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Penguin as a pet

Penguins are included in the list of exotic animals so does that mean we can’t own penguins as a pet? No it does not necessarily mean that you cannot own penguins, and they are not illegal to own. In the U.S there are plenty of animal species that come under the exotic animals list and still they are legal to own.

However, there are certain rules, regulations, and accommodation compulsations through which you can own these exotic animals. However, the degree to which one can own a particular exotic species depends on the laws of the state which can vary from country to country.

We know that penguins are really cute and they look amazing in cartoons and documentaries. That is why most people want to own them as pets. People love to watch penguin exhibits, and that is why there are huge crowds at penguin exhibits.

But hey there do not get betrayed by that beauty. Beautiful and cute animals do not always perform to be good pets. As far as penguins are concerned, they are the worst pets, and there are a variety of reasons for that.

Reasons why you cannot keep penguin as a pet:

  1. Among all reasons, being social is the most important reason. Penguin is a social animal and it cannot thrive alone. You will need at least 20 penguins to satisfy their social needs.
  2. Excessive care is the second reason why penguins are bad pets. Penguins are fragile and you have to be there all the time for them.
  3. Penguins are massive eaters, therefore you have to feed them multiple times during day and night and that too in huge amounts. Not everyone can afford this.

Penguin as a pet

We always want to have cute little animals as our best friends and companions. However, “penguins as a pet” is not a common narrative and you don’t see every second person having a pet penguin. So, if you want to have one by all the right means, and you want to know how you are at the right place. 

Can you legally buy and own a pet

So, can you have a penguin as a pet? The answer is no, you cannot have a penguin as a pet particularly if you live in America. That is because you will find no penguin breeders there. Moreover, the bird treaty does not allow any trade of the wild birds and that also includes all species of wild penguins. 

However, most of us still want to get that penguin because it is too cute. But wait for a second and give a second thought to this proposition because even if you can get a penguin legally, even then they are not easy pets.

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Cons of having penguins as a pet:

Penguins are social creatures and if you want to have a penguin as a pet then quit the word “a” from the previous sentence because probably you will need twenty more penguins for a single one.

Besides these penguins are animals of cold weather and that means you will have to retain the temperature at low levels which is not easy. Additionally, their food cravings are extreme and for that, you have to manage a massive amount of fishes which is again not affordable.

Apart from that even to keep them in captivity, you need a fortress sized salty swimming pool with the proper facility of aeration and cleaning. Remember I am not talking about the regular swimming pool, it is beyond that. Also, penguins poop a lot because they eat a lot. Their diet totally depends on fish, krills, and squids, etc. therefore, poop stinks too much as well.

So, only if you are an owner of a zoo or you are a millionaire only then you can think of having penguins as your pets, otherwise let them be where they are with their own kind. Because it is best for them and you too.

Penguins look cute, cuddly in animations, and pictures but, the reality is way more difficult and different. They are messy, they require attention, they are too loud. You can even hear them from kilometers.

So, apparently they are very hard to keep as pets. They can survive in captivity with other penguins but not as a single pet.

 Penguin’s cost:

However, if you still want to have penguins then the average cost of penguins ranges from 1000$ to 22000$. 

You also have to spend a lot of bucks on their diet as they annually eat almost four hundred to five hundred pound fish and they are required to eat daily.

Always wanted to pet the penguins?

We always want to pet a penguin in our life at some time because they are cute and apparently cuddly. So, if you really want to cuddle them then there is a zoo that lets you spend some quality time with penguins. Yes, Maryland zoo in Baltimore has been a shelter to many African penguins since 1967. Initially, they saved penguins from human interaction using a moat or a pool. But now as they have grown, they are now offering “Penguin encounters”. This program allows visitors to spend time with penguins, but not for free definitely. It costs 50 dollars to caressing the penguins. They give you thirty minutes to spend time with these fluffy penguins, and to be honest it is like a dream come true for each animal lover.

