How long is a cat pregnant? 5 stages of cat pregnancy

How long is a cat pregnant

How long is a cat pregnant, Having a cat is all fun but to enjoy their kittens is a much exciting thing not just for you but for the cat as well. Do not fill their pot with pickles and ice cream, unlike humans cats just like to be treated extremely royal. So treat them like a queen. Cat pregnancy process is basically called “Queening”.

Is my cat pregnant?

Like humans do ovulation cats also have a process of peak fertility on which they are said to be on the heat that is they can get pregnant easily. Cats usually are on the heat once every three weeks. But during the early spring fall they used to get on heat much more therefore, your pet can get easily pregnant and you can expect many furry friends in your home if you want to. But let’s get real the whole process of owning a cat and then to foster their kittens as well is quite tough and expensive. So, it is suggested to get your pet to the Animal care Centre and get the neutering done to avoid unexpected pregnancies and should leave the breeding process on vets.

Cat pregnancy everything you need to know

If you want to examine your cat on your own for getting convinced of pregnancy. We got your back, here I will mention all the things you needed to confirm your cat’s good news.

How to know by yourself:

How long is a cat pregnant? The following are the signs to look to know is your cat pregnant and how long a cat is going to be pregnant.

  • After 15 or 18 days your cat’s nipples will start to get red or darkened and also become enlarged. The process is called “pinking up.”
  • Like human mothers got nausea during the early stages of pregnancy so our mama cats can also go through that face. You will observe vomiting in the few weeks if vomiting does not stop and your cats seem continuously unwell to take her to the vet.
  • The mama’s cat abdomen will get bigger and enlarged do not touch it as there is a risk of injury to the baby as well as mama cat. Remember there are other causes of abdominal swelling as well. Carefully see for the signs and contact your vet.
  • Your cat will gain weight up to 1 or 2 kg. It is an obvious and very strong sign of pregnancy.
  • Your cat will also eat more and will act more cattish it means it will fuss more and will want more attention.
  • Your vet can do the ultrasound of the cat on the 40th day and can tell how many kittens she is going to have. Remember larger cats can obscure smaller kittens in their womb so you may get more surprises than expected.

How long are cats pregnant?

On average a cat is pregnant for 63- 67 days but it can vary from cat to cat (different breeds). The shortest pregnancy can be of 61 days and the longest is of 72 days. It is not necessary that your cat will immediately show the symptoms. It can take a few weeks. If you are in a doubt that your cat is pregnant take her to the vet for the confirmation.

5 stages of cat pregnancy

It is suggested to get the neutering done to form a vet and to make sure that you do not get more unwanted cats. But let’s say you do a cat business and t those breed kittens are in real demand or you have adopted a stray pregnant cat so you have to understand the pregnancy stages to ensure a healthy and normal birth. so How long is a cat pregnant?

How long is a cat pregnant 33

On heat:

Your cat will on the heat once every 3 weeks. But in the early spring, it will get on heat more than usual. So, your cat can get easily pregnant these days.


If your cat is in estrus it will be more inclined towards mating and will be ready to fertilize her eggs. She can mate up to 7 days. During these days it will act more affectionate and will be more vocal. After fertilization, there are several stages which include conceiving the baby in the lining of the uterus and many other stages of the embryo development.

Development of an embryo:

By the 3rd week, your cat will start to look fatter as a result of gaining more weight and eating more food than usual. By this time your cat’s nipples will get swollen and will appear darker. The placenta will be formed after the conceiving for the exchange of food and waste materials between the cat and the baby. The more complex cells like brain develops first.

Development of fetus:

After four weeks embryo will be transformed into a fetus which is by this time most of the organs will have developed. It will complete the first trimester. From now growth will be the only goal of the cat. Therefore, try to provide high-quality food to the cat.

Before labor:

As the due date approaches your queen will start snooping; to look around for hideous places to give birth to their younger ones. Therefore you should arrange a place like a box with soft towels in it. While it’s completely her decision to give birth at the place where she wants to. By this time your cat will seek more attention form you or it can be the other way round. Both personality changes are normal. You will also observe milky discharge from the nipples which is an indicator for the “go-go time”. if you are a dog lover then here is all article related to the dog visit this and read all the article 


It is a life-threatening disease that can occur because of the depletion of calcium in the bloodstream during the last stages of birth. It can also occur due to high calcium intake to make milk right after parturition. You may have to consider a vet if you are taking care of a stray pregnant cat.

