Best 10 Mini lop Rabbit Facts, History, Diet, Health

Mini lop rabbit

It is a breed of rabbits that are recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). It is different from Holland lop and miniature lop rabbits of the UK. Some people also called Holland lop as mini lop rabbit because of its size. Mini lops are a very cute, chubby, and desirable breed of rabbits. If you are thinking of adopting a bunny, then this one is the best option for you. 

Mini lop rabbit facts

Let’s have a look on some of the main features of mini lop. 

Origin: GermanyScientific Name: Oryctolagus cuniculus
Rank: breedSize: medium
Lifespan: 5-10 yearsWeight: 4-5 lbs.
Best for single, couple, familyBody Shape: compact
Coat: medium-lengthTemperament: Friendly

 Mini lop is among the famous breed of pet rabbits. Those who are thinking of buying a bunny should consider this. 

History of mini lop rabbit

The mini lop rabbit originated in Germany. It came as a result of cross-breeding between a German lop and a small chinchilla rabbit. It has many different names like “Klein Widder” or “little hanging ear”. Soon as the time passed, it got the name Mini lop because of mini or tiny size. This creature will melt your heart when you first see it.

A breeder named Bob Herschabach of California has brought this breed of rabbit to a show in Essen and Germany. He started breeding it and cross-breeding it with chinchilla rabbits. When this rabbit was first presented to ARBA, it had the name “Klein Widder,” but in 1974, this name was changed, and it got the name of mini lop. American Rabbit Breeders Association successfully accepted it. 

Mini lop Rabbit 1

Mini lop rabbit size

Although mini lop are among the smaller breeds of rabbits, their size is small compared to other kinds. Regardless of its size, they have a furry coat on its body. Different types have a dense coat, but this one comes up unique and has a furry coat. Having a compact, massive, and thick body.

Mini lop rabbits have strong muscles with a shorter neck and broad head attaching the compact body. Their throat is remarkably more concise. You can assume they don’t have a neck when you see them. Besides, mini lops do have attraction, and it attracts people by its beautiful, cute, and chubby cheeks. 

Mini lop rabbit Coat

It has a very soft, medium in length, and shiny coating on its body. Its fur is hot. Instead of all this, it doesn’t need special grooming just brush its coat twice a day. 

Also, keep this thing in your mind that falling of hair is much higher during the shedding season than the usual. Make sure rabbits don’t eat their hair because some rabbits tend to eat its hair, which is very dangerous for your rabbit’s health. It severely affects the intestine of your pet rabbit. Brushing during off-season might help keep your rabbit safe.

Coat colors of mini lop rabbit

Mostly we have seen seven different shades of this breed. American Rabbit Breeders Association has accepted mini loops in these seven different colors. 

  • White
  • Shaded
  • Broken
  • Agouti
  • Self
  • Ticked
  • Wideband

Another essential reason they are famous among people is that their color can be customized according to your own choice. 

Care of Mini lop rabbit

Taking care of your pet rabbit is essential for its health. Just like all other rabbits, mini lop also needs large enclosures. There should be enough space in it that they can relax properly. 

On the other hand, you need to provide a larger cage to the indoor rabbits to comfort their legs and feet and a corner to do their business. Proper cleaning of the bedding of the rabbit is necessary. Rabbit owners should keep this thing very clear that health issues should arise if they don’t clean the cage. You need to take this responsibility seriously. 

Let your rabbit have fun in the outdoor environment. Allow them to play in your fenced yard. They will create a bond with you. They, within a shorter period, attach themselves with its owner. Fenced yard is essential for the rabbit’s protection; you can have one from a nearby pet shop. 

Mini lop rabbit diet

Surprisingly, mini lops nutrition and food don’t differ from other rabbit breeds. Just like others, they need 70% good-quality hay-like timothy hay and orchard hay. Make sure the availability of freshwater 24/7. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and alfalfa grass also make a proper diet. The best quality pellet is also available in the market with a high ratio of protein and a bit costly. The low-quality pellet will not give that essential which high-quality pellet gives. So, in short, quality cannot be compromised. 

