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English Spot Rabbit

English spot is one of the oldest breeds of rabbits. It was developed in the mid 19th century in England. It was created to use in shows, also in recent times, they are used as meat. It has a very sweet temperament. 

Scientific NameOryctolagus Cuniculus
Lifespan5-9 years
TemperamentFriendly, energetic, active
Body ShapeArch

English spot rabbit is white in color white black spots on its coat. It came as a result of selective breeding. Let’s have a look at the features of this breed of rabbit. 

History of English Spot Rabbit

In recent year’s rabbits were used for meat purposes. This breed is the oldest one and is developed for show purposes. It is believed that it is may come from a rabbit breed named Giant Papillion (Great Lorraine). Some, say that it is the descendants of the Checkered Giant rabbit or English Butterfly.

They were first imported to North America in the year 1910. After a few years, it was accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. 

English Spot Rabbit 1

Description of English Spot 

Physically this rabbit is medium in size, having an arch type body. It has longer hind legs. Ears are 3-4 inches long which stays in an upward direction all the time. Further, it has well-rounded hips. 

English spot rabbit Lifespan

These rabbits were developed for show purposes thus, kept as pets. So they have a longer lifespan of 5-9 years. Those who stay inside have more lifespan than those who roam in the outside environment because there is a threat of being eaten by predators. 

English spot rabbit size

These spot rabbits as we know are developed by the help of selective breeding. Most probably they came from checkered giant which is the largest breed, thus they have not that smaller size nor that larger. Spot rabbits are medium in size. 

English Spot rabbit Colors

In terms of colors, this spotted breed has different colors. It comes in multiple numbers of colors and has spots on its body. Mostly the colors that are found most are lilac, blue, black, chocolate, gold, grey, and tortoise. All have different color markings on the body like a white color spot rabbit has black marks on the body. One very beautiful thing that has seen in the English spot is the strip of color that is black in color and starts from the head and ends at the tail. This bone is known as herringbone. 

English Spot rabbit coat characteristics

It has not that longer fur like another breed of rabbits. Its fur is short and very smooth. Usually, it doesn’t require that much grooming. At times of the year, spring and fall its fur starts shedding. So, it is advised to do brushing two to three times a week. Otherwise, it may have stuck in your clothes and you don’t even notice. 

English Spot Rabbit Health

No specific disease is found in spot rabbits. One of the most famous problems that are found in almost all the bunnies is overgrown of teeth. This can be easily tackled using good quality hay. It is widely depending on the diet of a rabbit which helps to prevent this issue. 

If your rabbit seems less energetic or active then the routine, or not eating much then probably he is facing the issue of overgrown teeth. This is very painful. So, go to the vet he will cut down the teeth at a manageable length. 

Another issue is the ear mites which can also be prevented using a de-worming paste. Also, go to the vet two times a month for regular check-ups. As it is the matter of the health of your English spot rabbit. 

Flystrike another common health problem, because flies lay their eggs on the coat of rabbits which results in infection. Symptoms include loss of appetite, hunger. Immediately contact a vet because it is very dangerous and results in the death of your pet.

English Spot Rabbit 2

English spot rabbit Diet

It should be your first priority to take good care of your pet’s food. Nutritious food plays a vital role in keeping your rabbit healthy and energetic. High-quality hay contains almost 70% of your pet’s diet. The availability of fresh grass-like alfalfa is another good thing. Make sure to put hay and water 24/7 into your pet’s enclosure. Also, add some fruits or fresh vegetables into your pet’s diet. 

Care of English Spot rabbit

Every pet needs proper care. Like this spot, rabbits have a very sweet temperament which lets the people fall in love with them. As it is medium in size so make sure the enclosure you are providing to your pet has enough space that your rabbit can stretch himself out. Also, put a litter box into one corner of the enclosure so that your pet can do its business. 

Like cats and dog’s rabbits are not easy to potty train. You need to have a lot of patience to train them. Every rabbit requires some time out of its enclosure for at least 2-3 hours. It is essential for your pet to stay active and energetic all the time. 

English spot rabbit Temperament

  1. They make good pets for every person. Whether you are a single, couple, or have a family its docile temperament attracts the heart of every person. 
  2. It is a good, well-mannered pet that just requires your attention to being loved. 
  3. Its affectionate personality and energetic nature make it a wonderful pet for shows.
  4. They love to socialize with other humans. 
  5. It has social interaction with other people. 
  6. But for children, it may get sometimes aggressive because kids don’t have the proper information that how to handle a rabbit. Especially those pets that are larger in size.
  7. To keep your furniture in good condition, provide your pet toys. So, that he can play with them. 

english spot rabbit infographic

English spot rabbit facts

Let’s have a look at these few facts of English spot rabbit;

  1. It is developed by the process of selective breeding. Some say it comes from a checkered giant or some believe that it comes from giant Papillion.
  2. It has a very gentle, affectionate, and loving personality.
  3. The thing that makes it famous or beautiful is its marking on the body. This marking keeps it unique from other breeds of rabbits.
  4. It weighs approximately 5-8lbs. 
  5. It is medium in size with arch type body shape. 
  6. Its coat is dense and shorter, which doesn’t require large grooming. But, in shedding season use a slicker brush to keep it groomed.
  7. Like other rabbit pets, its diet also consists of hay, grass, fruits, and some fresh vegetables.

How big does an English spot rabbit get?

The average weight seen in spot rabbits is 5-8 pounds. They have unique markings on its body. It has a butterfly nose marking. Herringbone which has a stripe of color makes is distinctive from other rabbit breeds. 

How long English spot rabbits live?

Some say it has a lifespan of 7-10 years or some say it has a longer lifespan of 8-12 years. This varies because it depends on how much you are taking care of your pet. The more care you give to your pet longer he will live.

English Spot Rabbit 4

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