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Here in today’s article, we are going to share some Persian cat facts. Before starting this let me shortly share some personality facts. There are very unique and distinctive features that show Persian cat facts. Although here in this article you will know about the subcategories of Persian cats. 

10 Fancy Facts About Persian Cats

Now let’s know some awesome Persian cat facts. There are many more things or facts that you should know. Very astonishing and incredible Persian cat facts are here for you. Let’s start discussing each of them step by step.

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Persian cat Name

Starting with the name this cute roly-poly pet has a lot of names. There are many amazing Persian cat facts about their name. As in many of the English speaking nations of the world, this cat has the name “Persian Long-hair”. If we talk about the Middle East region of the World, then at that part this cat has the name “Shirazi Cats”.  Moreover, in Iran, it is again known as the “Shirazi Cats” or “Iranian Cats”. 

As we are discussing Persian cat facts so moving onwards let’s share some information related to the life span of a Persian cat.

Persian cat Lifespan

Approximately the life span of a Persian cat is ranging from 10-17 years. This is the most astonishing Persian cat fact about their age.

Persian cat Scientific Name

This beautiful creature has a scientific name called “Felis Catus”.

Persian cat In the First International show

In the year 1871 in London, a first-ever cat show was organized at crystal palace. There are many exciting Persian cat facts to know about their first-ever show. So, let’s share some thrilling and amazing categories of cats that took part in this exhibition. Names are Siamese cats, Scottish wild cats, and Manxes. The ones that took the hearts of the people and also become the show stoppers are the Persian cats. Thus, they won the show.

Persian cat In the United States

 After the year 1895, these cats were brought to America. They are very famous among Americans. They love them. And today this breed is the most famous one in the United States.

Persian cat Adopted by Famous Personalities

Here in this section, there are many historical Persian cat facts. This chunky cat has played in the hands of the world’s famous personalities. Florence Nightingale almost has about 60 of the Persian cats in her lifetime. Not only this but also Marilyn Monroe has a white Persian cat and gives the cat a name called Mitsou. Like this many other personalities have also owned this beautiful creature as it has the heart of people.

Persian cat Needs less Maintenance

Although this cat has a very amazing fact which is that this fluffy, chubby and chunky cat needs less maintenance.  Hence, there are also known as the friendliest cat breeds.

Persian cat Color, size, and verities

Keeping in view the topic we are discussing is Persian cat facts so there are a lot of them about their color and size. In previous articles, we have shared this information. The Iconic Pop Persian cats however come in usually two colors one is the white and the other one is silver. In addition to this, the breed comes in a variety of colors and different shades.

Persian cat Turkish Angoras

You will be shocked after knowing this Persian cat fact. They are similar to Turkish Angoras which is another breed of fluffy cats. In the late 1500s, this first arrived in Europe from the Mediterranean’s. The interesting fact is that both Turkish and Persian cats were crossbred in order to improve the hair quality of Persian cats. Also in order to save the Angora Turkish people tried to save it but this breed is now extinct. Turkish Angoras have pointed ears and a very graceful body.

Persian cat Largest Painting

About 6 inches to almost 8.5 inches’ world’s largest painting has been painted recently. This was sold for more than $820,000.  There are a lot of paintings in contrast to Persian and Turkish Angora. Another beautifully painted Persian cat painting named “white Persian cat” by a very famous artist named Warren Kimble. Another famous artwork named “Two white Persian cats looking into a Goldfish bowl” by Arthur Heyer.

Persian Cat Facts 2

5 Fun Facts About Persian Cats

There are many Persian cat fun facts that you love to know. 

Persian cat Furniture with fur

A very popular and famous funny name that people love to give a Persian cat is furniture with fur. This is because the nature of this cat is laziness. These are very lazy to move, that’s why they are named as furniture with fur. Sometimes they are very playful and loveable. Although the good thing about them is that they are not hyperactive.

Persian cats and children

Another very interesting fact of Persian cats is that they usually do not like noise. But sometimes children do some unusual things and they do have a lot of noise. So, if you have a small child in your home it might not be good for your cat.

Persian cat Flattered Face

One of the very distinctive features of the Persian cats is their flat faces. But not all of them have flat faces. Some might have doll-like faces which we called traditional Persian cats. As well as they are very fluffy and have gained the importance of many people. They love to be admired.

Persian cat Grooming

These beautiful and loveable cats need to be groomed daily. You have to brush their hair daily. Start brushing their hair when they are at a young age because if you don’t then it might be problematic for you. At times during brushing the hair, they moan and show love.

Persian cat Royal look

This might be the last fun fact of Persian cats but not the least. Persian cat facts included this most important fact that they gain the importance of royalty. They are also called as the kings and queens of all other cats.

Persian cat facts and information

Above we have discussed a lot of Persian cat facts. Now let’s know about the information related to Persian cats. There are many things to know about them which I might once have thought about.

