10 tortoise facts, How long do tortoise live?

How long do tortoise live? The lifespan of a tortoise is mainly dependent upon the region and its breed. On average a turtle can live from 10 – 80 years easily. The fact is by the time they have developed and evolved to a whole new level that’s why they lived among dinosaurs as well and still are now surviving efficiently.

How long do tortoise live as a pet?

The tortoise that lives up to many years is of larger sizes (100 years) and therefore they are mainly preferred to be pampered in an outdoor setting. Also, tortoises adapted to moderate climates are found to live more than the ones in harsh climates so it is beneficial as a pet owner to buy and pet a tortoise in a region with a moderate climate.

Now the thing is, easy may it seem but to pet, a tortoise demands commitment, and a great enthusiasm because you may have to run in and out several times to maintain temperature and to fulfill the food requirement as well? You may have to move your tortoise several times in a day if you live in a region where the temperature fluctuates drastically.

Can turtles live up to 500 years?

As mentioned above the life period of a tortoise depends on realty on the region, the species and the food sources available. In general, a tortoise can live as long as 100 years but we can’t assess the exact lifetime period for any tortoise as they are so evolved in surviving, therefore, they are still exploring the earth since dinosaurs.

Talking on an average larger sized tortoise species tends to live more up to 100 years than small tortoises however, their life span can also range from 10 – 80 years depending upon the external circumstances. This will answer your question “how long do tortoise live?” very clear. 

Most long-lived tortoise:

In 2006, there was a tortoise whose weight was almost 1500 kilograms and it was then in the limelight because it lived more than 175 years.

These mysterious animals are so complicated that scientists are still unsure how long a tortoise can live. There are some tortoises which can live for 400 – 500 years as well.

An introduction to pet tortoises

Before keeping the tortoise as a pet you have to be completely aware of the pros and cons of keeping tortoise as a pet. Furthermore, the life of a tortoise is greatly dependent upon the region, species, and food resources. So first you have to determine which species to a pet that suits you and your climate best.

Selection of tortoise specie:

Bringing a tortoise into your home will automatically force you to know which species I should choose. Some better options or tortoise species include Greek tortoise, Mediterranean tortoise or Sulcata tortoise.

Treatment guide while keeping tortoise as your pet:

Whenever you bring a new pet to your home it should be sanitized properly and also there must be a schedule checking for the proper health maintenance. As in some areas, pet shops have tortoises that are found here and there or are from owners that cannot simply take enough care of them because a tortoise requires a baby like treatment. Therefore, you have to be properly acknowledged and equipped as well. Big tortoises need big enclosures and sometimes a roof as well because some tortoises can climb too. Placing more than one male’s tortoises in the same enclosure can result in aggressive behaviors which can lead to fighting among them causing severe damages like eye damage or damage to legs or bones. Many of the people became curious about the age of tortoises and asked this question: how long do tortoise live? This is the reason we are writing this article.

Health issues of tortoises:

Though it’s not a doubt that when you own a tortoise as a pet you may have to prepare yourself for lifetime care as they are very long-living reptiles. But there are few health issues which can lead to a decline in their age factor these are:

Respiratory infections in tortoises: 

Mostly these kinds of issues occur due to poor sanitary conditions and to those tortoises which were exposed to the wild. Excess mucus production around the mouth and nasal cavities are obvious signs of respiratory diseases. During the early stages if respiratory disorder sneezing and not eating food are the preliminary signs.

Ortho-problems in tortoises:

As tortoises are ectothermic animals and they absorb energy and nutrients from their surroundings. Therefore, they need ultraviolet A and B for the vitamin and calcium production. As we all know their shells are made up of keratin protein so they cannot survive calcium deficiency. Also, they can also develop calcium deficiency if they are not provided with food sources containing enough calcium. In the wild, most tortoises spend most of their time walking in the sun to maintain calcium levels.

Characteristics and Behavior of tortoises:

Generally, tortoises are very sober and quiet animals and you will hardly find them to make any noises or create any buzz. They are also very shy and touch-sensitive. Some people think that their shell is a dead structure in their body but it has nerve endings and they can feel any rub, tap, and pat on them. Tortoises also evacuate air from their lungs to hide in their shells.

Some tortoises are aggressive in nature especially males and if more than one male is placed in a suffocating enclosure fighting can occur leading to eye and bone damage. Most tortoises are too large to handle and even when they are smaller. For them, it is advised to not tackle them to a greater extent or else tortoises can easily get stressed and can get ill.