The authorities allow eight members to come into a room furnished with a carpet, and the guides tell you about the breeding, diet, and what are the social behavior of these little penguins.

The room looks fascinating because there are a lot of little penguins doing their tap dance. The fun fact is penguins have zero predators from the land so whenever wherever they see a member from another species they just think that you are penguin too, but the odd ones.

In zoos like this, which allies animal encounters, mostly contain females because they are less territorial and aggressive. Female penguins are selected for the encounters according to their age, mood, temperament.

The caretakers say that penguins as a pet in captivation got many moods and they are similar to dogs just in the camouflage of penguins. Penguins need a lot of grooming to be perfect. Their feathers have to be in the best condition to remain waterproof and also as insulators.

As penguins cannot clean up their backs, the other penguins do that, and it is called “preening”. So, if you have a penguin as a pet then you can take the preening responsibility and it will help you to develop strong bonds.

Can you own a penguin?

It is not allowed everywhere in the world to own wild animals without any legal requirements. Therefore, we suggest you check out your local legalities to know if you are allowed to have exotic pets or not.

Different countries have specific individuals for certain issues and you can ask them by going on the official website. For example, the government of the U.S has its official website for the purpose. However, before consulting the higher authorities we suggest you also consult the heads of the U.S Fish and Wildlife dept.

According to the animal welfare act of the U.S, they demand all those individuals be registered who have wild animals for purposes like education, breeding, trade, etc. however, if you are having a penguin as a pet you won’t be registered under AWA.  but, these individuals have to meet certain animal training standards and facilities that are required by those animals.

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How about having this cute penguin as a pet?

Nowadays, people want to have unique and uncommon pets and that also includes penguins. There are people who love to have exotic pets like snakes, alligators, and lions but now penguins are getting very famous too. Penguin as a pet behaves like a little chick that follows its owner wherever he/she goes. However, there are certain requirements like diet, temperature, and vet care that should be in your mind before getting these penguins as a pet.

My pet penguin

Almost a year ago, I was going through an exotic pet shop. When I went in, I saw several animals which are not usually present at normal pet shops. There were Jellyfishes, giant sea bass, alligators, crocodiles, squid, panda, and penguins.

Initially, jellyfish were my main attraction. It appeared like a floating rainbow, a creature from another world. But these little cute penguins grabbed my attention. It was twenty-five dollars. And, at the spot, I want him as my pet. I gave this proposition a thought and I knew I was ready. I bought it from the same pet store. 

After that, I named him “Manchot” (A french name for the penguin). Manchot lives in a tank, in that tank there is a compartment in which I fill water daily for swimming purposes. 

Manchot was a Humboldt penguin so it does not need extremely low temperatures for surviving. He is now six years old and is living with me fine. However, he eats a lot now. 

Emperor penguin as a pet

You cannot have an emperor penguin as a pet if you do not fulfill certain conditions that come under the AWA act. You can only get a penguin from a zoo that breeds them. However, emperor penguins are the largest penguin species and they are so hard to take care of. Moreover, as they are social animals you will need many more penguins to keep rocking the party.

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African penguin as a pet

African penguins do not inhabit cold areas but it does not mean they are easy as pets. However, they have black, white, and grey buff waterproof and windproof feathers that insulate them. However, you cannot have them as pets unless you have purposes that are mentioned in the AWA act. Moreover, you can get them only by breeders which are legal.

Baby penguin as a pet

If you want to have a baby penguin as a pet, there are a lot of frameworks and paperwork you will have to go through. Because as compared to the adult penguins they need much more care and attention. Only those individuals that have permits from USDA can have penguins from legal breeders. But penguins are social animals and you have to get two or more in order for them to survive.

Fairy penguin as a pet

Unlike all other penguins, blue penguins or fairy penguins are very small and they appear like babies. However, the AWA act remains the same for them as well. You cannot have them if you do not need them for conditions like breeding, conserving programs, educational programs, and trade. Only legal breeders can allow you to have them as pets. 

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