10 Best Rats Facts, How long do pet rats live?

In the previous article, we have learned about another fruit that either rat can eat or cannot and how it going to benefit the rat and that fruit was grapes or can rat eat grapes. Now in this article, we will try to probe the question “How long do pet rats live”. This article will cover the whole topic fully by doing a 360-degree analysis of it like which techniques rats have evolved through the time to survive on earth or what are the measures you can take for ensuring a healthy and long life for your pet.

How long do the pet rats live?

Though rats make a good pet option as they are social animals and don’t need much food and attention despite these qualities, they don’t live much and their lives appear to be short according to searches. Therefore, in this section, we are trying to find us or explore the ways or methods through which we can increase or expand their life cycle by proper care and the necessary measures which we should be taking but we are not.

Rats lifespan:

According to a study it is found that rats out there in the wild do not even live up to 1 year which means they can’t even see their first birthday probably due to predation by bigger animals, low food resources or by humans while they are fit.

On the other hand, rats kept captive are found to live more because they are fed with proper food and are provided with the necessary care. Pet rats can live up to 2 years and are also found to live even for three years but the ratio varies. The oldest rat reported up till now in Guinness was a rat who lived for b and was reported as the oldest living rat. Similarly, dogs’ average life is 11 whereas the oldest dog was about twenty-nine years and some months.

Rats facts:

Rats are very anxious, adventurous and social animals and they love to be around with fellow rats and sometimes they enjoy the company of humans as well. Here I am mentioning one of the incredible facts about these creatures which are surely going to amaze you.

  • Being social they are caring too and they care for their fellow group members when they need them or when they are wounded.
  • If you think to pet only one rat, then you are oppressing them or they will eventually die. At least keep a pair as a pet.
  • When rats are placed in a maze and once they found the exit route they would not forget exhibiting the fact of having remarkable memories.
  • Rats grind their teeth and also produce a “laughing” sound when they play or are happy.
  • Like humans, peer pressure is one common thing in rats as well and this pressure is too strong that even eat that food as well which is not meant for them.
  • Though they are quite adventurous but they exhibit some “shy” factor too and they try to run immediately form a place that can pose even a little threat.
  • They are very clean animals and love to groom themselves and therefore develop less parasitic and bacterial diseases as compared to dogs and cats.
  • To your amaze rats have extremely strong water retention properties and can live without water for more days than a camel.
  • Tails of the rats are very important parts of their bodies and they just don’t help them to balance their bodies while running or climbing but also helps in temperature regulation as well.
  • According to the Chinese zodiac year calendar, the first animal is the rat and the people born in rat month are said to possess qualities of a rat-like creativity, intelligence, good social behavior, etc.

The life span of a rat:

When rats are in the wild then due to many dangers and the duty of finding food on their own reduce their lifespan to only one year and some don’t even make it to one year as well. Female rats in the wild, on the other hand, are found to live more. Their common reasons for death are predation by snakes, eagles, and others, being crushed by a car, wild or domestic cats, etc.

Their breed grows very fast and in great number because they know most of them won’t make it. A female rat has found to give birth at a maximum of 6-10 babies. To your amaze, she can give birth to babies at once as well. Rats also mature very fast and are become able to reproduce at the age of six months.

While rats in the human population are found to be dying due to other reasons like due to rat killing institutions and baits or traps.

How long do pet rats live 11

How long can a rat live without water?

Water is an essential component of our body and is required to maintain a healthy metabolism and to have a good digestive system. We all know that 70% of the body of the most creatures are made up of water and is thus required by every living organism

But some animals like rats and camels have evolved themselves by the time to retain water in their bodies when there is a shortage of water. In fact, mice can live up to more days without water than a camel.

Rats can live without water for many days. Most of the moisture they acquire is from their food. It keeps them well hydrated. But one thing is they have very speedy metabolism and therefore they have to eat quite often. As they get their most of the moisture from the food therefore if not given enough food they will ultimately not make it up. 

How old is a rat in human years?

Childhood and puberty:

Rats’ birth and maturity are not similar to humans; they get born and become sexually active very soon. They are able to reproduce at the age of 3 months. On the other hand, humans are rather slow in their growth and reach puberty at the min of the age of 12 and 13.

Puberty stage:

Rats become socially active after sometime later than being sexually active. After they reach puberty each month they live is almost equal to 3 years of a human. Female rats lose their capability to reproduce (Menopause) in the age of 15 or 18 months while in humans, females usually have menopause at about the age of 45 or 50.

Probability to live:

As we have discussed earlier wild rats have a shorter life span as compared to domestic rats which live mostly for 2-3 years. According to research 95% of the rats who are born in the wild die before reaching their first birthday.

Questions and answers

How long do pet rats live on an average?

On average pet rats when provided with enough food resources and optimal environment can live up to 2 -3 years.

How long do pet rats live without food?

Rats can live without for a maximum of 8 days and a minimum of 6 days.

How long do pet rats live without water?

Pet rats obtain most of their moisture from their food. So if they are not given food not containing the appropriate water content they will ultimately die.

How long will pet rats live?

For a maximum of 2-3 years. The oldest rat reported live for seven years.

How long do pet fancy rats live?

The average life span is mostly the same for all rats regardless of the specie which is about 2-3 years.

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