How long do tortoise live? Ways for the long life of a tortoise

 As we are giving you the information about how long do tortoise lives?. So, here are the ways for longer life tortoises. We all know turtles can live for decades even handing themselves to more than one owner as in the case of Sulcata tortoise. But they can’t guarantee you only live and if other conditions are not optimal they can surely die before their estimated age.

Here are the few reasons why tortoises live so long:

How long do tortoise live 11

A very long and delayed reproduction period of tortoises:

For tortoises, things move at a very slow pace than for us. In some tortoises, they don’t even reach sexual capability until 20 years or even more. The one reason is that “babies”, some species are designed to produce more and more babies whereas others don’t. More the babies, that means more the predators. As the tortoises have longer reproduction periods they don’t create many babies because they have a long long time to do so.

The region in which they are found:

This is the thing where you will ultimately describe your characteristics and the same goes for the tortoise. Species that live in harsher environments have mechanisms to cope up with these environments but that will ultimately delay the reproduction process. As they have to wait for the optimal breeding environment and condition they won’t have many babies and fewer predators as well. Therefore, these factors contribute to a longer life.

Volume of the tortoises:

It’s a general saying that larger the pet the longer it will live but it’s not a verse dictation. It also depends on the environment and the food resource, even if a large-sized tortoise is placed in a bacterial infested place it cannot grow as it should be or it will also die soon.

Social activities of the tortoises:

It is hard to believe that apart from being shy tortoises are extremely social creatures as well. Though they prefer to live lonely lives, they also sometimes seek companionship, mating and sometimes a fight as well. They are so much developed that they even remember their owners and the behavior pattern of other tortoises as well. Do you want to know about Do tortoises hibernate?

Low metabolic rate in tortoises:

As I said tortoises live very long one reason is their low metabolic rate. The thing is they have a digestive system that digests the plant content slowly. Now if you give a slow-digesting animal a plant content it will take much time to spit that out. They also use this technique during their hibernation to slow down their digestion process.

10 tortoise facts, How long do tortoise live?

Just like other pets that have a lot of facts about their lives, habitat and for their environments they are living in like so, tortoises also have facts about their long lives and we are going to share these secrets with you. Also, this will specify the answer to this question: how long do tortoise live?.

  1. In our recent articles, we have shared some basic differences with you about turtle and tortoise. We can say a tortoise turtle but not a turtle toise. 
  2. If there are many tortoises, like if there is a group of tortoises then we can call this group a “creep”.
  3.   In the old days, Romans got inspired by tortoises and used the shell-like the technique of tortoises during military wars.
  4. Scientific research has shown us that tortoises have both endo and exo-skeleton.
  5. The beautifully designed shells have scales that we call scutes.
  6. Although they don’t swim, they have the capability to hold their breath for a longer period of time.
  7. Sulcatas are the most favorite type of pets and they are also bigger in size.
  8. Tortoises can live up to 100 years of life.
  9. One of the best and interesting features of tortoises is that they also smell through their throat.
  10. Moreover, tortoises have won the space race years ago.

How long do tortoise live 22

Question and answers

How long do tortoises live as a pet?

A tortoise lives 50 to 100 years as a pet on average. Sulcata is the main species that lives up to 100 years. They have very long lives. so, if you are thinking of having one as a pet be prepared to take care of them for longer care. in some situation, they also win from their owners in having a longer life 

How long do tortoises live in captivity?

tortoises are an attraction to many people as pets because they don’t require much attention and food. The plus point is that they don’t have any fur so no worries for the shedding of the fur. There are many examples of tortoises that lived up to 200 years but there is not any proof available because their owners themselves died.

How long do tortoises live on an average?

On average, tortoises live up to 10-80 years. But some species are found to be living in very varying ages. For example, a tortoise named Galapagos can live for 150 years. Another species which is called Aldabra Giant found to be living for 255 years.

How long do tortoises live in the wild?

In their natural habitat, tortoises live the most up to 150 years. Due to their longer lifespan, and the least requirement for attention, they are the major attraction for pet owners.  In fact, the species Galapagos and Aldabra giant are found to be living for 150 and 250 years respectively.

How long do Horsefield tortoises live for?

Horse field tortoise is a generally small tortoise therefore, they won’t live much. Females grow a bit larger than males. Male’s tail is relatively long and is present on the side of the tortoise. They only live up to 75 years- 80 years.

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