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Rex rabbit

The Rex rabbit with the scientific name of Oryctolagus cuniculus is a European breed that was originated in 1919 from wild grey rabbits’ litter. Both the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the British Rabbit Council (BRC) have recognized them. They have a unique type of fur because of the presence of a rex gene. In addition to this, these Rex rabbit breeds appear to have comparable upright ears, smaller feet, and a slightly broader head. They are widely used as pets due to their friendly, docile, and loving nature. Here, we are going to discuss some exciting facts and information about these rabbit breeds.

Mini rex rabbit

They have an overall charming appearance with a well-proportioned physique and luxurious coat. These breeds appear to have a springy, smooth, and short but not too soft fur of about 5/8 inches. They can be made good pets because of their quiet and calm nature. One of the most famous rabbit breeds also includes Black otter rex rabbit that has a black appearance and can be made good pets due to their calm and quiet nature.

Rex rabbit 11

Standard rex rabbit

These large-sized rabbit breeds with a solid-looking rounded body, broad head, upright ears, and strong legs weigh between six to ten pounds. They have short and soft hair of up to half an inch long, and a dense and smooth coat. These affectionate and intelligent animal species have an average lifespan of up to five to six years. 

Rex rabbit size

These animal species have a dense and smooth coat with a lavish texture, and soft, and long hair of about 0.5 inches. If we talk about the Rex rabbit weight, they weigh between 7.5 to 10.5 pounds. The does have an average weight of nine pounds while bucks weigh eight pounds only. These medium-sized rabbits have well-rounded hips and a lion, ribs, and shoulders, according to the ARBA. 

Rex rabbit color

These rabbit breeds come in a variety of several different colors; the most common of them which are recognized by the United States include Otter, Seal, White, Sable, Red, Lynx, Opal, Lilac, Castor, Californian, Chinchilla, Amber, Chocolate, Broken, Blue and Black. These colors make their appearance beautiful and fascinating, which attracts people a lot. Due to these colors, people love to keep the Rex rabbit breeds as housing pets.

Rex rabbit personality

Researches have shown that these are very friendly and good-natured rabbits and have a very calm temperament. They like to enjoy the company and are proved very playful with children as well as adults. These are very active, and maternal rabbit breeds that have excellent parenting skills. They sometimes appear to have a cat-like personality because of gentle, docile, curious, and playful outlook.

Rex rabbit facts

There are present many fascinating Rex rabbit fun facts, some of which are as described below:

  1. They have a dense and thick fur of about half an inch
  2. These animal species are also used as foster mothers for orphaned babies 
  3. They require proper attention to teaching them new things and can be litter-trained easily
  4. These rabbit breeds can be used both commercial as well as show animal species
  5. The Rex rabbits have got their names because of the presence of a rex gene
  6. Their short and soft fur points out unlike other rabbit breeds 

Rex rabbit 2

Rex rabbit diet

Like all other animals, these animal species also require a proper diet to survive. As these Rex rabbit breeds are vegetarian, about seventy percent of their diet should contain high-quality hay. They can also eat timothy hay, Lucerne hay, fresh fruits, and dark leafy greens, i.e. kale and lettuce. It has been estimated that these breeds require up to 1/4th cup of pellets per day for meeting their regular diet requirements.

Rex rabbit lifespan

These rabbits, like other animals, also live for a specific time, which is called their lifespans. So, the Rex rabbit breeds appear to have an average lifespan of about 5 to 6 years in the wild, but it can be increased by providing them with good care. For example, many breeders breed these rabbits, provide them with proper diet and care, and then sell them at different price ranges. People who love to keep them as their pets can also maintain their lifespan.

Rex rabbit for meat

Although these breeds can be made good pets because of their calm and friendly nature, they are also used for meat purposes. The Rex rabbit breeds’ fur have the highest pelt demand and hence are considered to have one of the best pelts worldwide. In addition to this, these meat rabbits appear to be fatter, fluffier, and longer than the wild bunnies. So, these rabbits can be used for both purposes, i.e. meat and show rabbits.

Rex rabbit as pets

These animal species can be used as pets because of their quiet, calm, and good temperament. But they sometimes become aggressive when handled tightly. The Rex rabbits for sale are also present, and many people buy them to enjoy with them in their free time. They teach them new things and train them well. 

Rex rabbit care

Although these rabbits can be kept as pets, there are some requirements for their proper care, some of which are as mentioned below:

  1. You should check your rabbits’ ears regularly for ear mites which are mostly seen in outdoor rabbits
  2. If you rabbits are having severe problems, i.e. losing lots of fur, do not produce urine, etc. you must visit a veterinarian 
  3. It would be helpful if you play with these pets because regular exercise will keep them fit physically
  4. As they have the same outlook like a cat has, these rabbits love to groom themselves. So, you must brush their teeth regularly and groom them well
  5. It would be helpful if you use that cage for your rabbit which is about two feet wide and four to five feet long
  6. You should feed them a significant amount of food because over-eating can cause health problems including diarrhea or blotting

Rex rabbit 3


Sometimes the people get confused even after reading the interesting facts and information about these rabbit breeds and raise some questions to make their minds clear. So, the answers to some of those raised questions are as given below:

Do rex rabbits make good pets?

As these rabbits have good temperament and are very friendly and good-natured, they can be made good pets. These are also very intelligent and affectionate breeds and can learn very quickly. These are also supposed to be very good with children as well as adults.

How big can rex rabbits get?

These medium-sized bunnies can reach up to a length of about twelve inches. Instead of this, they weigh about seven to eleven pounds and can be used as show and commercial rabbits.

How long do rex rabbits live?

These rabbits can live an average life of about five to six years, but it can be increased by taking good care of them and providing them with a proper diet.

How much is a rex rabbit?

Their price varies greatly depending upon the breeder. For example, many breeders breed these rabbits and sell them at different price ranges, but they mostly have cost prices between twenty and sixty dollars.

Do rex rabbits like to be held?

Yes, these rabbits do like to be held, but too much handling can irritate them. For example, they will become squirm on too much handling.

Do rex rabbits like to cuddle?

Yes, the mini rex rabbits like to cuddle but not too much. However, their fur feels very amazing on cuddling, and their thick coat becomes more pleasant.

Rex rabbit 4

Are rex rabbits smart?

Yes, these are very smart rabbits and can learn new things quickly. Instead of this, they can also be trained well, if given proper attention and time.


As we have discussed many exciting facts and information about these rabbit breeds, they can be made good pets. Many breeders breed them and make their qualities better by providing them with a proper diet and care. They are also used as show and commercial rabbits and for meat purposes. Furthermore, there is the requirement of proper care if you want to keep them as housing pets. For example, you should feed them with fresh vegetables and fruits. It would be helpful if you brush the Rex rabbit breeds’ teeth regularly to groom them. They must also be kept in cages that are about four to five feet long and exercised daily.


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