Best 6 Steps, How to convince your parents to get a dog

How to convince your parents to get a dog

You might be a dog lover and may want to pet a one. Having a dog means that companionship will be by your side always and you can share all your worries with it and can get an unmeasurable amount of love. But usually being students, to convince our parents to get a dog is a fairly tough job. Personally I think that all the kids should get an opportunity once in their life to pet a dog because their love affection and loyalty teach them a lot of lessons about life.

The proper way to introduce the idea of a new pet:

First, analyze what factors can make your parents interested in petting a dog. Introduce the idea of a dog as a “family pet “. Tell them how it can be fun for the whole family. If you’re an only sibling, you can tell them how beautiful it can be to have a companion by your sides when your parents are not around.

Tell them that having a dog will let you also spend time outside in the natural environment in the fresh air, apart from spending the whole day on video games and gadgets. Dou you want to know about how to break up dog fight then here is the complete guide.

Figure out the reasons why your parents do not want a dog as a pet:

Don’t give your opinions in a haste. Watch for the good mood of your parents. Don’t shout cry and yell at them. Don’t insist if they are busy.  Here are some reasons that parents give:

  • A dog is too expensive

Its right to buying a dog and maintaining its resources is quite a job but you can give suggestions like adopting one instead of buying. 

  • You don’t have time

It’s a very appropriate reason given by parents. You have to analyze do you really have time for a pet. There is something you have to understand that having a dog will be like another person you have to take care of.

You can get a dog but not a puppy

You might be surprised but sometimes to convince your parents to get a dog in the form of a puppy can be hectic. This is because pups take the time to learn everything. They usually scroll around in the whole house pooping and all that also they also need shots (injections) which can be expensive as well. So if your parents do not agree with a puppy they can be convinced of an adult dog. After all, something is better than nothing.

How to convince your parents to get a dog

Selecting the right breed:

It is very important to pick the right breed that suits your family. Every breed is different from each other regarding size, temperament, food and exercise needs. If u saw a cute dog in the park it is not necessary, that it will suit your family’s needs. For example, if you belong to a sportsman family and you go on a vacation on summer hikes, then probably that cute dog won’t suit you.

Make a list of daily tasks:

Petting a dog can be really hectic. Therefore, you have to make a list of daily tasks your pet would be needing. Making a list will show your parents a sense of responsibility and seriousness towards your pet. In your list, you can include the food routine, sleeping patterns, daily walk timings and much more.

Practically implement the routine:

Usually, kids after insisting their parents get the dog and their parents end up doing all the stuff. Therefore, you have to show them by your attitude that you will remain committed to your will. You have to sacrifice some of your stuff to give time to your pet. You will also have to clean it up, take care of its food and you have to contribute to its expenses as well.

Devise a way to afford the expenses of your pet:

If you are old enough, try to find out a part-time job and share the expenses of your pet with your parents. And if you are not able to find a job or are not old enough, then you can even save your birthday money and can save your pocket money as well.

Connect with trained owners :

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Contacting an owner having appropriate knowledge about dogs will help you to be a better caretaker of your pet.
  • You will get a better understanding of how to maintain the order of doing all the chores.
  • They can also give you an idea about their likes and dislikes.

Talk about your parents’ concerns:

Your parents might be worried that you will not take the proper care of your dog and may get bored by the time. But assure all of their concerns like taking your dog on a walk, feeding them properly at on right time and sharing expenses with your parents. But the most important of it is that it won’t affect your studies and would not destroy your time with your family.

If parents are allergic to dogs:

Though it’s a greater issue even this issue can be solved by “hypoallergenic dogs”. Let us clear one thing that there are no 100% shed free dogs and also not 100% hypoallergenic dogs.  Allergy is related to dog’s hair and there are no such dogs that do not shed hair as we shed air too. By taking preventive measures and by cleaning them properly you can reduce the risk of allergies as well.

Dogs can contribute towards better mental health:

Dogs are very intelligent creatures. They know exactly how to make you happy when you are stressed. Also it has also been observed petting a dog leads to a healthier and longer life. A dog knows when you are upset and can be your fluffy partner as well when your parents are not around. 

