Best 10 White Labrador retriever Facts, Names, Adoption Updated 2021

White Labrador retriever

Their name comes from the Labrador Sea that surrounds the Newfoundland coasts. American’s most popular dogs to own are Labrador retrievers. They have won the hearts of Americans from about 28 years. They are friendly and desirable to families. They are easily recognized by their white fur, pigmented nose, and dark eyes. Despite their name, they also

have spots of yellow or cream around the ears. They have a sweet-faced look and are loveable. They are high-spirited companions and outgoing dogs. They are short-couples, medium-sized, and strongly built dogs. They have dense, short, weather-resistant coat and otter tail. They have a good temperament and are intelligent. 

White Labrador retriever classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific NameCanis familiaris
Order Carnivora
SpeciesC. familiaris
Diet Carnivores
Lifespan 10 to 14 years.
Weight29 to 36 kg
Trophic levelOmnivores
Height22.5 to 24.5 inches

White Labrador retriever puppies

They are loyal, gorgeous dogs. They come from parents who have genes for yellow coat color and are bred to have the palest version of this color. The shades of color can rage in a litter of puppies. Some puppies have more orange color while some will be at the paler end. As they grow, their coat color changes. When they mature, they appear less or more pale. They require training and socialization. They are kind and pleasant. They have tractable nature and are outdoing dogs or puppies. In short, they are perfect pets for families. They follow people around them and need attention. 

White Labrador retriever

White Labrador retriever dog

Fortunately, they are always not actually albino Labradors. In fact, they pale version of a yellow Labrador. They are very special because of their white fur. They are the most popular breed. They have affectionate, loving personalities. They look pretty simple. They have a white coat, dark nose, and brown (or another color) eyes. They have a water-repellent,

thick, double-layer coat. The top layer is coated with oil and the bottom layer is insulating and thick. Usually, their coat shows touches of cream, yellow, or red. They make a good companion canine. They can be easily trained for different tricks. They shed a lot to remove old hair. 

White Labrador retriever names

They are pretty awesome. Labradors are friendly, playful, hard workers, smart, and amazing companion animals. They are recognized by their lovely personalities. One of their fantastic qualities is that they are also cute at every age. They have many different names including Hannity, Donnal, Afi, Zelia, Xena, Gargle, Gaston, Kath, Conoy, Ross, Char, Evie, Nina, Algie, Marina, Rhianna, Autumn, Gianni, Norma, Alucard, etc. 

White Labrador retriever male names

They are the most popular dog breed from about thirty years in the united States. They are friendly, intelligent, and lovely. Here, I compiled some Labrador names by their certain qualities like Mars, Buddy, Fudge, Tango, Sedona, Arizona, Dave, Martha, Westie, Harvey, Clara, Noram, Peony,  Wilson, Russet, Lillian, Lister, Cheddar. 

White Labrador retriever with blue eyes 

Labradors with blue eyes is an indication of poor genetics and they show that they are not purebred Labradors. Their normal eye color is dark brown. They may have blue eyes that are the result of albinism. Albinism is a trait caused by genes that switch off coloring. Albino white Labradors have whiter fur or hair, and pale skin. They have pale blue eyes or they may also have red eyes. Albino white Labradors with blue eyes are seen where some pigmentation remains. However, this is rare in this breed. Also, it is not a desirable trait and unfortunately, it comes with health problems.

White Labrador retriever for adoption

Definitely, you will want this beautiful puppy for your home and the right place to start is looking for a right breeder. Remember, when you are searching for a rescue dog or white Labrador puppy, work with a professional breeder or shelter. This gives you the better chance of choosing the possible healthiest canine companion. Pre-testing can help

protect your puppy from inheriting genetic health issues. This includes coat color patterns, such as extreme white piebald or double merle, which can inherit additional lifelong health problems. Before you make a final commitment, be sure to have your veterinarian do a thorough wellness exam. 

White Labrador retriever

 White Labrador retriever facts

Let’s explore its interesting facts:

  1. They are the number one popular dog breed in the United States
  2. They are the second most popular canine companions in the United Kingdom
  3. They have a pale coat and pale yellow fur 
  4. They have affectionate personalities and easily recognized by their white fur and dark nose
  5. Along a vast spectrum of shades, basic coat colors of black, yellow, and brown can occur
  6. One amazing fact about them is that they have waterproof coats that keep them happy in water even in cold water
  7. They are excellent for working in a variety of settings including game hunting, waterfowl hunting
  8. They are the most popular choices for search and rescue, service dog work, drug and bomb detection, and therapy dog work
  9. They are laid-backs and are made to swim, run and work
  10. They are full of energy and are very strong
  11. With their characteristic obedience, intelligence, and eagerness to please, they are excel at various dog sports 
  12. They perform very well in Rally, Obedience, and Agility

Questions & Answers

Are White labs rare?

They are the most popular breed in America and the second most popular canine companions in the United Kingdom. White Labradors are not rare at all. However, an undesirable trait called albinism is rare among this breed. Albinism causes the skin, hair or eyes to have no color. White labs with albino look white. Albinism may be partial or full. It is not a required trait. Hence, albinism is rare in this breed.

Do White labs shed a lot?

Well, they have a double coats and are notorious for shedding a large amount of hair regularly and without prejudice. As the seasons change, they shed a lot. They shed more in spring and then again at the turn of autumn. When they shed at spring, they lose their winter coat and when they shed at autumn, they lose their summer coat. These two seasons are their shedding seasons. 

White Labrador retriever

It is obvious that you must have seen these dogs maybe in a show or maybe online while you were just scrolling through the online pictures of cute puppies. It is no doubt that these white labrador retrievers are unique dog species in their own and are very cute. But, here are the few thing you may not know about these cute species:

  1. White labradors are not a natural occurring species and they are only produced by breeders breeding yellow, brown and cream labradors.
  2. They have similar colored brown eyes and noses, with the same intelligence and temperament as colored labradors.
  3. White labradors are just albino labradors.

White Labrador retriever

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