What does an owl symbolize? Updated 2021

What does an owl symbolize?

Owls are often associated with dark, magic, and mysterious things due to their nocturnal nature. They are connected with stories of black magic, terrifying witches, and also as a postman bird for the people of witchcraft. People also connect owls with supernatural events, and they also claim that several parts of the owls are used for black magic. So what does an owl symbolize?

An owl is a depiction of wisdom, intelligence, patience, and mystery. On a spiritual level owls signify “Death”. Death depicts “change”, It means moving from one reality to the other. It means you are reborn with an evolution regarding your knowledge and mental abilities.

People believe that whenever you see or hear an owl, it means you are activated spiritually. Owls are considered as a carrier from their spiritual world to highlight the importance of wisdom, honesty, and life mysteries.

Owls can also  aid you to think about a situation more deeply and to look at things from several perspectives. 

Owl’s spiritual symbolism in different cultures:

What do owls symbolize? Almost in all scriptures and cultures, owls are associated with the world of “Spirit”. In ancient periods and cultures, people were used to being scared from owls, as they believed owls are supernatural creatures with miraculous powers.

Even in Northern America, people still perceive owls from a spiritual perspective. Most commonly, owls represent death, change, wisdom, and honesty.

What does an owl symbolize? 

To all people out there who believe in holy things, this article is dedicated to you. Sometimes the power of this earth grabs us too tight and therefore to seek relief, we find peace in these bird signs. As they are creatures of skies and represent angels in many religions, consequently different birds carry different symbols and meanings. To know and explore “what does an owl symbolize?” Stay tuned. 

Owl symbolism and meaning

Many people believe that birds being the holy air creatures, take our earthly pain, and bring us peace from the heavens. Sometimes they also carry different messages and symbolize different situations, which the universe is trying to explain to us. 

But an owl is not like a pigeon, sparrow, or any other birds, it is unique from others and stands out in the crowd of birds. As it is quite different from other birds, like being nocturnal, having stationary eyes, eating meat only, it undoubtedly carries different symbols and meanings with it. Due to these various features, everyone is curious to know about ” What does an owl symbolize?” 

Many people, cultures, religions, and ethnicities usually share a terrible image of an owl. In different cultures, owls are majorly associated with wrong meanings and are traditionally used in black magic and sorcery. So when you see an owl in the night is it indicating something bad is going to happen in the future? People also have different views about different species and different colour owls. They all believe that different kinds of owls carry different meanings.

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Owl symbolic meaning:

Owls are night creatures just like eagles in the day. In literature and different mythologies, they are symbolized as unattainable intelligence, silent talkers, and animals with supreme wisdom. These attributes are associated with it because, in the wild, they are great planners, attackers, and hunters. 

Most of the time, owls are associated with evil and death; however, White owls are known for their hardship bearing abilities, and wisdom. 

Belief of Native Americans:

American citizens believe that owls symbolize death and wisdom. They also think that owls are specific creatures that are protectors of Holy knowledge like changes in climate, and what happens after one dies. 

A few American native tribes have this belief that owls are the companions of souls after their deaths. This is the only reason why the calls of an owl are considered as wrong.  They are also taken as a death warning. In these tribes, their ancestors mainly use owl calls to scare off their children. 

A few other people believe that the circles which surround the owl’s eyes are actually the fingers and nails of lost souls, ghosts, etc. Seeing an owl in a tribe means that their dead ancestors are spending them signals or messages about what is going on wrong in the tribe. 

Christians beliefs about owls:

What does an owl symbolize in Christianity? As Christians believe in the Bible, the Bible has got a very holy and sacred meaning to the owl. The representation of an owl in the Bible has an ancient origin of the time when there were very few people who knew how to read and write. However, the new versions of the Bible have replaced the word “owl” with “ostriches”. 

Belief of Celtics:

The views of Celtics contradict with what American natives believe about owls and its symbolism. According to Celtic mythology, owls are guardians and protectors of respect, honor, and glory. Owl was taken as a warrior because of its unimaginable knowledge. Celtics believed that due to this knowledge owls know the paths to different worlds that others do not know. As owls were idolized for truth and glory, so they won’t bear any deception. 

As most owls are active at night, Celtics believed that owls are perfect for communication between both of the worlds. Apart from these beliefs, in Celtic culture, owls also symbolize the fertility goddess. 

Owls Spirit Animals

What does an owl symbolize as a spirit animal? Owls as a spirit animal are also seen as the epitomes of wisdom and intelligence. If anyone out there has an owl as their spirit animal, they probably are better observers and can see beyond the superficial things. If an owl spirit guides you, it will enable you to view clearly without hindrances, illusions, and hurdles. In addition to this, people who take owl as a totem, they also get aid in exploring the magical secrets of life and knowing the unknown.

What does an owl symbolize 2

The symbol of an owl means:

  • Viewing things from a different point of view, something that others are unable to understand. 
  • Constant change
  • Ability to feel and know the hidden
  • Intelligence 
  • Endurance
  • As owls are taken as a bad omen for death, it also means changes in the life state. 

What does it mean when you see an owl? 

