fish and do not eat any other meat are called “”Pesectarians”, while those who consume dairy products and eggs along with fish are known as “Lacto-ovo Vegetarians.”

Some people follow a strict vegan diet which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, nutritionists always advise people to follow a moderate manner.

Why Do vegetarians eat fish

Do vegetarians eat fish and seafood?

 Yes! Pesetarain vegetarians eat fish and other seafood diets. Vegetarians do so because in that way they can bring versatility to their diet and can also fulfil their nutritional deficiencies.

Fish is loaded with nutrients and if one does not eat other types of meat, eating fish is definitely a better and brilliant resource. Along with other nutrients and minerals fish provide Vitamin B12 and Zinc which are crucially essential for your immune and nervous system.

For instance if you eat a single oyster per day it fulfils 85% of your daily requirement of zinc and also fulfils 78% daily DV requirement.

Do vegetarians eat fish and shrimp?

Strict vegetarians do not eat any kind of meat including fish, crustaceans, or any shellfish. So, if you invite your vegetarian friends for dinner do not serve any chicken or fish meat unless you ask them if they are okay with it.

It is a simple fact that fishes live in water. Fish and any other meat diet is not for true vegetarians. However, pescetarians opt fish in their diet along with the vegetarian diet.

Being a vegetarian is a choice, and any true vegetarian does not eat any kind of fish, shrimp, lobster, or shellfish or any other seafood. Being vegetarian depends upon several factors like ethnicity, religion, cultural norms.

Do vegans or vegetarians eat fish?

As you know being a vegetarian is totally up to you, though you can eat whatever you want from chicken burger to potato fries. But when you say you are a vegetarian or vegan then you do not consume any type of dairy, poultry or meat diet.

There are several reasons for being a vegetarian, most of the people do it for animal welfare, betterment of the environment, saving animals from getting extinct, and to also decrease global warming.

However, some vegetarians simply just do not want to consume any kind of meat either chicken or fish, and when they make up their mind, they do the same for major portions in their lives.

Do some vegetarians eat fish?

Fish and other meat is not included in a vegetarian diet. However, there are some group of people that do consume fish, eggs and dairy products in their daily diet.

These people are known as “pescetarians”. The diet of these people contain major portions of plant diet and they also consume fish and seafood along with the plant diet.

People who follow a pescetarian diet do so to have more variety in their diet and they are also inspired by the nutritional benefits of marine diet.

Do vegetarians eat fish and chicken?

There are also some vegetarians that consume chicken along with fish in their daily diet. Such groups of people are known as ” Pollotarians”. There are several reasons for choosing this pattern of diet. For the majority being a Pollotarian, is considered as the first step towards a vegan diet.

However, some people may opt for this diet because of the environmental and health effects of consuming red meat.

Pollotarian diet is a a semi-vegetarian diet, in which some forms of animal meat are allowed and other animal products are prohibited. The word “pollo” means “Chicken” in Spanish, Pollotarians eat all kinds of poultry that  include turkey and ducks as well.

People following this diet do not consume red meat or any pork products. However some may include eggs or dairy diet in their routine while others won’t.

Do vegetarians eat tuna fish?

Pesetarians eat fish along with their vegan diet to fulfil their nutritional requirements and also to bring colors on their table. People eat different kinds of fishes mainly for their health benefits. Vegetarians also believe that fish is an abundant animal present on the Earth which does not face dangers of extinction.

That is also one of the reasons why vegetarians shift to a Pesetarians diet.

Why Do Vegetarians Eat Fish 4

Do any vegetarians eat fish?

Yes some vegetarians do eat fish and they are known as “Pesetarians”. Though a true vegetarian diet does not include any kind of poultry or meat. However, choosing either kind of diet is a personal option.

Fishes are a treasure of vitamins, protein and several other essential nutrients. Therefore, most of the vegetarians do so by adding fish to their diet so that they can be healthy and active.

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