Best 20 Siamese cat lifespan Facts

Siamese cat lifespan

Among other breeds of the cats, siamese cats are also quite popular worldwide. They have a unique slim body type, attractive blue eyes, and friendly or cooperative nature. They are very famous as pets due to all formerly mentioned qualities. Therefore, most of the people are concerned about siamese cat lifespan if they want to adopt one. So here is a little guide for all Siamese cat lovers to get all the information about their lifespan in different circumstances.

How long do siamese cats live?

We all know that Siamese cats are very jolly and loyal cats, and therefore they are not leaving you for a long time. But, here is the question: how long do they exactly live?. So, talking on an average, the Siamese cat can live for fifteen-twenty years depending upon their breed and obviously in which conditions they are being kept. However, some Siamese cats may not live longer while others are found to have a handsome lifespan. 

However, if you take care of a Siamese cat properly, you can expect them to be your good buddies for even more than 20 years. In this section, we are focusing on what makes a difference when it comes to increasing the lifespan of your Siamese cat. What things and conditions affect their lives, either positively or negatively? What measures you can take to increase siamese cat lifespan.

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Things that can cast effects on Siamese cat lifespan:

Compared to other cats, siamese cats are the most long-living cats with a lifespan of almost fifteen years. So, that means they all must have reasonably good health, and that is why they can live longer.

However, Siamese cats do suffer from some breed-related problems. And, this is something you should consider as one of those things that can decrease the lifespan of your kitty. Below are some diseases that affect the Siamese cat lifespan:

Siamese cat Amyloidosis:

It occurs from the deposition of the amyloid protein in several organs, causing the harm to normal working cells. In most Siamese cats, the protein deposits into the liver. With time, the liver stops to function, and eventually, the cat suffers from liver failure. 

Siamese cat Asthma:

Just like in humans, Siamese cats can also suffer from this disease. When a Siamese cat is an asthmatic patient, she bears congestion in the windpipes of her lungs just like humans. This constriction of the windpipes does not let them breathe normally, and in some cases, they may choke.

Symptoms of asthma in a Siamese cat include influenza-like condition, difficulty in breathing etc. Asthma can be fatal for a siamese cat, so, therefore, you have to look properly for the symptoms and should take your cat immediately to the vet.

Siamese cat Aortic stenosis:

This disease is characterized by a condition similar to humans. In this disease, the blood flow of the heart to other organs and some parts of the body stops. The symptoms of this disease also include cough, Difficult or challenging breathing and even fast breathing rate.

You have to take proper measures for the diagnosis of this disease, and if not identified, the cat will go through an excruciating death.

Siamese cat Gingivitis:

This disease does not fall under the category of fatal diseases for Siamese cats, but this is very harsh and painful. This disease is about the oral hygiene of the cats. Gingivitis is the first stage of an oral infection in which the gums become red, and swollen, which is very painful.

The only way to control this oral disease is to take care of the oral hygiene of your Siamese cats to save them from such conditions. Eventually, giving them a longer lifespan.

What ages are Siamese cats expected to live?

The Siamese cats, famous all over the world, particularly in the west. The word originates from Thailand, from the word “Siam”. When in the 1800’s the cat was first introduced into the west, it became so popular. The pointed colour in tail, feet and mouth is remarkably attractive with a unique athletic body.

The expectancy of siamese cat lifespan:

Fortunately, compared to other cats, siamese cats have a very long lifespan of fifteen to twenty years. The cat’s breed finds its roots in Asia and thus has a firm, in-shape body. 

However, the Siamese cat lifespan varies and depends on the breed and the external circumstances as well. Some Siamese cats may live longer than twenty years, and some may not even make up to the fifteen.

Siamese cat Health:

Health is undoubtedly an essential thing which is directly related to the lifespan of siamese cats. Anything, which is not okay for their health will ultimately cast effects. To your knowledge, the pure breed of the siamese cats is much more prone to diseases whereas, on the other hand, mixed breed cats somehow have better immune systems. Siamese cats can quickly develop issues, difficulty in breathing, glaucoma, kidney and liver failures due to stone and many more.

How to encourage the Siamese cat lifespan?

To be honest, to tell about the lifespan of a siamese cat by just looking at them is impossible. We, as owners, however, have the responsibility of ensuring that they get the best supplies to live a healthier life, and how can you do that? By the routine tours and checkups at the vet.

However, taking care of the pet is not just restricted to food and medical care. It is necessary that we provide them with love, attention, and give them the time from our schedules. Well, this is all we can really do to encourage the lifespan. Always keep in mind that your pet loves you and relies on you and that you have to do the best for them as well.

