10 Spiritual Meaning of Birds Hitting Windows

Birds hitting windows

Birds are magnificent creatures of nature, and they are so overwhelming. To see them flying high in the sky gives us a ray of hope as well, but are we doing the same for them? No, as we know that the human population is increasing tremendously, and with an increasing number of houses means a higher number of widows. Birds hitting windows is a common incident occurring these days. To them, that glass is almost invisible, and when they cannot feel it without touching it, they try to get through the glass, and as a result, a collision occurs.

Why do birds hit windows?

According to research, the death toll of the birds due to collision with windows is very high in the U.S. and, the most common cause behind bird killing is the birds hitting windows. But, the good part is we can collectively reduce the incidents by following the proper guidelines and instructions to make it real. 

What is the most probable thing that can happen to a bird when it collides with a window? You may not be worried about it, but they usually and mostly die. They look okay and manage to fly again, but they are not okay internally. Bleeding takes place within their organs, and they usually die due to internal bleeding. You can say that glass windows are the ultimate villains for birds hitting windows and killers for birds, particularly the passerines in urban life.

Birds Hitting windows Reasons:

The collisions which happen with the birds are of two kinds: 

  1. Day time collisions 
  2. Nighttime collisions

Birds Day time collision:

The most common reason for the day time collisions is the reflections that birds see on the glass or through the glass. Also, when there are plants or green content present on the other side of the window or glass, they get attracted through it. 

Birds Nighttime collisions:

This type of collision mostly happens with the birds that are on journeys (MIgratory birds). The most common cause for birds hitting windows is the heavy lights present on the windows. They usually are blinding and are a significant source of bird collisions. However, the reasons may not be wholly understood, but it is believed that these lights are the reason to astray the birds from their actual path, particularly in humid cold weathers and in low headed areas. They mostly crash with the lights.

However, there is another type that can be the reason for bird collisions; attacking by watching their reflection in the glass or window. But this doesn’t happen throughout the year, mainly during the times when birds are aggressive or are busy in the territory-capture missions.

When birds hit windows

It is a familiar scene to see birds hitting windows. Even when you have taken the precautionary measures still, it can happen, and to reverse the effects is not possible. So, what should we do in the case when a bird strikes with your window? The following are the things you should practice whenever a bird strikes your window.

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Locate the bird:

If it was a usual not so hard strike, then the bird may get up on its own or may move after some time by itself. However, there are cases in which the bird gets still due to the pain. So, they may be present near or under the window. So you just have to find where the bird falls after the collision.

Keenly watch the bird:

You don’t need to panic after you see birds hitting the windows. If you panic, you will have the same ripple effect on the birds as well. So, when a bird strikes, observe it. If it needs any kind of additional care only then you have to take it to a vet. Otherwise, most birds after falling will recover. But they have to be in a safe place where they don’t feel any threat. They will usually recover themselves by lowering their wings for a while. But, if you see a bird in a poor or unconscious condition, they need proper care.

Look for wounds:

When you see an unconscious bird, don’t handle it with bare hands. Wear gloves first because there can be cuts, and the bird will probably be bleeding. Observe the bird and locate the injuries like ruptured bone or other parts and injuries. You may find the wings that have been broken due to collision. In this case, contact a bird specialist or an avian vet for proper medical aid.

Take the bird to a secure place:

It is not necessary to take the bird with you because they will feel threatened by you. It is fine to leave the bird at the collision place if there are no signs of predators or any threat. Otherwise, please put them in a safe towel or a paper bag. It would help if you placed it in a small box so that they won’t get scared. Remember, the container (Cardboard box) should be large enough so that the birds can freely spread their wings and can have enough air. Close the case with the holes in the lid. Give some time to the birds for proper recovery and place the container at a warm place.

Free them:

When you have noticed the bird recovering, movement, and activity, it is the time to release the bird. You can take the bird at the same place where it has collided. It is necessary so that the bird can get a flashback. The birds should fly directly in the air. If it does not give it more time to recover, if you have fears with releasing the bird in the same area, try to get it at a safer place with the same alternatives for food and water.

Stop birds hitting windows.

Birds hitting windows are one of the main reasons behind the bird death in the whole U.S. almost one billion birds taste death due to collisions with walls and other massive structures present at heights. But, these can be prevented by taking the necessary measures and using the proper materials.

Birds Hitting windows 22

The materials mentioned in this section are into categories:

  1. Tested by ABC(American Bird Conservancy))
  2. Other materials that have been enough in reducing bird collisions

Tested by ABC:

  • Bird crash preventer
  • Acopian bird savers
  • Evonik sound stop bird guard
  • Feather friendly (DIY)
  • Solyx bird safety


  • White caleidoscope
  • Bird’s eye views decals

Prevent birds from hitting windows

As I have said that birds hitting windows is a prime reason behind bird-killing But, by taking these simple precautions and following these steps, you can reduce the rate of bird collisions very much.


  1. Place your bird feeders near the windows almost 1.5 feet closer. When you do this, these birds reach the feeder first instead of the window. Even if they try to get through the glass, they will hardly get a strike due to low momentum.
  2. When you don’t need sunlight or air, try to cover the windows with curtains so that the invisible vision of the glass can be reduced.
  3. Don’t place the pots or vegetation near the windows; these things attract the birds, and they try to munch upon them.

10 spiritual meaning of birds hitting windows

We may not notice, but we receive the spiritual signs almost daily, often in the form of repeating numbers or repeated flashbacks. It is believed that striking the bird can be the sign from a beloved one or may have a spiritual meaning associated with it.

It is believed that birds are the angels of heaven, and they also have some connection with God, and he may have sent them. Mostly they are the indications of the presence of our loved ones. 

If this kind of event had occurred with you, try to decode the signs and use the voice of your inner soul to get the answers your loved ones may be trying to deliver you. 

When a bird hits the window, it may be a bad omen or maybe a good one. But it doesn’t mean that every time a bird hits it is trying to deliver some message, but usually, they get an invisible view, and therefore they try to get in. 

Often bird hitting is also connected to a bad event that is about to happen, like the death of somebody. Or it can have a proper meaning like the ending of a hard period or some bad thing in your life. You may break up that torturing relationship and can get a new life. 

Keep in mind that when you have suffered enough, the Universe will throw positive omens and opportunities, it is up to you how to grab them. So you see when you lose someone or something, it is not that bad. 

Birds hitting windows can also represent an increase in your wealth. You will clear some hurdles through your life; the new doors will open, and the abundance will come to you. 

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Question and Answers

What does it mean if a bird hits your window?

Bird hitting can represent both good and bad omens; it is up to you how you decipher them because things are always connected. Sometimes it may be a sign of caring for an obstacle through your life, or it may represent any financial increase. Most of the time, the birds hit the windows due to poor vision and the glare effect as well.

How do I keep birds from hitting windows?

Even an expert body buddy will get an encounter with the bird striking the window. Therefore necessary measures like placing the feeders close to the window, covering the windows with curtains, and removing the pots away from the window can prevent bird hitting windows.

Do birds survive hitting windows?

They may be OK after the strike with the window. But birds are not OK. Most of the time, the injuries are internal and can affect the organs of the birds, and therefore, they die. It would help if you took proper care of the injured bird.

Why does a bird hit my window?

Birds hit your window when they see any potted plant or vegetation so they may come to eat them OR They may don’t have a clear vision of the windows because, to them, windows are invisible. 

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