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How to treat dog ear infection without a vet

How to treat dog ear infection without a vet? When you have dogs surely they will get sick. As we humans often get under the influence of weather sometimes so do the animals. Dogs usually get an ear infection and it is very common among them. If you see your dog is tilting his head and rubbing his ear he may have developed an ear infection caused by yeast. 

What is a yeast infection?

Now, what is a yeast infection? It is basically caused by Malassezia yeast, when this yeast overgrows mainly in the ear, nasal lobes and armpits, etc. the pups can develop an infection. Anal area, armpits, and neck are also areas that are immune to this infection. From these areas, we can conclude this infection is developed in those areas which have mucous glands. 

Redness, soreness, and sticky discharge are among the common symptoms. It is mainly observed in hot and humid environments. 

Types of dog ear infection:

For answering the question “How to treat a dog ear infection without a vet?” we have to first master the concept of infection and all the stuff related to it. For this we have to understand its types, there are broadly two major categories which are:

Acute infections are not as harmful and can be treated and are not life-threatening. They are the usual infections that can be developed while your pup gets himself dirty in the mud. Whereas,

Chronic infections are a bit hard to tackle and are caused by the overgrowth of yeast. Yes, this is a dg year can be treated by switching from low-quality dog foods to high-quality dog foods. If your dog is having frequent infections it may have a thyroid imbalance.

Reasons for the infection:

To treat a dog ear infection we must know the reasons behind that and for that purpose, we have to go in-depth analyzing every step we are taking in taking care of him from his food to cleaning. The major causes of chronic ear infection are:

  • Allergies from the surroundings/environment
  • Food allergies
  • Parasites
  • Tumor
  • Ruptured eardrum
  • Infections
  • Life style 

Dogs with floppy ears are more immune to this infection and they may show the symptoms similar to that caused by environmental allergies like hot spots, itchy skin, etc.

If any ingredient in your dog food is not suiting well to your dog it can develop the infection as well

What to look in your dog to find if he has an infection:

To achieve the answer of “how to treat a dog ear infection without a vet” you should master in identifying the clear symptoms of the infection so that you can actually determine if it is an infection or not. These are one of the obvious symptoms:

  • Severe head shaking 
  • Extreme ear odor 
  • Redness in ear 
  • Excessive itchiness
  • Pawing frequently on the ear and rubbing on the ground
  • Yellow or black discharge from the ear.

 Why Home remedies to cure the infection:

You should always consider asking your vet first. But that does not mean you have to head every time to the hospital each time your dog rubs his ears. Obviously there are home remedies that you can apply to relieve the pup from his pain. Also according to The Honest Kitchen, the conventional veterinary practice is to give antibiotics with steroids as well as with some other medicines. Now there is one thing: 

“Giving antibiotics, again and again, will destroy the beneficial hormones and chemicals present in your dog’s gut.”

Why Home remedies to cure the infection 44

Apple cider vinegar for infection:

To treat a dog’s ear infection at home without a vet, consider apple cider vinegar as effective and among the most affordable options. Apple cider vinegar is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which will help to kill the overgrown yeast in the dog’s ear. Make sure to use unpasteurized vinegar because many beneficial properties are killed in the pasteurization process. If your dog’s infection was bad enough to take breaks in the skin then dilute the vinegar so that our pup won’t suffer more.

Coconut oil for treating infection:

Coconut oil has been used for centuries, known for its multiple benefits it is not just a mere beauty product but it has more it. As it is anti-bacterial and naturally occurring disinfectant as well it is used for centuries for treating and healing wounds. Take some oil a cotton ball and gently wipe it in the dog’s ear. You can also directly add a few drops into the dog’s ear. It is very gentle and will not cause any further harm to your pup.

Tea tree oil for the infection: 

Tea tree oil and other natural oils are easily available at any drug store and may at your home. Tea tree oil is not just beneficial for treating acne but to heal wounds as well. According to Natural health remedies, tea tree oil has excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. You can use it for your dog’s infection as well. 

Prevention from the infection:

How to treat a dog infection without a vet is one question but how can you further prevent it is another question. To save your dog from further catching any kind of infections you may have to find out the core reason which caused the infection in the first place. For this purpose, you can do the above-mentioned home remedies on a regular or a weekly basis to prevent it from suffering from the disease again. As oils are also easily available too they won’t be a pressure on your pocket as well. Read the complete article related to How to tell if a dog has a fever?

Remember it’s very important to keep your pup’s ears dry because yeast develops in a humid and warm environment which is easily available in the ears nasal and anal area. Therefore, try to keep your dog clean dry and free of parasites as well.

Homeopathic options available for the infection:

To treat a dog infection without a vet at home you can consider options other than antibiotics because if antibiotics are taken from the same disease frequently, the body gets immune to it. The better homeopathic options are Belladonna (for hot and inflamed ears), Pulsatilla (for ears having redness and yellow discharge), and Hepar Sulphuris (for the dogs who does not like to get their ears touched when they are inflamed).

Be patient:

Remember when using natural remedies its quite tough because it can take time. Remember your dog’s ear is his natural process of getting rid of toxins. Antibiotics will just suppress the process and it can get deeper later on popping out as more serious diseases. Therefore, be patient with your dog if you want him to not suffer more in the future.

When to see a vet :

Though the above-mentioned remedies work most of the time some dogs may have more chronic infections that do not heal with these remedies. So, for the more chronic and serious infection, you will definitely have to see a vet.

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How they can treat you dogs’ ear infections without vets

Many dog pet lovers ask this question of how they can treat their dogs’ ear infections without vets. So, here we are with the tips and tricks that you will love.

Shower or sprinkle a mixture of vinegar (apple cider) and water into your dog’s ear. It will help to lower the infection rate.

Another best home remedy is to use of oils. Take few drops of mullein and garlic oil. Now, mix them well. Use this combined mixture os oils onto the ears of the dog for almost ten days. You can also use mineral oil to cure this infection. It would help if you massaged it gently on the ears of the dog.

Question and answers

How to treat a dog ear infection naturally?

To treat a dog ear infection naturally at home. There are several options available like natural oils and homeopathic medicines are also available.

What is the cost of curing a dog’s infection?

As it can be treated with naturally available thing s like apple cider vinegar and oils. So it won’t cost you much.

How to treat a dog’s ear infection without antibiotics?

As antibiotics make your body more immune towards the same disease and just temporarily suppress the disease. Therefore it is better to switch to better options like homeopathic medicines.

How to treat a dog infection without a vet?

Well everyone is not lucky enough that their pet dogs won’t suffer from health issues. There are multiple health issues that our pet dogs face and we are not capable of not doing anything because of inadequate knowledge and training. So how to treat a dog infection without a vet? We mean lets be honest not everyone can’t see a vet frequently. Also, due to the COVID-19 we have to be extra careful regarding our visits.

So following are the things which you can actually use to treat your dog ear infections. But remember these are not medical substitutes, and watch if your dog has some serious chronic infection, then you must have to see a vet.

  1. Zymox
  2. ACV homemade cleanser for dogs
  3. Zim Family cockers ear cleaner

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