Best 13 True Frog Facts, Diet, Behavior

True Frog

These are the most common type of frogs. They are available in a wide variety in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica. They belong to the family Ranidae. Available in multiple different colors. They are present in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Asia. Let’s have a look at some of the features of the true frog.

Scientific NameRanidae
Higher ClassificationRanoidea
Weight7.8 g, 22 g, 48 g
Lifespan 10-12 years
Size 4.1-8.4 cm
ColorGreen, brown, olive

There are nearly seven hundred species of frogs available in different color ranges. You can see them in various shapes and sizes. Their size ranges vary from 7 to 50 g. 

Physical Features and Facts

There are a lot of similarities between them. We will explain each of them with you because there are never-ending attributes of this specie of frogs. 

  1. A real Frog has teeth on the top of the mouth. 
  2. There is webbing in the toes of hind feet.
  3. In most of the species of the frogs, you can see the female Frog is more gigantic than the male Frog.
  4. Male Frog: more massive hind legs, thicker front legs.
  5. Available in different colors like as, brown, and green.
  6. Frogs like Roesel’s green Frog and Indian tiger frogs are available in olive to green color. 
  7. Most of the time you don’t recognize a frog in front of your eyes because they are just like the wooden tree, that’s why they are also known as wooden tree frogs. 
  8. Another specie of frog Beddome’s Indian frogs is just like the rotten leaves and matches perfectly with the ground of the forest. 
  9. African Bullfrogs gave the appearance of chubby and had smaller hind legs.
  10. Pickerel frogs and leopard frogs have slim and lean bodies.
  11. These species of frogs are mostly found in North America.
  12. In addition to all of these features, they have horizontal bar passes in between the eyes. 
  13. Most of the male frogs have larger eardrum’s then the female.

true frogs infographic

True Frog size 1.6-3.3 inches
Smallest Frog size (African species)0.4 inches
Largest Frog size  (Goliath Frog)12 inches

True Frog Habitation

Frogs or toads are live near swampy or marshy areas. Most of them are found near the ponds, rivers, and streams. Usually, they are active at the night. Some of the species prefer to live in the forests and on the grasslands. During the breeding season, some of them move towards the water. At the same time, others prefer to lay their eggs on the moist place. 

True frog Diet

Frogs are carnivores. Usually, their diet consists of invertebrates and insects. Larger members of this family of frogs hunt at night and wait for their food. Most of them eat tadpoles of their own or small animals that are without bones. You can listen to their hop sound in the night. When they go for hunting, sit still at a place and wait for insects like flies or mosquitoes and many to come, and with the help of a single flick of their tongue, it can capture its prey and eat it.

True Frog Reproduction

When the mating season comes, frogs move towards the rives, ponds, lakes, and streams to breed. Above we have mentioned that male frogs have more massive hind legs which help them in mating. Females lay their eggs into the water, eggs then hatch into tadpoles. After a few weeks or months, these tadpoles become froglets. 

  1. If we talk about a bullfrog, the tadpole larvae of these frogs can survive up to four years, when the winter season came they hibernate themselves just like their parents. 
  2. Other species like Penang’s frogs don’t lay their eggs in the water; instead, they lay its eggs on the land. Their eggs directly hatch into froglets. 
  3. The female Sanderson’s Hook frog came every night and protected its eggs from predators. 
  4. African bullfrog instead of female, male guard its eggs. 

True Frog 2

True Frog Behavior

Earlier we have mentioned that some species of the frogs are active at night and some stay active during day and night. In the day time, most of the frogs like as frogs living in North America like as Green frogs and leopard frogs take a sunbath. While floating on the topmost layer of water, they take sunbathe. While others living in moist areas stays active all the time. 

True Frog Poisonous

Among all of these species, there are some poisonous frogs. Poisonous dart frogs are the most dangerous animals. Even in past years, ’ people use them to make a poison. Their skin is toxic; whenever predator like snakes tries to hunt them, dart frogs secrets a poison on its skin which can kill the predator.

 True frog versus tree frog

True FrogTree Frog
Belong to the family Ranidae.These belong to the family Hylidae.
True frogs have webbing between their feet.On the other hand, tree frogs have sticky pads that help them to climb easily.

Do True Frog bite?

Whenever threatened frogs secret a poisonous layer to protect themselves from predators, for example, tomato frogs or dart frogs, Tomato frog whenever feels danger near it, secrets a white substance on its skin which is poisonous. 

Is it right to have true frogs as pets?

Yes, if you have a garden in your house, then frogs will help protect your garden from worms, insects, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other pests. A single frog can eat almost 100 insects. 

Are true frog pee make you blind?

There are a lot of myths related to the frog’s pee. Some of the people believed that if a frog pees on your eyes, it will make you blind. There is nothing like that. Their pee is non-toxic, and it will not make you blind. 

True Frog 3

Are true frogs intelligent?

Yes, of course, they are. Having a simple but complex brain makes them wise. 

What are the characteristics of true frogs?

There are almost seven hundred species of frogs. Most of those have webbed feet, hind legs, no tail, smooth skin, available in multiple colors. Live along with marshy areas. Some prefer to live on land. 

If you wish to know more about frogs, you can go to Here you can find many other categories of animals.

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