Tell them that they can lead to the security of the house:

As dogs are the protectors of their pack and can do anything to protect them. Therefore, they develop a feeling of affection towards the human family as well. You will feel more comfortable and secure by having a dog in your house. With some proper training, you can train your dog who is allowed in your house and who is not.

There are fairly less chances of house getting robbed in the presence of a dog. If you are old enough such that your parents wanted to go on a vacation and want to leave you home alone. So you can explain to them that you will feel more comfortable in the presence of a dog.

How to convince your parents to get a dog

Convince them that having a dog will make you disciplined:

Though by showing yourself as a responsible person may convince your parents to get a dog. But you can also play a heavy card by telling them the social benefits like:

  • As you will have to take him on a morning walk so you will get up early and will sleep early too. There will be no late-night routines or spending whole nights watching Netflix and other stuff.
  •  Having a dog will arise the responsibility of you to take care of the other creatures and animals.
  •  As you make a list of your dog tasks which will you do at certain times it will ultimately bring order in your whole day tasks other than related to a dog.

Best 6 steps to convince your parents to get a dog

In order to convince your parents to buy you a dog, you need to follow our instructions. We hope that by following them your parents will be agreeing to buy you a dog. If you really wish to add new members to your family you have to make changes in your routine. You need to show your parents that you can take care of the dog and you are completely ready for it.

  1. Make a plan
  2. Show your parents that you are responsible child
  3. Train your pet well
  4. Make your dog learn all the tips and tricks
  5. Make sure that you have enough expenses to afford a puppy
  6. Tell your parents about the advantages of having a pet

Only in this way, you will be able to convince your parents to buy you a dog.

Question and answers

How to convince your parents to get a dog easy?

Show them that you are old enough and are now able to take responsibility of another being.

how to convince your parents to get another dog?

If you are already having a dog it might be difficult for the parents to get convinced. Therefore, you have to be the proper owner of the first dog before. And if they see that u fulfilled all the responsibilities of the previous one. Surely, they will get agree.

How to convince your parents to get a dog for your birthday?

Be vigilant. Show your interest in having a dog as a pet. Plan a daily routine and implement it. so they may give you a dog or a puppy as your birthday present.

How to convince your parents after the one dog dies?

Talk to them very keenly and tell them how much you were attached to the previous one and it is very hard for you to let go of that feeling. So that they will understand your love towards the dog and will let you have another one.

How to convince your parents to get a dog for Christmas?

You can write it on your wish and put it in your gift sock.  In this case, your parents would be aware of your preference and who knows Santa clause will then bring a pup as your Christmas gift.

How to convince your parents to get a dog in one day?

If you have saved up some money, and have shown your responsibility skills to your parents then you can convince them in a day by telling them the benefits of having a dog.

How to convince your parents if they are allergic to dogs?

Suggest better options like hypoallergenic dogs.

How to convince your parents to get a dog fast?

Be careful, don’t insist and yell. Find the right moment to talk and talk very selectively. Don’t be over smart.

How to convince your parents if they hate dogs?

Tell them nicely that dogs are not that bad. Tell them about their love, companionship, and loyalty. Tell them about their benefits such as the security of your house. 

How to convince your parents to get a dog if they say no?

If they say no for the first time don’t insist on them but try some other time when they are in a good mood. Remember why the said no for the previous time and try to overcome that void.

How to convince your parents to get you a dog?

 If you have strict or reluctant parents introducing a canine member to your family may be difficult. That is why you need to be prepared for several questions and reactions and the best way to tackle them is by knowing how to respond to them.

The key is to be empathetic, meaning that you should understand the scenario from their point of view, and think about what you would do if you were in their place. It is obvious that when you will say about having a “pet”, they will listen “Time, care, and expenses”. So here are the few things through which you can make your parents understand, that you are ready for a pet.

  1. Schedule a daily routine and stick to it.
  2. You have to show them that you are really making an effort to implement that routine.
  3. Being responsible is the best practical way to convince them.
  4. Be prepared through research and pre homework about what kind of breed you like and want.
  5. Do some maths and come out with the minimal costly options.
  6. Do a pep talk about the benefits of having a dog as a pet.


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