How to tell if your cat is pregnant?

How long is a cat pregnant? The most appropriate way is contacting your vet. He can tell you the condition very quickly and wisely so there will be no complications.

  • Feeling your cat’s belly can sometimes confirm it but mostly it is not accurate because the amniotic fluid makes it hard to feel the kittens.
  • After 16th-day ultrasound can be carried out. But it cannot tell how many kittens the cat is going to have?
  • X rays can determine the number of kittens but are not always accurate.
  • After the 30th day of mating, her belly will get round and bigger.
  • Enlarged and darkened nipple also known as “pinking up”.

Cat pregnancy a week by week calendar

To carefully observe and to keep a track of our cat’s gestation period, her health and to calculate for how long is she going to be pregnant?

How long is a cat pregnant 55

Days 1-7 (Week One):

Mating and fertilization takes place in this. Your cat can litter kittens of more than one male tomcat if he was in contact with more than one male at the time of conceiving. Male sperms unite with the egg and the fertilized egg will be implanted into the uterus lining.

Days 8-14 (Week Two):

The embryo is implanted now and will grow.

Day 15-28 (Week three and four):

During the 3rd and 4th-week organs will start developing in the embryo. Your cat feels a lot of hormone rage ad can behave weird. You will observe morning sickness and vomiting more than once in a day. Cats nipples will get darker and the abdomen will swell and you can now confirm the pregnancy manually as well.

Day 29-35 (Week Five):

The vet will be able to feel the kittens and may tell how many are there.

Day 36-42 (Week six):

You will see a drastic increase in the cat’s appetite and may see the movement of kittens as well in the stomach. Provide her a complete food and let her eat openly, she will store the food for nursing.

Day 43- 49 (Week seven):

Your cat will have a more rounded appearance and the pregnancy can be clearly observed.

Day 50-56 (Week eight):

Kittens can be felt from the stomach with no difficulty. Nipples will be more enlarged the cat may shed her fur which is normal during the pregnancy, the fur will grow back after the delivery.

Your cat will also start looking for the place where she will give birth. You can also see milk on the tips of her nipples as her body prepares her for the nursing and feeding process.

Day 57-63 (week nine):

You may see a red discharge from the vulva by this time. If your cat seems anxious and try to hide I the places that mean labor is going to happen.

Day 64 and after (Week ten):

If your cat still does not deliver in the 10th week then you will just have to wait until it does. Some cats take it up to 10th week. If even after 10th-week delivery is not observed consult your vet if any sort of complications had happened.

10 signs your cat may be pregnant

Following are the signs:

  •  Their heat cycle stops.
  • Nipples will appear larger and darker
  • More hungry than the normal
  • Will seek more attention
  • Morning sickness
  • Vomiting and hormone rage
  • Snooping and nesting
  • Belly will look rounder and bigger
  • Movement of kittens in the stomach
  • Positive ultrasound confirming kittens.

Cat gestation period

The gestation period is the time period to determine how long your cat is going to be pregnant. The normal gestation period in average cats is 58 – 67 days.

Pregnancy for felines:

The cat belongs to family Felidae and normally takes a time period of 58 -67 days but t can vary. The longest is of 72 days while the shortest is for 61 days.

How long is a cat pregnant 77

How long is a cat pregnant

How long is a cat pregnant there are many answers to this question.  We don’t have the exact figure because some say the gestation period of a cat is 58-67 days. Some say 63-68. According to the vet, the pregnancy period for a cat can be as long as 72 days.

In some cats, the total gestation period is 61 days.  Your cat may show some symptoms of pregnancy like as weakness and largening of the belly. But almost after the shorter period of pregnancy (60-67 days), your cat gives birth to cute little kittens.

Question and answers?

How long a cat is pregnant in months?

It is 2 or more than 2 months.

How long is a cat pregnant in weeks?

A cat is pregnant for approximately ten weeks.

How long is a cat pregnant before giving birth?

For 58-67 days.

How long is a cat pregnant for the time?

It can vary from cat to cat. The minimum is for 61 days while the longest is for 72 days.

How long is a cat pregnant with kittens?

For 58-67 days.

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