10 Steps How to teach a dog to roll over Updated 2021

How to teach a dog to roll over

Dogs are really intelligent creatures and look very cute when they are trained to little tricks like sitting, lying, jumping catching a Frisbee and rolling over.  To teach a dog to roll over is one of the cutest acts to perform. But is it really easy to do? No, some dogs learn the tricks very fast but some can show a slow learning process. Here we will teach you some easy techniques and steps to follow to make your pooch to learn a bit faster and more efficiently to rollover. 

Initial training:

How to teach a dog to roll over, In the beginning, you have to make your dog learn to sit and lie. So let’s be true no one does anything if he does not get a reward. The same goes for the dog. You have to bribe them first with a treat. Take the treat near to his nose and grab it tightly in your fingers so that he can just smell it rather than to eat and watch out your fingers as well. Now slowly take down the treat in your hand lower making him sit down. Repeat this process 

Now when your puppy has learned to sit, let them lick the treat and take it to the ground to teach them to lay down. Repeat this process until your pup learns to sit down without treatment and with a clue word like “sit down” and “lay pup”. Try to speak the clue words in a calm voice.

How to make them teach to roll over?

For your dog to roll over it’s necessary that he should be pro at sitting and lying. Once he has learned that he can be further trained to roll over. Rolling over is not a single technique whereas, it includes a number of activities that collectively make the process of rolling over. Following, are the steps you will have to follow in order to make your pooch efficient at rolling.

Find the perfect setting:

To teach a dog to roll over, first of all, you will have to find a comfortable place with the least distractions. As the dog will be in the learning process he will roam around a lot in the place. He may jump and all feel like he is playing. You can also make him learn on a soft blanket in order to save him from any kind of injury. Make sure the people in the home know about the process so they would not distract the dog as well.

Keep the treats available:

Your dog would not learn anything if he does not get anything in return. Therefore, to teach your dog to roll over keep the treats ready and treat, I did not mean the normal food which he eats in the usual. But by treat I mean the food which he gets occasionally like roasted beef etc. split the treat into pieces so the treatment can last longer and your dog will just not fill his tummy. Read the complete article related to How to make your dog poop quickly.

Clicker and treats:

If you cannot afford the treats you can also train your dog by verbal phrases. But the efficient way is to train them with clickers and then by giving treats. The dog associates the sound of the clicker with the treat. The moment you click the clicker the dog will identify and eventually modify his behavior and will get trained to it.

Punishment is equal to no learning:

How to teach a dog to roll over, Remember not to use a harsh tone with your pup and never beat it. We know it is a tiring process to teach a pup to roll over and sometimes it’s frustrating too because some dogs may take a very long time to learn and get trained. If you will beat them they will develop a memory of fear and psychologically they will not learn and behave weird because they know they will get punished in the training session.

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Command your dog to roll over:

Make your dog to be in a lying position. It will make it easier for them to roll over. He should rest himself in a position such that his paws will be in front of him and hid head lifted so that he can easily turn over.

Roll over the treat:

Take the treat close to your dog’s nose so that he can smell it. And rotate it around the dog’s mouth and say “rollover” but do not let him snatch the treat. Usually, the dogs follow the fragrance so wherever you take the treat the dog will move in that direction basically. The efficient way is to physically roll your arm with a treat making a depiction so that you can teach a dog to roll over quickly. Also, give physical and verbal signals repeatedly to hasten the process.

Become a friend:

To teach a dog to roll over you have to be consistent with your dog. Be a friend to him, not an owner which just gives orders and commands. Maintain a friendly behavior with your pup. Give him treats repeatedly. Remember your dog will get frustrated if he would not get the treatment immediately if he does the trick in the right direction. It will keep him going to do even better. Analyze in which posture your pup is comfortable doing the trick. Dogs really like to be encouraged in a soft warn tone like “That’s my boy” or “Yep! Very good pooch”.

Keep doing the process until he learns:

After 2 days or a week, your dog will learn the trick. You will no longer have to give your dog treats and to physically depict the process now. You will just have to say the clue word and your dog will follow your lead. Now you don’t have to offer a treat every time but give treats at intervals. Give mid treats now so that your dog does not expect a treat every time. Save your special treats for teaching the next new skill.

Make the game harder:

Now if he mastered the trick at home in a comfortable room. Now it is time to take him out and make him tough. You may want to introduce him to the new locations and with more distractions. This practice will prevent your dog from just doing the trick in the room and nowhere else. Because if you repeat the same trick every single time at the same place your dog may associate the trick with the place. At first, your dog may get confused due to distractions and you know we all have that little stage fear too. Be patient with him he will eventually learn. Keep training him with treats, clickers or verbal phrases.

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Praise from the audience:

How to teach a dog to roll over? When you will take out him for practice in front of other people. They will praise him. It will encourage the dog and will lessen down his hesitation in performing in front of the others. Also, try to let other people give him the “rollover” command it will teach your dog how to roll over in public as well and to respond to others as well.

Best Steps How to teach a dog to roll over

If you are a dog lover, then definitely you want your dog to learn how to roll over. Here we are going to give you some tips and tricks that will help you a lot. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. It is an amusing trick that your children are going to love. First of all, you need to ask your dog to fulfil “down” position.
  2. Secondly, giving a treat to your dog when he learns to down also encourages him.
  3. Kneel beside your dog and give him his favorite food.
  4. Your hand’s movement on the body of dog plays a significant role. It will inform the dog to luring in that particular direction.
  5. Continue your hand movement till the dog lying flat from shoulder to backbone.
  6. Hold a treat in your hands make the dog do whatever you wanted him to do.
  7. You need to perform the same procedure twice a day.

Question and answers

How to teach a dog to roll over step by step?

Following are the steps:

  • Make him learn how to sit and lie down.
  • Rotate the treat towards the nose and to side making his rollover.
  • Praise him by treat and with nice words.

How to teach a dog to roll over for the dummies?

The trick is the same lure your finger from his head towards nose and side and again towards his face, he will learn to roll over in a few tries.

How to teach your dog to roll over in a blanket?

Place a treat on the blanket and command your dog to “Take it”. After that, you can lure him toward the other side and then back inducing him to roll over in the blanket. Make sure to give him treat every time he rolls.

How to teach a dog to roll over and play dead?

When your dog has learned the technique to roll up. You can further train him to play it dead. You can physically depict the posture to him and train him to do it with you. Make sure to give treats and praise him. 

How to teach a dog to roll over without treats?

You can use clickers as well for training your dog. The dog will associate the sound with the trick.

How to teach an older dog to roll over?

Older dogs may take some time to learn new tricks. You just have to stick with them so that they can learn efficiently. The trick is the same for them as well yet they may take some time to learn.

How to teach your dog to roll over?

To teach your dog to “roll over” is cute and fun. But you should know that you have to be dedicated and patient enough to train your dog for a trick.

It is better if your dog knows the ” down cue” trick in advance. As it helps the dog to learn the roll over trick quickly. Here is how you can train your dog to roll over by following these simple yet effective steps:

  1. Command your pet to be in a down position.
  2. Keep his most favourite treat in your hand and move that hand to one side of the head from nose.
  3. Now move the hand from nose to shoulder so that the pet can roll over to one side.
  4. Repeat the former steps a couple of times and praise them each time by giving them treats.
  5. Now move the hand from the nose to the back of the pet. In this way the pet will learn to roll over on his back.
  6. Now continue the same trick for a couple of times by saying “roll over”, until the pet learns.


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