Best 10 Ways, How do rabbits see?

The most dedicated and passionate rabbit owners always seek about the process through which rabbits actually survive. Therefore to quench the thirst of those seekers we are here with the topic of How do rabbits see

Rabbit’s eyes are located on either side and are present on the top of their head. This kind of eye location provides them a whole 360-degree view. They can actually see what is in their front, on the sides, top and somewhat what’s in the back too but not in the 3d form but that’s a two-dimension view.

 Rabbits have three blind spots. First in the front of their nose, on the lower side of their chin, and one is placed on their back. These blind spots help the rabbit to see those things which are too close in 3D.

One major advantage that their eyes provide them is that they form the image of the object a little closer to them than they actually are. This helps them to prevent danger more quickly.

researches have shown that rabbits bear some kind of color blindness. They usually confuse red with green due to color sensitivity towards red color. Also, they don’t have cones like we humans have to differentiate colors.

From the above discussion, it is obvious to know about How do rabbits see?

Characteristics of rabbits eyes:

  • Eyes are present on either side and are located on top.
  • Have blind spots for preventing images of objects that are too close.
  • Their eyes provide a broader 3600 degrees view.
  • They have some sort of limited vision and they are a bit sensitive towards many frequent movements.
  • They also bear hyperopia which is the opposite of the farsightedness.
  • They have a maximum vision of green and blue color and they are reluctant or are color blind to red and yellow light.
  • They do not see colors the same as humans but they are capable of distinguishing different colors depending on their wavelengths and by making different combinations.
  • They don’t have cones for red and yellow colors.
  • Most of the area is concentrated with blue color cones with a smaller region containing green cones as well.

The above-mentioned characteristics define the importance of the process of seeing and eyes of the rabbits and therefore it is necessary to know about How do rabbits see

How do rabbits see the world?

Most of us are curious about the fact that some of the time rabbits may appear to have great eyesight but sometimes they just don’t. Also, it is a point of interest that sometimes rabbits easily find the thing placed on their either side far away but are unable to locate that thing which you have placed in front of them. 

To answer all these questions we are going through deep digging into the topic of How do rabbits see and to determine what the actual methodologies are?


Rabbit’s vision is not as spectacular as humans but they are evolved and adapted to see things and objects in the dark. Most of the time rabbits use their one eye to see objects which we call monocular vision. They also use both eyes at once as well (Binocular vision) to see images. The rabbits have this advantage of seeing from all sides at once. They are good at watching those things that are present at long distances. They hardly observe things that are present close to them and are in their front. This describes the importance of How do rabbits see?

What is the breadth of their sight?

Well, as we have discussed earlier due to the presence of eyes on sides rabbits have a 360-degree vision. Whereas, we humans are pretty different; we don’t have much bigger and deeper eyes. Our eyes are not present at sides therefore we can’t see on our side with that ease whereas rabbits get a 3d version of that. 

We, humans, have sharp eyesight which we have evolved by the time by hunting. Primarily, we have started hunting in stone ages for smaller animals and vegetables. This trait of ours is much similar to cats, dogs, and other predators. These similarities provoke us to learn about How do rabbits see

But the thing rabbits are not made for preying. They are rather a prey. Therefore nature has designed their eyes in such a way to provide the maximum safety from predators. The main purpose of having eyes on the sides is to enable them to see any predator coming from either side. Now when someone asks you How do rabbits see I am sure you have the answer with strong reasons.

But you see everything has a major or little drawback to it. Having eyes on the sides enables them to see things on a broader level but they also have a blind spot right in front of them. That’s why when you place something in front of them they won’t notice. Yeah, bro! If they don’t see it, how can they respond? So the question How do rabbits see is very important.

Also, though they can see on the sides, the majority of the vision is with only one eye. We, humans, have our eyes in front, and when we see our eyes form an inverted image which our brain processes. Rabbits hardly do this. They are mostly on their one eye.

Do they have an equal vision?

How do rabbits see? First, rabbits can see things or patterns better from either of their eyes at an angle of 60 degrees. It explains that they see things better at sides and which are farther away. 

The rear part of their vision is mainly to make them alert about any movement. They use it to see any kind of movement played by their predator.

How do rabbits see 11

They have both sights (near and far):

Mainly rabbits have short sight which means they see those things better which are present far from them and not those which are present near. This is obvious because they are naturally designed to avoid predators. This describes the basics for the question How do rabbits see?

 But the table turns when you move in front of them. As soon as you place something in front of a rabbit they become short-sighted. That explains rabbits can only see things that are in front of them if they are placed too close to them.

Can rabbits see in the dark?

To answer your curiosity, how do rabbits see in the dark? Yes, they do. But as they are crepuscular, animals that are designed to be most active at dawn and dusk. Therefore, rabbits also have a vision that works best in dim lights. However, there are few species that do see better at night.

How do rabbits see in the dark?

Most of the rabbits are better than us when it comes to watching in the dark. But as they are most active at dawn and dusk they have evolved their eyesight accordingly, this does not mean that they are not able to see in the dark or at night or in bright light or noon.

Rabbits are prey for many creatures. Therefore, nature has designed such eyes for them which enables them to see quickly and to see at a broader level. They are also able to see the upside and downwards. 

From the above discussion, it is clear that rabbits though have an excellent vision but they have blind spots as well. There are two kinds of cells present in our eyes as well in rabbits, they are called “rods and cones”.

Cones are used for color distinction whereas rodes are there to enable the rabbit in poor or dim light but not with high definition. Rabbit’s cones are much more sensitive to very bright light than humans. Therefore, they have poor vision in the bright midday. The importance is obvious from the discussion above of writing this article How do rabbits see? and do you want to know about how rabbits hide?

But, as compared to humans they have more embedded rods in their eyes. That means they can see much better in the dark than us. 

Imagine an old black and white grainy photo that’s exactly how rabbits see in the dark.

How well does a rabbit see me?

As we have discussed in earlier sections, rabbits have both farsightedness and nearsightedness. So, it mainly depends on which location you are placed from your rabbit. Apparently, rabbits see better through sides when you are farther and are at 60 degrees from their eyes. And when we talk about the front they see you better when you are quite close.

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Question and answers

How do rabbits see the world?

Most of the rabbit’s vision takes place through one eye. They see well through sides at an angle of 60 degrees. They see things better when they are placed in front of them and are placed closely. They have the best vision at dawn and dusk when light is not too bright.

How do rabbits see in the dark?

Rabbits are nocturnal animals therefore they are not made to see in the dark. They also don’t have any tapetum lucidum that makes any animal capable to see in the dark. The larger number of cones present in the rabbit’s eyes enables them to see in dark but with less resolution.

How do rabbits see behind themselves?

They have a blind spot at the rear as well but it is very small. Both eyes on the sides provide them a view through a 360-degree view to see behind them as well. They don’t have a very precise vision though.

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