You are keeping information about what fruit you should give, or whatnot will help your pet grow under good shelter. You have different varieties of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens in your homes. Don’t give it to the rabbit directly because some might be good for its health, causing problems. Usually, most of the leafy greens are unsafe for your pet and might be able to create digestive issues. Lettuce, named “romaine lettuce,” is rich in fiber and is very significant for pet rabbits. 

Mini lop Rabbit 2

Mini lop rabbit health

When proper care is given to them, they don’t have any health issues. There might be some diseases or problems, but mini lops don’t have many conditions. Owners who take the responsibility seriously and provide their rabbits with a tasty and healthy environment should have a pet with healthy and disease-free pets. 

Unfortunately, some of the owners don’t take responsibility, and their rabbits suffer severe health diseases. When rabbits go outside a lot flies start to blow around its head. These flies lay their eggs on rabbit fur and give rise to parasites that lead to several diseases. Their primary source of nutrition is rabbits itself; this is very painful for the rabbit. Symptoms include seizure, restlessness, and irritation on the skin. 

Mini lop rabbit GI stasis

Like cats, rabbits also engulf their hair while cleaning its fur. Cats vomit those balls, but rabbits will ingest them, leading to blockage or GI stasis. Take preventive measures and start brushing the hair to protect your bunny from this condition.

Symptoms include loss of appetite, lethargy, and no poop. These are all the signs of hairball blockage. Go to the vet as soon as possible. 

Mini lop rabbit Overgrown teeth

This is the most common disease we have seen among rabbit breeds. In our recent article on French lop rabbits, we have also discussed this health issue in them. Have a check on your rabbit regularly, because when teeth are overgrown, they will pierce its jaws, which is very painful. 

Mini lop rabbit Ear mites

Also, keep an eye on your rabbits’ ear. Ear mites are parasites that will lead towards infection in the ear of your rabbit. Symptoms include head shaking, ear scratching, and shaking of the head. When you see these or anything odd, sign in your rabbit immediately go-to the vet. 

Mini lop rabbit personality

Every breed comes up with its attributes, qualities, and temperament. Here we will discuss the personality features of a mini lop rabbit. 

  1. These are also known as “basketball with the head” because of its cuteness and loving nature.
  2. Mini lops love to be cuddled, and because of this reason, they are said to be “teddy bears.”
  3. They are very affectionate, loving, and playful pets.
  4. They make excellent pets both for singles, couples, and families with children.
  5. If you wish to see its personality, give him time to be out of its enclosure. 
  6. Make sure the area where they are out is well protected or your yard is appropriately fenced. 
  7. Give your pet rabbit some toys they love to play with them.
  8. Visit your near pet shop for rabbit toys. Here you will find different types of toys for your pet bunny.
  9. Mini lop lifespan ranges from 5-10 years.
  10. Mini lop rabbit size is not too large or not too small; they are medium in size.

Mini lop Rabbit 3

How big do mini lop rabbits get?

Mini lops are considered to be a medium-sized pet with weight ranges from 4-5 lbs. The older mini lop is six months old. The weight that is considered to be ideal is 2.5kg.  

Are mini lop rabbits friendly?

Yes, they are very active, playful, and social animals. They are suitable as both indoor and outdoor pets. Because of its loving temperament, people love to have them. Among all breeds of rabbits, mini lops are considered to be the most popular pets. They are famous among people because of their size and color, which can be customized. 

How long does a mini lop rabbit live?

According to research, we have found average lifespan 5-10 years, but some pet owners said they have these pets from about 15-17 years. With proper care, its life expectancy can be increased up to 18 years.

What do mini lop rabbits need?

Its diet is not much different from other breeds of rabbits. Their diet is not much different from another breed of rabbits. They need timothy hay and some good quality pellets. Make sure the availability of water 24/7. Fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens should also be given to them. Mini lops keep themselves as clean as cats. Giving a bath once a day is not bad if your bunny is looking messy.

Mini lop Rabbit 4

Do mini lops shed a lot?

It varies according to season. During spring shedding is much more than the usual time of year. Brushing once a week is good, but during the off-season, everyday brushing is necessary.

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