Best 15 Siamese cat types

Siamese cat types

Originally Siamese cats were found in Thailand, for the very first time. Siamese acts are unique cats having Pointing patterns, which is their main identification with deep blue eyes. Siamese cats are lovely, friendly, and loyal therefore they are quite famous and wanted pets almost in every part of the world. However, due to their increasing demand with every passing day, now we have several Siamese cat types present in the world. Let us learn about the several types available in this beautiful breed.

While we discuss the types of Siamese cats, some will say that there are only two types of Siamese cats and they are not actually wrong. Technically, there are two types of Siamese cats; The traditional ones, and the show Siamese cats. However, there are more variations based on color, coat, pattern and head shapes etc.

The traditional Siamese cats have these types:

  • Apple head
  • Old style
  • Crossed eyes
  • Classic Siamese

On the other hand, the modern Siamese acts or the Show Siamese cats can be divided into these categories:

  • Wedge shaped Siamese cats
  • Light colored points
  • Dark colored points

Traditionally, the Siamese cats were kept by the Royal people of Siamese. In the modern era, the Siamese cats can be seen more in shows, movies and people love to keep them as pets.

Siamese cat types 1

Traditional siamese types: The traditional Siamese cats will be having more of a Thai look,  round face and features etc.

  1. Apple head: Applehead siamese cats have a round stocky and fluffy face and body but they are longer and fuller in size. Applehead Siamese cats are not as vocal and talkative as compared to other Siamese cats. These cats are easily recognizable by their apple shaped skulls. Their tails are long but not as the other two traditional Siamese cats.
  2. Classic Siamese cats:  These traditional Siamese cats are lighter in weight as compared to the applehead. These cats have longer legs and tails. These cats also bear large ears and their nose dip can hardly be seen. As they are traditional cats, the Historic Thai look is more prominent in these cats.
  3. Old-style:  Old-style siamese cats are medium sized cats with athletic body features. The old-style Siamese cats have a more extended face as compared to the former traditional Siamese cats. These cats are the blend of Thai and oriental cats with blue almond shaped eyes. These cats have the “Crossed-eyes feature”, and the ears are also large.

Modern Siamese cats:

Modern Siamese cats are available in lighter colors because to many people the lighter shades appear to be more beautiful, and hence their breeding is done on a large scale.

  1. Wedge Siamese cats: These Siamese cats have the most extreme features of all the Siamese cats with the most elongated body and facials features. They are called “Wedgies” because of their triangular shaped head. Their ears are present on side to side while in the Traditional Siamese cats the ears are placed quite backwards. 
  2. Light colored Siamese cats: The light colored siamese cats are further classified as:
  3. Cream points: As evident by their name, these cats are light colored, the pointing pattern is not so pigmented as well. However, the pigmentation gets intense as they get old. These are beautiful Siamese cats and can be found everywhere,
  4. Lilac points: These Siamese cats are more of grey and blue tones. Upon looking at their pictures you will get a broader view. Lighter shades of Pink, blue and lilac are dominant in their coat.
  5. Chocolate point: By their name you may think that these Siamese would be dark colored. But, in fact they are very lighter shade in brown and are very beautiful. These Siamese cats are very intelligent and you will love them as your companions. 
  6. Dark-colored Siamese cats: These cats are further grouped as:
  7. Seal points: These are the most dark colored Siamese cats out of all. They are literally named after “Seals”, because of the coloration. The seal-coloration ranges from blackish brown to greyish brown. Seal points have the color of their pointing pattern in the former mentioned shade range.
  8. Blue points: Like the lilacs, the Blue point Siamese also have a grey undertone to their coat. With grey coats, and deep blue eyes these cats look like angels and are easily recognizable.
  9. Red points: As their name tells, these Siamese cats have orange or crimson red hue in their coats. These cats are very unusual and are hardly seen. Some people believe that these cats are gates of the paradise for some people to embark on the spiritual journey. 

siamese cat types infographic

Siamese cat head types

With the passing time, the Siamese cats have undergone a lot of change and evolution regarding their appearance. Siamese cats are one of the most popular breeds which are now present in various varieties and one of the identifiable factors are their heads. 

