Bunny vs Rabbit Best 10 Main Differences Explained

Bunny vs Rabbit

The correct name for a young rabbit or a baby rabbit is a kitten, also called a bunny. These baby rabbits or young rabbits are also called kittens. An Easter bunny, also called an Easter rabbit, is a symbol of Easter. In addition, an Easter bunny is sometimes dressed in clothes, showing Easter eggs. The scientific name of the word a bunny is Oryctolagus cuniculus. These baby rabbits, called bunnies, are hairless that depends on their mothers. 

In contrast, baby hares, also known as leverets, are born blind with eyes open and fur and do not depend on their mothers. These cute babies possess longer ears with black-colored markings and longer hind legs. They develop fluffy coats after a few days of their birth. The word rabbit and bunny is a small mammal that belongs to the same family. They are born helpless, blind, and naked. The two words, cottontail rabbit and European rabbit, are rabbit community species.

There is a theory that says rabbits were originally called coneys, a vulgar word to pronounce. However, rabbit is the correct word to be used in formal writing nowadays. 

Many breeds, including domesticated and wild, are present. Wild rabbits build warrens for sleeping and nesting. Although hares and rabbits are from the same Leporidae family, they have distinct differences. Both hare and rabbits are completely different species. The two animals possess a divided upper lip, powerful back legs, and long ears. The biggest difference is that hares are larger in size than rabbit species.

Bunny vs Rabbit

 Furthermore, hare tends to build nests in the grass rather than creating burrows. There is not any difference between a bunny and a rabbit species in comparison. Most people refer to raising these species for meat and fur purposes. But most people refer to cute rabbits and hare species as great pets. Many refer to unlimited, high-quality grass or hay as the diet of a young rabbit or all adult rabbits. Also, the diet of a small or baby rabbit includes a limited number of pellets and fresh vegetables. Some children called these cute mammals a puppy at a younger age. 



These species are present in Western Europe, Scandinavia, Portugal, the USA, Spain, and North-Western Africa. In addition, their habitat includes various places, including Wetlands, tundra, meadows, forests, deserts, woods, and grasslands.

According to ADW, rabbits are present throughout the world, occupying most of the world’s masses except Southeast Asia, the West Indies, Southern South America, and Madagascar. They inhabit short grassy areas and semi-arid areas. 

Bunnies are about the size of cats between 8 and 20 inches in length. They possess an average between less than a pound and more than 10 pounds. 

Rabbits are cat-sized species that can grow up to small children. Furthermore, male rabbits are smaller than females, weighing approximately more than 10 pounds. 

These small animal species’ diets mostly contains hay with a limited number of pellets and a small number of vegetables. The unlimited and high-quality hay also makes up the bulk of the bunnies’ diet. 

The diet of these animal species consists of good-quality grass and hay clean and fresh drinking water. The healthy supply is very important because the digestive system of rabbits requires grass or hay to function effectively. 

The primary form of communication of these small rabbits is via body language. They get informed about each other’s feelings via silent cues. However, it looks a bit strange to people, very sensible to bunnies. 

Rabbits use various vocalizations to communicate with each other, including hissing, growling, grunting, and snorting. These all are the varied states of feeling threatened, stressed, or angry.  

Bunnies appear to be farsighted, meaning that these small rabbits can look over long distances very well. Their eyes are located higher on the skull’s sides, which helps them detect predators from various directions. 

Most of the rabbits’ vision is monocular, and possess binocular vision straight ahead. They tend to see almost 360degrees of everything. However, these species can see color, they show red-green color blind.

Bunnies have an average gestation period between 25 and 28 days, meaning they can give birth to several babies each year. Annual Diversity Web reports that small eastern cottontail rabbits can give birth to an average of 3 to 4 liters every year.

The female rabbits are fertile for only three days per month but produce eggs to be mated by male rabbits during sexual intercourse. They have a gestation period of 31 days, and females give birth to 1 to 12 babies each time they mates.

Bunnies can be made great indoor pets because of their brimming and adorable personalities. However, they require a lot of enrichment activities, including plenty of exercises and social interaction.

These animal species tend to be great pets for younger kids because of their friendly and gentle nature. In addition, they can be trained quickly and require proper diet and care to live a healthy life.

Bunnies possess cylindrical teeth that have a natural curve at the time of growth. The mandibular cheek teeth’s occlusal surface curves lingually. In contrast, maxillary cheek teeth’s occlusal surface curves buccally. 

Rabbits tend to have cheek and incision teeth. The cheek teeth contain both molars and premolars. These species have diphydont dentition and don’t possess canine teeth like hedgehogs, dogs, ferrets, and cats. 

Bunnies live for a specific time. For instance, these small rabbits as pets have an average lifespan of between 8 and 12 years. 

Rabbits also have a specific lifespan like other animals. For instance, they possess an average lifetime from 9 to 12 years.

The greatest predators of bunnies include wolves that tend to eat them only for pleasure. The wolves also prefer small and large ungulates.

The predators of rabbits are ground squirrles, wild dogs, eagles, falcons, owls, hawks, and feral cats. These all are called their constant threats. 


Sometimes people get confused and raise questions about bunny vs. rabbit to clarify their minds. Therefore, the answers to some of those questions are as given below;

Are a rabbit and a bunny the same thing?

Bunny is called an informal name of rabbit, but it mostly refers to a baby or a younger rabbit. Although baby rabbits have other names, many people call them bunnies.

What is a male rabbit called?

A female rabbit is known as a doe, and a male one is called a buck. In contrast, the baby rabbits are called kittens, and a group of rabbits is known as a herd.


Various animals are present throughout the world, all possessing unique identification features. The same is the case with bunny vs. rabbit, but they also are different from each other in various ways. This blog post has provided exciting facts about both these animals that are enough to clear your minds. It will help great if you pay full attention to reading this article. 

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