Are Persian cats intelligent?

Persian cats are not much smarter but without any doubt, they are very sweet and cute. This breed is very well-mannered which means they show good behavior. They love to sleep in the laps and also they gain the attention of the people.

Are Persian cats hyperactive?

In the above given Persian cat facts, we have discussed this point. But some people might have this question if the Persians are dangerous or not. So, the answer is a big no because they are very lazy and like other cats, they do not bite or have any kind of harsh manners. These kittens are very loveable. 

What is the cost of a Persian cat?

Due to its popularity, this cat might be very expensive. Depending upon the type, color, and heritage it might cost you from $500 to $5000.

Talkative way of Persian cats

The most interesting Persian cat facts include this one. Persians do talk but they are also lazy. We can also call these cats “dog cats”. Because these are very different from other types of cats. They talk with their owner in their own sing-song ways like meow and something like this.

Persian cat Blinking of the eye

Persian cats show affection or love by slowly linking their eyes. They look towards you for a few seconds which ultimately fall you in love with them. This is the most common way of showing love. 

Himalayan Persian cat facts

This cat comes under the category of a Persian cat. Like we can say it a subcategory. These are medium-sized cats. There are many facts of this Himalayan cat.

  1. One of the most common distinctive features is their blue eyes. 
  2. These cats have features like a darker face, ears, and tail.
  3. These Himalayas are inherited from the very famous Siamese cats.
  4. They have a nickname like “Himmie”
  5. Just like Persian cats these cats weigh from 7 to 12 pounds.
  6. All the Himalayans have blue eyes and color varies from white to fawn. Usually, the face is darker brown or just like the chocolate color.
  7. Like Persians, these are also divided into two categories one in the traditional Himalayans and the other one is extreme.
  8. These cats are of a friendly nature and do not bear any kind of noise in their environment.
  9. These have a large fur that gets dirty that’s why they are kept at home.
  10. This breed can give birth to 3 to 5 kittens.
  11. The average lifespan of the Himalayas is 9 to 15 years.

Persian Cat Facts 3

Chinchilla Persian cat facts

Just like the Himalayan Persian cats there comes another named chinchilla Persian cats which again comes under the subcategory of Persian cats. There are about thousands of Persian cat facts. Now, let’s explain some exciting facts of chinchilla Persian cats.

  1. It has a wider face, shorter ears, and a short bushy tail.
  2. It has gained the title of the most beautiful cat among all the Persian cats. This is because their color attracts the most. It is commonly available in white and silver.
  3. These chinchilla Persian cats are very magnificent, chubby and when they grow they become very splendid.
  4. As above we discussed that Himalayans have blue eyes just like this the beautiful chinchilla has green or blue-green eyes.
  5. The Persian cat facts are never-ending; they have a lot of things that you should know about. These chinchilla Persian cats have faces like traditional Persian cats. “doll face”.
  6. Moreover, there are silver, blue, and golden chinchilla cats. Each of them has its own properties and distinct features.
  7. Due to its characteristics, these chinchilla Persian cats cost from $650 to 850.
  8. The average lifespan of the chinchilla Persian cat is about 10-15 years.
  9. As they come under the category of Persian cats so these chinchillas also have long-hair coats.
  10. You need to groom your cat on a daily basis. Otherwise, its fur will get dirty and it also becomes difficult for you to clean.
  11. One very sad but informative Persian cat fact is that they die because of loneliness. 

Dollface Persian cat facts

However, we have discussed this earlier but here we will explain its characteristics in detail. Some more and exciting new facts.

  1. You may be thinking about the name which is “doll face”. Here let us inform you about this face. This name is given to Persian cats because of their sweet face and long nose.
  2. You are thinking that they are new kind of Persian cats but no you are thinking wrong. Actually these cats are the most ancient ones. These are the traditional Persian cats.
  3. This is the original Persian cat.
  4. They have a very informative history. They came from Iran that’s why also called as “Iranian cats”
  5. In Europe, they became famous in the mid-1800s and after that, they became more popular in the US.
  6. In 1871 this cat was showcased in a crystal palace and won the show in London.
  7. They are usually like other Persian cats 10 to 15 inches tall.
  8. They have different shades of eye colors. Some may have red or others may have black, blue, cream, chocolate, and lilac, etc.
  9. Dollface Persian cats come in a variety of colors this may include silver and golden. Moreover, there are also those that have smoky colors.
  10. These cats are very humble and sweet. 
  11. They don’t like to live in an environment which is a bit noisy for them.
  12. They love to stay indoors.
  13. The average lifespan of doll face Persian cats is about 12.5 years.
  14. The main and bold feature of this cat is their long hair. So you need to groom your cat quite well on a daily basis. 

Persian Cat Facts 4

In concluding this article, we hope that you like all these facts and information about Persian cats and their subcategories. 

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