Owls are fantastic night birds and unbelievable hunters. In most cultures and religions, owls being a night animal has scared people almost for decades, and therefore they had always assumed wrong about owls for example; connections with death, black magic, evil and mystery. On the other hand, some ethnicities also believed that owls have unattainable wisdom and they know secrets about the other worlds. 

So what does an owl symbolize? And what does it mean if you saw one? 

  • Seeing an owl or hearing their calls can both indicate good and evil. You have to be cautious about what happens spontaneously after seeing or listening to an owl. If it’s something good, then that sighting or hearing brought good fortune and vice versa. The adverse effects can also include illness. 
  • Celtics and Welsh believed that owls are symbols for the goddess of fertility, and therefore if an expecting woman listens or sees an owl, it will mean ease in the delivery. 
  • Romans and Greeks believed owls to be the Goddess Athena, symbolizing wisdom, endurance, and intelligence. 
  • In Christianity, seeing an owl is a bad omen and is often taken as the symbol for Lilith, Adam’s first wife, due to her he got kicked away from heaven
  • Ancient Romans thought that if you get an owl’s feather, you will become capable of seeing what a sleeping person is seeing. 

Owl symbolism, Dreams, and Messages 

What does an owl symbolize? If you saw an owl in your dream, then what does it mean? Relax! Seeing an owl is not a bad omen as they tell you, instead if you saw an owl in your dream it’s pretty good. Owls are holders of wisdom so, if you see one in your dream, it means that you will overcome your hidden fears shortly. As owls are creatures of the night, so it also indicates that there are many mysterious things in your life. An owl’s ability to move its head in a complete 360-degree angle also means that there are several angles and points of view to see a single thing or situation. 

Typically it is hard for people to remember what species of owl they see in their dreams. However, if you know an owl catching their prey in your dream, then it indicates that something is going to happen in your life. 

Most of the people believe that seeing or hearing an owl is a bad omen, and is often related to death, loss, and evil. It is also considered that owls are carriers from graves, and they are here to communicate the higher world messages. Also, owls are lazy creatures and are only active at night, so seeing multiple owls in the daytime in your dream can also mean that it is hard for you to focus on your life. 

Owl dream symbol:

Being a symbol, an owl indicates your wisdom, inner voice, intuition and ability to know the hidden secrets. As owls can see in the dark, so seeing an owl in the dream may mean that there is something you have to see which you have ignored recently. Owls are also omens for change and transformation. 

Seeing a specific owl species in your dream:

Each owl species carry different messages and different meanings when they come in your dreams. Seeing a barn owl in your dream means that there is gain or profit for you in the future. Seeing a real owl can also say that it is hard for you to sleep. Snowy owls are seen as omens for celebration, happiness and good fortune. Seeing a great horned owl in your dream indicates that you are going to share something with life. Seeing a brown barn owl means that you are confused and you really want to know what the purpose of your life is? Seeing a black barn owl is very rare and positive. If you see a black barn owl in your dreams, it indicates that you are soon going to achieve your goals

Seeing an owl meaning

In most countries and cultures, owls are considered as bad omens and are linked to death. However seeing an owl also has some positive meanings; for example, it also means a considerable change or transition is going to happen in your life. Seeing an owl also means that you will find guidance on a hard path. However, majorly owls are considered as tools of witches, and evil, they are also taken as the carriers of messages from departed souls. 

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White owl symbolism

Most of the native Americans believe that owls are bad omens, and they symbolized death, evil, black magic, and sorcery for ages. However, seeing a white owl also symbolizes wisdom and endurance. 

Meaning of seeing an owl in daylight

Most owls are nocturnal animals, meaning they are awake at night and sleep during the day, so they are rare to see in daylight. However, if you see an owl during the day, it clearly means that it is some diurnal owl. However, if you see an owl during the day, it is a good omen, and it means you are going to find something which was hidden from you. 

Meaning of owl at your house

Seeing an owl at your home or anywhere has different meanings. Owls are often associated with death, change, and sorcery. However, it may mean you may find something hidden, find opportunities, seeing things more clearly, etc.

What is the spiritual meaning of an owl? 

Owls are night creatures, and they are believed to have supernatural powers, mesmerizing wisdom, secrets of the unknown. However, in most cultures, they are often associated with death, enlightenment, black magic, etc. Mainly, native Americans see them as a bad omen and the carriers of death from tej higher world. 

Is it good luck to see an owl? 

Seeing an owl can both mean good and evil. You have to be cautious about what happens right after seeing an owl. If its something good then the owl has brought good fortune and vice versa. 

Are owls a symbol of death? 

In most of the religions, cultures, ethnicities, and countries owls are majorly linked with sorcery and black magic. In various Native American tribes, they are considered as messengers from the underworld, mostly as the carriers of death. 

Do owls represent evil? 

What does an owl symbolize? Is it evil? Yes! In most of the religions and cultures. However, in Greek and Celtic mythologies, they are also considered as symbols for various holy symbols like Goddess of fertility, and as the protectors of honor and glory. 

What does an owl symbolize 14

What does it mean when an owl crosses your path? 

When an owl crosses your way, it means that it is the right time to explore your talent and show the world what you are capable of. It may mean that you are going to explore hidden talents that you may not know about you. A person with an owl spirit is capable of exploring and understanding the unknown. 

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