Best 10 Ways, How to Breed Persian Cat

How to Breed Persian Cat

Breeding a Persian cat may be very profitable and also rewarding. Most of the breeders love to have a lot of kittens around them. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about the whole breeding process of a Persian cat. That’s why we are here with this article how to breed Persian cat. Persian’s as we know very well, is beautiful, chubby cats having a short nose. People love to have pets like them. To breed your cat, you need to find a proper breed animal. For this purpose, first, do some research.

Breeding Process:

There are several steps through which we are going to tell you the whole process of how to breed Persian cats.

Decide properly

In order to start breeding your Persian cat, the first step is that you need to understand why you are breeding your cat. Like do you want to make money by selling cute quality kittens? Also, what color do you want for your Persian cat? Persian’s come in a lot of different colors. On the internet, you can find a color chart which will inform you about their colors. 

Proper Knowledge

Next choose your cat to start breeding. For this purpose, you need a breeder that has proper knowledge about how to breed Persian cats. If you want both the male and female to just check that they are not related; otherwise, it will cause a genetic problem. Ask your breeder if the other animal has any kind of disease or not because there are many Persian cats that have kidney diseases. According to the researcher, if you breed your cat with a cat that has this kind of disease then your cat is going to suffer from this disease too. Also, the kittens that are about to come may have this genetic flaw in them.

Age of Persian cat

The one significant factor related to breeding a Persian is that she might be a year old. Because if she is one-year-old then she is ready. Although your cat may feel plenty of heat before many times, this is the best time for your cat to get pregnant and have a pregnancy with low problems. That’s why we are writing on this topic: how to breed Persian cats. Your cat is not going to mate with the partner if she is not on heat, you don’t need to worry about this because after every 2 to 3 weeks they go to heat.

 Introduce partners

Allow your cat to matt naturally with her partner. To ensure a better matting process, you need to create a friendly relationship between both the partners. This introduces both the male and female for several days so that they create a better understanding. 

Conception period of Persian Cat

After matting, check your Persian cat’s belly. Because after 20 days, almost you can feel little balls inside her uterus. Her nipples started to swell. The conception period is around 60 days. Start preparing your cat’s nest. 

How to Breed Persian Cat 2

Birth of Persian Cat

Stay with your cat when she goes into labor because in case of any problem, immediately take her to vet. When cute little kittens come into this world, your job is just to ensure their shots and deworm them. If you have any other pet in your home, then keep them away from these kittens to ensure their safety. 

I hope these steps will help you in a better understanding of how to breed Persian cats. 

Tips from a Persian cat breeder

The following are the tips that help you breed your Persian cat. Having advice from an experienced breeder might be very important in breeding your pet. It also helps you in clearing your question of “how to breed Persian cat.”

  1.  Choose what breed of Persian cat you want. 
  2. Pick a one-year-old cat. 
  3. Before starting breeding first consult with your vet. 
  4. When your cat gets pregnant go to the vet for regular checkups.
  5. Stay with your cat during her labor in order to ensure that if there comes any kind of complexity, you were there to help.

Persian cat breed information

In our previous articles, we have been discussing the facts and characteristics of a Persian cat. Persian cat is an old breed. Having chubby cheeks in addition to long coat hair on the body makes it more beautiful among all other breeds. The traditional Persian cat has a short nose and short feet. 

length of Persian cat:

The length of a Persian cat varies from 14 to 18 inches.

Persian cat breeding age:

Usually, those Persian cats that are one-year-old can breed easily. 

Female Persian cat breeding age:

 If we talk about female Persian cats, then their breeding age varies accordingly. Some Persian cats are ready to mate when they are 3 to 4 months old. But some Queens may breed when they reach the age of 12 to 18 months. Therefore, you should go to a vet before taking any kind of step. 

How to Breed Persian Cat 3

Persian cat breeding cost:

As we are informing you about how to breed your Persian cat. For this purpose, you need to go to a professional breeder. It might cost you about $5000. They are a bit more expensive than others. 

We hope that in this article, you will gain a clear image of the Persian cat breeding process. Above we have given a few steps that clear you about the mating process of Persian. Moreover, you can find a lot more information on Also, there are many other subcategories of cats that may help you in having any kind of problem. Many different pet information is available here. Not only dogs but also there are many other pet information. 

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