What Is A Gelding Horse? Updated 2021

What Is A Gelding Horse?

A gelding horse is a male horse (stallion) whose testicles have been removed. This process of removal of testicles is called as castration.

Temperament of gelding horse: 

  • Ungelded horses can cause harm to other horses. So, it’s necessary to keep them away from other horses.
  • Gelding horses are taller. They should be taller than their stallion.


When one or both of the testes of horse fails to descend from the scrotum then this condition is called as cryptorchid.

  • This condition causes running problems.
  • To avoid this situation, it’s necessary to geld a horse. It also prevents horses from severe injuries.

Procedure of gelding: 

Before gelding, you should make sure that your horse is in good health conditions. Following are the steps necessary for the surgery,

  • Firstly, a sedative is given to the horse.
  • When the horse becomes calm while lying down, the surgical sites are cleaned thoroughly.
  • To expose the testicles, an incision is made.
  • Blood vessels around the testicles are removed and then testicles are removed.

Recovery of horse after going through gelding procedure: 

The horse usually recovers after the gelding procedure in 10-20 days.

Advantages of gelding a horse: 

  • Gelding horses are easy going and well-mannered.
  • They are mostly used as racehorses because of their calm temperament unlike colts.

Disadvantages of gelding a horse: 

  • If castration is done too early then it may cause many complications because testicles are not fully descended from scrotum.
  • If castration is done too late i.e. in old age then a gelding horse may act like a colt.

Optimum age for gelding: 

A colt should be gelded before he reaches 1 year of his age.

What Is A Gelding Horse

What Is A Gelding Horse Mean? 

  • A gelding horse is a castrated stallion horse whose testicles have been removed.
  • They are taller than their stallion.
  • They have calm temperament that’s why they are used as racehorses.

What Is Gelding In Horse Racing? 

Gelding horses are widely used as racehorses. This is because of their calm temperament unlike colts that are just like a teenager. Colts have so many things running through their mind that’s why they can’t focus on actual training.  Gelding horses are the best for race purposes.

What Is A Bay Gelding Horse? 

  • Bay gelding horses have reddish brown colour of their coats. They have black coloured ears, tail and legs.
  • They are used for driving, jumping and farm work.

What Gender Is A Gelding Horse? 

  • Gender of gelding horse is “male”.
  • Male horse (stallion) is castrated.
  • The testicles of stallion are removed in the process of castration.

What Is A Bean  In A Gelding Horse? 

  • The “bean” refers to the smegma in the penis of horse.
  • “Smegma” is a thick and white lubricant. Most commonly found in horses that are untidy.
  • When there is accumulation of dirt at the site of penis then it may cause hardening of beans.
  • Hardening of beans also increases their size which affects the ability of the horse to pass urine. This may lead to kidney problems.

What Is Involved In Gelding A Horse? 

Gelding a horse includes,

  • Making sure of the health condition of your horse.
  • Providing sedative to the horse.
  • Thorough cleaning of surgical sites.
  • Making an incision to expose the testicles.
  • Removal of blood vessels and testicles.

What To Do After Gelding A Horse? 

  • After gelding, you should provide proper care to the horse.
  • The horse recovers in 10 to 20 days after going through gelding procedure.

What Is A Gelding Horse


A gelding horse is a male horse that goes through the process of castration i.e. removal of testicles. Gelding should be done before the horse reaches 1 year of his age. The gelding horses are widely used as racehorses because of their calm nature.

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