Best 15 Munchkin Cat Facts, Allergies, Behavior, Lifespan

Munchkin cat

It is a newer cat breed and also known as “Sausage cat.” It can be easily recognized by its short legs. Its shorts legs are the result of genetic mutation. They are considered to be an original breed of dwarf cats. They are affectionate, fun-loving, energetic, and quick. They have distinct look. They come in many different colors and patterns. They love to explore the world around them. They have friendly nature and love to append time with children and other pets. Despite their short legs, they love to run and jump. 

Munchkin cat classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific Name Felis catus
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order  Carnivora
Family Felidae
Genus Felis
Species F. catus
Diet  Carnivores
Lifespan  12 to 14 years.
Weight 5 to 9 Ibs
Trophic level Omnivores
Height 5to 7 inches

Munchkin cat price

Their prices vary depending on the color, age, leg size, gender, and breed of the cat. Normally, a quality breeder charges $500 to $1200. The breed is desired for their slender, long bodies and short legs. The bigger the cat size, the higher price a breeder can demand. Female Munchkins are expensive than males because females have the ability to litter production. For more purebred Munchkin, breeders charge $2000-3000

Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat lifespan

Their lifespan depends on their care, diet, and nutrition. Also, they are prone to health problems. The funnel chest is a deformity that turns the breast bone inward rather than lying flat. When the condition becomes severe, this can lead to lung and heart problems which ultimately shorter their longevity. However, a well-cared Munchkin cat can live up to 15 years. Their average lifespan is 12 to 15 years. 

Munchkin cat personality 

They are outgoing and intelligent. They are small to medium-sized cats with medium plush coat and moderate body type. Males are usually larger than females. Males weigh 3 to 4 kg and females weigh 2 to 3.6 kg. Their hind legs are shorter than the front legs. Their legs may be slightly bowed. They look like kittens for most of their lives. They have a short

height and adorable look. They are ideal companions and always ready to entertain you. They are trainable and sociable. Some people suggest that they are like ferrets in their playful personality. As they have the capacity to collect shiny objects, they are also called “Magpies.”

Munchkin cat Australia

The Australian Capital Territory government considers this breed to be “malformed animals.” Their breeding in Australia is unacceptable because of their genetic health problems associated with breeding.

Munchkin cat adoption 

They are small short-legged cats. They look like kittens for most of their lives and are quite playful and active. They are bold and courageous explorers, simply great.  These characteristics convince you to adopt them. Adopting these beautiful cats can be life-changing. It’s very easy to adopt. You can do a lot of things on their first day in your home like select a

closed area such as a small room with a litter box, bed, water, and food. if you have adopted an adult night Munchkin, make sure that the room has windows. Keep your cats indoors because they are prone to diseases.  

Munchkin cat allergies

They have either a long-hair or short-hair coat that produces less dander. These are moderate shedding cats and produce Fel d1 protein in fewer amounts, so they cause fewer allergies. They release dander which spread all over the floor, in your food, and on your clothes. You can decrease any possible allergies caused by these cats by taking preventive measures.

Bathe your cat once a month or after six weeks. It is recommended to use a natural conditioner shampoo to moisturize their skin and to prevent their skin from being dry. 

Munchkin cat adult    

Adult cats have the short-legged genes, seven or nine inches tall, and weigh around 5 to 9 pounds. They are approximately 3 inches shorter than an average or regular cat. Adult Munchkins are healthy and energetic. The adult looks like kittens for most of their lives. 

Munchkin cat baby

Because they have shorter legs, I imagined their weight would be about 70 to 85 g. But, in fact, at the time of birth, they have an average weight of about 90 to 95 g. When Munchkin kittens become adults, they reach a good adult height at the age of 6 months and reach a maximum height at the age of 1 year. In the first week, they double their weight.

Munchkin cat

Munchkin cat behavior

They are active and friendly cats. They easily get attached to children and other pets. They perch on their hind legs just like rabbits. They have shorter legs but it does not mean that they can’t jump. They love to run and jump. They have a

loving, kittenish attitude. They are self-assured companions and love to spend time with humans. They are sociable and have hoarding capacities just like a magpie. They stash away shiny objects and love to play with them later. If your something is missing, these Munchkin cats can be blamed for that. 

Munchkin cat facts

Let’s explore its interesting facts:

  1. Their key identifying character is short legs. But they have a lot of energy and run very fast. They are wonderful sprinters.
  2. One of their interesting facts is that they do not develop any spin problems.
  3. They have extended hind legs and are famous for their skill to perch on hind legs
  4. One surprising fact is that they have different leg lengths. For example, “rug hugger” has shorter legs while “Super short” has reasonably short legs
  5. They have different coat types. Long-haired cats have semi-long silky coats while short-haired cats have medium plush coats
  6. They have big, round, walnut-shaped eyes
  7. One of the facts that make them popular is their ability to maintain a kitten-like appearance.
  8. They are excellent pets for any family size

Questions & Answers

Do Munchkin cats have health problems?

There are some health problems due to their short legs. Lordosis is a condition that causes their spine to dip down and put pressure on the lungs, trachea, and heart. This condition can be fatal. They are also prone to pectus excavatum. This condition causes the chest bone to sink in.  

How much is a Munchkin cat worth?

Their average cost ranges from $500 to $1200. Their price depends on many factors. Factors such as location, color, gender, private seller, or purebred breeder are all important considerations regarding the price. Females tend to go for more because of their ability to produce a litter. Their cost also varies depending on the size. The price will be higher if the size of the cat is bigger than the average size. 

Do Munchkin cats die early?

Their longevity depends on many factors such as care, health, diet, and nutrition. These cats have health problems and are prone to diseases. But a well-cared cat can live up to 15 years. 

What is a standard Munchkin cat? 

A standard munchkin cat is described as a typical domestic cat. They have short legs. These little cats are the wiener-dog among the cat world. They are very playful and like to run, and jump. Also, they have the ability to sit up just like the rabbit to look around their surroundings. They come in different traits and colors. This feature is because they are bred with many other breeds.

Munchkin cat

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