Best 10 Way or Techniques, How to give a dog a pill?

How to give a dog a pill?

Having dogs is all cute and fun. But as humans, we too get sick right? As do the dogs as well as other animals. It is a strange thing to discuss that your dog will eat anything else but to make a dog take his pills can be quite tough and hectic. How to give a dog a pill?. Most dogs will pose a bit while swallowing pills. So what we can do to ease this process a bit. Here I will discuss, most easy techniques which I have learned through research and of course I will mention the easiest one so that our fluffy friend can get well as soon as possible.

Consult the vet:

Before that you try any other processes, you should consult your vet first to give dog a pill. In most of the cases, people usually crush down the medicine into a fine powder and then make the dog take the pill in a powdered form. But there are some medicines out there which cannot be given in a powder form like clindamycin and amoxicillin etc. Because they lose their effectiveness when crushed.

Therefore, more options are available like flavored medicines. Consulting your vet is an effective option because he can describe any alternative drug say it a liquid form or any other alternative pill. The point is when to give a dog a pill you should always start by consulting your vet.

If they are moody regarding taking pills:

Most dogs can be really choosy and moody regarding taking pills. Try to opt for a method that seems pleasant to the dogs. There are a number of tricks you can do like giving them treats, taking them on a walk or play something with them. This will ensure that taking a pill is a good act which results in giving them a reward. However, still, some dogs are very brat and you have to devise some other ways too.  Read the complete article related to How to euthanize a dog?

Hide the pill in the food:

There is no rocket science in this technique and it is the easiest way to give dog a pill. You can simply hide the pill in their food and they will easily take the pill with their dog food. But usually, in this technique, you have to use foods that are quite slimy like canned foods in which the pill can easily get covered and the dog does not feel like he is eating something else other than its routine food.

Using gelatin capsules :

Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures and can easily detect those scents which the human nose cannot. That’s why it is a major cause that police uses dogs with excellent smell sensors for drugs and explosives detection. But you know what? Yeah, you guessed it right, they can smell their pill too. Most dogs do not like the sour or bitter taste. And almost all pills are covered with bitter coating making it obvious for your dog to spit the pill.

Therefore you can use gelatin capsules for them. Pillception is a process in which you put a pill in a pill. These hollow capsules can be filled with any pill u want. The major benefit is they do not have a bad taste. Simply put the pill inside and join the two halves back. This will lock the bad taste medicine in a good taste coating. And it will become easy to give dog a pill.

Pill pockets instead of pills:

This can be the easiest and efficient way to give the dog a pill. These pills are specifically designed for masking the bad odor of the pill. Fill the cavity with the pill and simply close the halves.

Pill pockets are economical as well. You can break it into chunks ad can use it for two to four times. You can roll the pill into the chunk and can use it for your pup to give a pill. 

How to give a dog a pill

Using peanut butter:

Peanut butter is the most of the oldest and easiest way to fool our four-legged buddy. Simply take a spoonful of peanut butter preferably in the form of a ball and put the pill inside. The trick is more beneficial if you give two or three spoons without the pill and then with a pill. 

Using chicken hearts:

Most dogs are meat lovers and they love its fragrance and texture. Pull the pill in the hole and feed it to your pup if is your dog a bit larger in size you can also try turkey hearts as well.

To give dog a pill with a pill device:

Giving pills to your pup can be tiresome. Especially to make them the pill swallow is quite a task. There are major chances of getting your fingers exposed and bitten if you put them in their mouth.

A pill device makes the task easier. You just have to open the jaws of pup and have to place the pill below the hump. A dog’s throat has a hump behind it therefore, it is hard to gulp the pill. But the pill device places the pill beneath it and then you just have to move the throat of the dog in a downward motion so that he can swallow the pill.

By giving several treats:

If the above-mentioned technique does not work you can also try this technique to give dog a pill. In this, you have to give your dog a treat with no pill first and then give another treat with no pill. Now give a third treat with pill in it but don’t let him eat it instead snatch it from his mouth immediately, this will make him desperate and with natural instinct, he will want that treat. Again take the treat near his mouth and snatch away. Do this for 3 -4 times until he eats. It is an efficient method for the dogs which usually like to play while they eat.

how to give dog pills

Competitor game:

The pups are really up and do type. This technique is definitely for them. To give dog a pill you first have to give them a treat with no pill and then for the second treat, take the treat near their nose and then snatch away and take it to some other two-legged and four-legged person, it can be a human as well. This will make them jealous and they will definitely want the treat for themselves. Repeat the step for 2-3 times until the pup becomes anxious and then give them that treat with the pill in it.

Best ways, How to give a dog a pill?

There are many different ways to give your dog a pill, although it is a challenging task. You can use these steps to give your dog medicine.

  1. First, you can use Greenies Pill Pockets. This is the easiest and best method; you need to put a pill inside the pill pocket and then give it to your dog.
  2. Secondly, if you are finding it, stressful go-to vet.
  3. One very important that you need to keep in mind is to open the bottle of pills away from your dog.
  4. Another, best method you can put the medicine into the meal bowl of the dog. In this way, your dog can swallow it.

Question and answers

How to give dog a pill after surgery?

If the dog is unconscious you can easily place the pill in his throat and by moving his throat downward he will swallow the pill. If the dog is conscious you can use a pill device or pill pockets to serve the purpose.

How to give a dog an antibiotic pill?

No matter for which purpose the pill is either bacterial or viral infection. The main thing is to deliver it safely within the dog. For that, we can use different techniques like using a pill device, by mixing it in their food or by playing tricks.

How to give the dog a pill without food?

If you don’t want to give the pill to the dog in food. Use a pill device instead.

How to give dog a pill when not eating?

Most dogs make it a mess to take a pill. But you can easily do that by the steps mentioned above or with the help of a vet.

How to give dog a pill on an empty stomach?

For the priority, you should not give medications on an empty stomach. However, there is some medications that should be taken on an empty stomach. For this, you just have to make your dog sit straight and to open his jaws and place the pill inside.

How to give the dog a pill with food?

There are several ways to do this. You can crush the pill mixed with food or you can also place it in gelatin or pill capsules etc.

How to give dog a pill with peanut butter?

Simply take a spoonful of peanut butter and place the pill inside it. So that our pup can enjoy the food as well as also getting healthy. 

Best way to give a pill without food?

Use a pill device if you don’t want to give the medicine with food.

Best way to give dog a capsule pill?

Use a pill pocket or gelatin capsule. Dogs usually have a problem with the sour or bitter taste. Gelatin capsules and pill pockets are made for odorless pill.

The easiest way to give the dog a pill?

Peanut butter is probably the easiest way. As it is available in most of the homes and also a seetful treat for our pup as well along with getting healthy

How to give a dog pill?

As humans a pinch of sugar may ease up to take a pill. But, our canine friends may pose a challenge when it comes to giving them a pill. While other dogs are highly efficient towards eating their pills with dinners, others are just reluctant.

So here are the simple techniques which you can follow to ease up the process:

  1. Pill pockets.
  2. Compounded and liquid medications
  3. Pill device
  4. Getting help
  5. Reward your dog
  6. Asking a vet for physical demonstration



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