Based on their heads, the Siamese cats are divided into 

  • Traditional Apple head Siamese cats
  • The classic old-style Siamese
  • The modern wedge – head Siamese

Traditional Siamese cat:

These cats resemble  most with the Original Thailand Siamese cat because they were directly imported from there. These are medium-sized cats with the males that can grow at least eighteen pounds.  As they are similar to traditional cats, they are round apple shaped with round eyes with a firm athletic body and a messy stocky appearance. 

Classic old Style Siamese:

A lot of breeders say that these cats are ” Classic”.  They are called Classic, because they are the blend of a modern and traditional Siamese cat. These cats have more long bodies and eyes contrary to the traditional ones. In the 1900’s, these cats were very popular. When we say Siamese cats people most commonly think about them. 

The Modern-wedge shaped Siamese cats:

These wedge headed cats are the most modern, and extreme cats. They are called “wedgies”, because their heads are in the triangular wedge shape. 

This cat has a lean athletic body, long slender legs, thin and elongated tail, triangular shaped huge ears, length muzzle, and the most beautiful deep blue eyes. These cats are also famous as “Show cats”. 

Siamese cat color types

Siamese cats are famous for their deep blue eyes, unique coloration on nose, ears and cheeks. This kind of coloration is known as “Points”.  The pointing pattern in all kinds of breeds remain mostly the same but the intensity can vary. 

To your amaze the kittens of Siamese cats are born pure white with no pigmentation.  However, after a few weeks as they become older the color starts to intensify.

There are a  total of thirty-two Siamese cat colours available. However, not every colour is accepted and allowed in every country. Therefore, if you are planning to have a Siamese cat as your pet it is necessary to check if that specific color is allowed or not.  

But there are some colors that are widely accepted throughout the globe and these are Seal point, Grey , Blue, Lilac points, Caramel, Fawn, Cinnamon, Crimson, Tabby, Tortie and Cremè. 

Siamese cat coat types

Siamese cats are so appealing due to variety and unusual coat colours.  Siamese cat coat’s contain specific patterns which are known as “pointing patterns”. The pigmentation is darker on the nose, ears, paws, and tails. The points are darker as compared to the base coat. 

Siamese cat types 2

Here, are some usual coat patterns of Siamese cats:

Seal point:

Seal-points have very dark points as compared to the base coat colour which is usually white or cream. Seal points are known as the original breed which were exported from Siam, Thailand. 

Blue point:

These Siamese cats have a Bluish/Greyish white body,with the points of the same seal color but they are not that dark. Nose pads are slate grey in colour. 

Chocolate point:

These Siamese cats have soft cream colored bodies. The pointing pattern in these cats is very milky and chocolaty. The nose and the pawas are dark chocolate brown in colour. The colour fades as the pointing pattern grows outwards from the face. They also have blue eyes.

Lilac point:

These Siamese cats have very light colored points and have very soft white colored base coats. These cats have light brown patterns giving a greyish or pinkish hue. The nose and the pads are lavender in color with a white body.

Cream point:

These Siamese cats are considered as hybrids. They have very light patterns which are not that much visible. Due to the breeding technicalities, they are not considered as pure. These cats have pink noses and paw pads.

Red point or flame point:

These cats are recognizable by their reddish and orangish points. They have pink noses and paws. The U.S registers the Seal point, Lilac point, Blue point, and the Chocolate Points Siamese cats. These patterns are also abundantly available.

Siamese mix cat types

The following are the Siamese cat mix types:

  • Seal points
  • Chocolate points
  • Red point
  • Blue points
  • Flame points
  • Wedge shaped 

Siamese cat blood types

Traditional Siamese cats and the modern ones (Siamese cats got after breeding with the oriental cats) both have shown to have A blood type. The shorthair Siamese cats share a strong genetic relationship and legacy with other short-hair cats. Therefore, they majorly have A blood type.But some breeds of Siamese cats are also found with B type blood group.

Siamese cat hair types

Balinese is the natural mutation that occurs in the Siamese cat breed, particularly in the Long-haired Siamese cat. The CFA, Cat Fanciers association says that this mutation is specifically limited to the seal point, blue point, and lilac point.

Siamese cat types 3

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