15 Best Types of Ferrets

Types of ferrets

For most people ferrets are maybe not the best pet category. But at the same time, some people are so fond of them that they can’t have enough. Ferrets as pets are extremely amazing and sociable creatures as pets.

For beginner ferret owners they must struggle with the question: What ferrets are best for them? Initially they may struggle with their selection of picking ferrets as pets and then types of ferrets, which ferret is the best is their main concern. 

Many people seem concerned due to ferret’s stink and about their diet as they are fully dependent upon meat. To know about their diet you can see my article What do ferrets eat?

Now coming to the types of ferrets, it is very important to know about the types of ferrets if you want to have one. In addition to the importance everyone wants to have that type of pet that is best suited to them, to their personality, and which they can nourish properly.

Therefore, in this article we will be all into the types of ferrets that are known to science and which can make wonderful pets. This will help you to determine which ferret is for you and thus selecting a one would become easier for you.

15 types of ferrets

Before knowing the whole amount of types of ferrets let us first see how many ferrets are there?

How many types of ferrets are present?

When we will talk about the domesticated ferrets there is only one kind of breed that exists except the breed of Angora ferret.  They basically belong to a family of weasels and they have a Latin name of Mustela Putorius Furo.

However you will be surprised to know that even if there is only one type of breed still they have a lot of diversity in their patterns, styles, sizes, and colors. In this post all of those pet ferrets will be mentioned that are approved by the American Ferret Association. 

The types of ferrets that are approved by this authority includes 7 patterns of the ferrets and 8 different kinds of colors. Some resources also say that there are more breeds other than which AFA mentions, but they are simply combinations of the above-mentioned colors and patterns of the ferrets.

Types of ferrets on the basis of colors and patterns:

Based on colorBased on patternsExtra patterns
  • Black
  • Blaze
  • Bib
  • Black sable
  • Panda
  • Masked
  • Albino
  • Mitt
  • Marked
  • Champagne
  • Point
  • Stocking
  • Chocolate
  • Roan
  • Self
  • Cinnamon
  • Solid
  • Dark-eyed white
  • Standard

Based on ferrets colors:

Based on the colors of the ferrets, the following are the types of ferrets that make wonderful pets.

Types of ferrets 11

Black ferret:

As their name suggests these ferrets are pitch black in color. Their hair is straight and dark black in color with a usual base of white or golden. Their eyes are also black in color and are hardly differentiated from their coat.

The same goes for their eyes, they are also quite black. As they are very dark-colored ferrets they usually don’t have any patterns, usually if they rarely have patterns that are also brown in color and that appear quite fainted.

Black sable ferrets:

These types of ferrets are very much similar to simple sable ferrets. In contrast they have a very darker brownish color than sable ones. These ferrets have hairs of darker brown color and they have a base of white or cream color.

Although these ferrets have the name of black sable ferrets they are primarily defined by their brownish-black fur.

Albino ferrets:

Of all the types of ferrets albinos are the most distinctive ones. They are recognizable even from far because they are very light in color. These ferrets have white-colored hair and the base of usually cream and white color. 

Their eyes are the most important and catchy features. They are of striking red color with a cute little pink nose. As these types of ferrets are very faint and light-colored they usually lack patterns. 

Some albino ferrets can be prone to deafness and can have hearing issues but this condition is quite rare and can be overcome.

Champagne ferrets:

These types of ferrets appear with a light diluted color of chocolate. These ferrets have main hairs of the color chocolate or tan brown and have a base of white and cream color. 

There is a conflict when it comes to their eyes because it can range from light to dark burgundy/hazel color. 

Their nose also comes in different colors of pink, beige, or beige with pink lining. These types of ferret are one of the lightest breeds among ferrets. 

Chocolate ferrets:

Their name totally depicts their personality. Their guard hairs are of light brown/chocolate in color with a base/undercoat of white color or with a golden-colored coat. 

These ferrets have eyes that range in color from light brown to light burgundy. Their nose colors can ve pink, beige, or pink with a beige outline.

Their eyes have a mask of guard hairs around them that makes a difference in their overall white face. 

Cinnamon ferrets:

These types of ferrets get noticed by the red hue which they have in their hairs. Their guard hairs are of the strong reddish-brown color and the undercoat can be of white color or can be in golden shade. 

Their eyes are much similar to champagne ferrets ranging from light brown to dark burgundy. Their nose is primarily brick red in color but it can also be pink, beige, or beige with pink lining. 

Dark-eyed white ferrets:

These types of ferrets are my favorite ones because they are just too cute. However one thing that is most obvious about them is that they always have dark-colored eyes. 

In contrast they can have different lighter shades of guard hairs.  Their eyes are of burgundy color and the nose is usually pink. The undercoat can be of the colors cream and white. 

These ferrets are much similar to the albino ferrets because they almost have the same color guard hairs. 

The only way to differentiate between them is their eyes color which is red for albino ferrets. Likewise albino ferrets, these types of ferrets are also prone to deafness. 

Ferrets types Based on patterns:

The following are the types of patterns that are differentiated on the basis of the patterns.

Types of ferrets 22

Ferrets Blaze pattern: 

This kind of pattern is one of the most complicated ones among the types of ferrets. This pattern consists of a long white stripe called “blaze” that continues from the ears and continues backward towards the neck and shoulders.

On the other hand we have masks which color can vary among different types of ferrets. Remember ferrets don’t have full face masks. These masks are restricted to eyes, forming rings around the eyes. They may also have some pots or bibs on their tails and on other body parts.

ferrets Mitts pattern:

These types of ferrets must have white-furred feet that will continue towards the ankle. Remember the fur is present evenly on all four feet and is similar in appearance.

Ferrets Panda pattern:

Although these types of ferrets are easy to identify they do not necessarily look like pandas. These ferrets are identified by their white head and colored ring around the eyes. In addition the bibs can also be present with a mitt pattern present on all four feet. A white tip on the tail can also be observed in some.

Ferrets Point pattern:

This pattern is also known as the Siamese pattern. In this pattern the main identification is the difference in the color of the body and between the different points of the body. These points are legs, tails, shoulders, and faces. Most of the time these types of ferrets will end up looking the same as Siamese cats and so is the name.

Ferrets Roan pattern:

This pattern means that the ferrets will have 60% of the dark-colored guard hairs and 40% of the lighter base hair. This pattern gives them a more faint appearance rather than a whole dark-colored guard hair appearance. In addition, remember that the guard hairs cannot be white in this case so white or albino ferrets cannot have this pattern.

Ferrets Solid pattern:

This pattern quite justifies its name. These types of ferrets have single dark-colored guard hair overall on their whole body. In this pattern no light color breaks the color of the guard hairs at any point of the body. In contrast to this remember wite or albino ferrets cannot have this kind of pattern as well.

Ferrets Standard pattern:

This type of pattern is also very similar to that of the solid pattern but there are minor differences between the two. These ferrets have 90% of the dark-colored guard hairs whereas 10 % of the light-colored hair. This makes their appearance a bit lighter than solid ones.

The different types of domesticated ferrets

When we talk about domesticated ferrets there is only one breed that is out there. There are 14 patterns and colors that are identified by  AFA. Other ferrets that you may see other than which are mentioned by AFA are simply their combinations.

The main domesticated ferrets are which people buy are on the basis of color and these are:

  • Black colored
  • Black sable
  • Sable
  • Cinnamon
  • Champagne
  • White-eyed dark colored
  • Albinos

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