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Average lifespan of a siamese cat

Siamese cats on an average can live for fifteen and twenty years. Depending upon the cat’s breed, the number can vary. People are fond of Siamese cats, and they are famous all over the world. In addition to their beauty, they have the most extended lifespan as well among other cats which makes them the most wanted cat in the town. However, the pure breed is more susceptible to disease. Therefore, they may not live much longer.

Siamese cat lifespan indoor

Different cat breeds have different lifespans. Some live longer while others leave their owners very soon and sometimes unexpectedly. There are cats like Sphynx and bobtailed ones which only live around for eight to ten years. On the other hand, if we talk about some long-living cats that list will include the Burmese, Balinese and the Siamese cats. 

Perfectly designed, body, blue eyes, and friendly nature, all these characteristics add up to the perfect pet. In the case of siamese cats, they also have a longer lifespan which is also a plus point.

Talking on average, the Siamese cats can live up to for fifteen to twenty years. If you want your cat to live to old age, you must have to provide the proper food, medical care and attention. 

Siamese cat Lifespan in outdoor:

Like all other cats, siamese cats also love to roam without an eye on them, so if you are a bossy owner, you may not like them. It is a very important thing to keep them healthy. It nurtures growth and keeps them active. This feature may not be linked with the street cats. Siamese cats have a combination of being extremely social to extremely curious. So, you have to deal with that.

Another thing which affects their indoor life is that they are scarce and valuable cats. Therefore, chances are there that someone may steal them if you just leave them unauthorized.

Siamese cats are very enthusiastic and full of energy cats. Therefore, it is essential that you provide them with a diversified environment. The Siamese cats are amiable, and if you can afford a partner, it is best to give them one. However, you must not invest in another siamese, and you can pick some other cat as well.

Talking about their grooming, Siamese cats do not need much of the grooming, and you can go with a simple cat tooth-brush which is necessary for every other cat and a brushing session once a week.

Siamese cat Food:

When it comes to food, you have several options. However, one thing is for sure that your cat will never need dog food. It is evident that both cat and dog food are made by keeping in mind the requirements of both animals, and hence, feeding the alternative won’t provide them with enough nutrients. 

For siamese, normal cats work best on a daily purpose. However, if your Siamese cat is suffering from a disease or has suffered an illness, it will be best to give them a specialized diet which will help to increase their lifespan.

Siamese mix cat lifespan

Siamese cats are one of the most ancient cats. Every second person wants to have a siamese cat in their home. Why? Because these cats are friendly, loving, affectionate, and kind. In addition, these are among those cats that live the longest. Therefore people are obsessed with these as pets because many owners do not want their partners to leave them.

So, the general rule of thumb any Siamese cat will live for fifteen or twenty years. However, the range may vary according to the breed and external situations.

Himalayan siamese cat lifespan

Anyone can gravitate towards a Himalayan Siamese, but why? Because they are so cuddly and fluffy. These cats surely will be the best addition to your family. However, as compared to the other cats Himalayan Siamese cats may have to get more grooming sessions because their body is covered with long and silky hairs.

Like other Siamese cats, Himalayan Siamese cats can also live up to fifteen years and may some more. These cats are not that talkative but are very intelligent. They are friendly towards introductions to new family members and can also live at peace with other cats and creatures.

Siamese tabby cat lifespan

Almost every other cat which has nothing to do with the tabby cat appears like tabby, that is why tabby is not a breed; it is a specific pattern. The combination of different spots, stripes, patches and specifically the “M” on a siamese tabby cat is their identification.

Almost every second cat has the tabby gene but, in today’s era tabby refers to those cats which on the exterior look like a tabby. Those tabby cats are more closely linked to their wild cat ancestors, from which basically the domestic cats originate. So every cat with a tabby gene like Siamese can live for fifteen and in some cases, more than fifteen years.

Traditional siamese cat lifespan

The word “siamese”, is a word that originated from Thailand, the actual word being “Siam “. It means “The diamond of the moon”, the traditional Siamese cat lifespan is also fifteen or twenty years. All over the world, people are fond of these cats because they are super fun, cuddly and friendly, and also long-living.

Flame point siamese cat lifespan

Like other Siamese cats, the lifespan of flame point siamese cats is no more different. All patterned siamese cats like flame point or redpoints have a similar lifespan to traditional Siamese cats. These cats can live for up to fifteen and twenty years. However, some may live more than this prescribed range. It depends on how healthier and happier your cat is.

Siamese cat lifespan 3

Blue point siamese cat lifespan

Bluepoint Siamese cats are different from the traditional Siamese cats. Instead of having dark-coloured points, they have grey coloured points. Their physical characters are similar to a seal. Like a seal, as they grow older, their point becomes darker. 

The average lifespan for this siamese cat is fifteen or twenty years. Some of these cats may live longer depending upon their medical and physical condition and the way their owners treat them.

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