Do Fish Pee? Fish Facts , Updated 2021

Do fish pee?

Though it may sound very gross and strange but still it is a very natural wonder about fish. Do fish pee? All living organisms on this planet eat and as they eat they digest the food and  excrete it, it’s a natural process. However, the process seems a bit different in the case of marine animals aka fish.

Like all of us, fish do excrete both in solid and liquid form which makes it obvious that fish do pee. The most interesting thing about a fish’s pee is that its secretions are essential for other animals living in water to survive.

You and I both are aware about coral reefs. It’s okay if you do not know about it. Coral reefs look like a big rock under the water in the sea but they are actually living organisms compiled up and there are several species which live within these coral reefs.

Coral reefs need somes essential components to survive, it includes warm water, sunlight and essential nutritional components. Sadly, there are not many nutrients available naturally in water. So nature has to give someone this responsibility, so fish carries this responsibility.

There are a lot of essential nutrients found in fish pee, which makes the coral reef grow and develop effectively. Like humans, fish do have kidneys, and they do the same job as they do in other living beings, That is filtering and removing toxins and excreting the undigested food out.

However, the size and the shape of kidneys varies from fish to fish and depends on their species. For example, fish like eels have very elongated kidneys, and other hand fishes like angler fish have very small and congested kidneys.

How do fish pee?

As humans, we secrete our liquid excretions from a tiny opening called “urethra”, similarly fishes do the same using a tiny little opening, which in their case is called “Pore”.

This pore is usually present on the back of the fish, on its rear end. Some species of fish also secrete their waste through their skin and gills. When the fish excrete their pee in the coral reefs, the nutrients from it. But how do they do it? They wave their tentacles in the water and absorb the nutrients from the fish pee. Their tentacles are like their tiny arms.

Do we drink fish pee?

If you are in a sea and you obviously take some of it in your mouth too. Sweater is composed of a lot of things including salt, plants, water present in the sea and of course the excretions of the marine animals.

Fish excrete their feces and pee through a rear hole called “pore”. They also perform excretion through their skin and gills. So yeah technically we drink their pee.

Do fish oil pills make your pee smell?

There are some medicines that use fish oil in order to cure certain diseases. These pills are generally coated with enteric containing fish oil. These pills are used for various disorders of the stomach and heart.

As these medicines are high potential they are supposed to have some certain kind of smell. High potent medicines usually upset your stomach and can cause a foul smell while excreting out. That is why you should only take these medicines only on the prescription of your doctor.

Do fish pee

Do fish pee in the water?

Fishes do have a rear opening which is known as pore, and they do have kidneys. So that is obvious they do excrete like all humans and other animals. As their environment is water and they are surrounded by water, they always excrete their waste material straight into the water.

Do betta fish pee?

All fish pee including bettas, anglerfish, eels and even sharks and whales too. They are simply living beings and as all living individuals eat and drink, they have to excrete the undigested food.

So, betta fish urinate too, and they have a bladder to perform this job. Like other fish they also bear a very small opening at their back through which they urinate, that is a very tiny urethra. Betta fish also excrete waste using their skin and gills. If any fish do not utilize their gills for excretion that depicts they have a poor immune system.

How do fish pee and poop?

Yes fish do pee and poop but the quantity and size depends on the fish species. For example whales do excrete in very huge quantities. On the other hand Betta fish poop is small and round, and is brown in color.

Sometimes betta fish poop also has a red tinge to it. It usually happens due to colored food which they deliver in fish food markets. However, if the poop colour is totally changed like yellow or milky then your betta is sick, and you should probably see your vet.

Why do I smell like fish after I pee?

If your pee smells like fish then it can probably be due to the stomach or gut infections which can be a result  of food poisoning. The urinary tract contamination led to the growth of certain types of bacteria that cause the fishy or foul smell.

If you are suffering from urine infections then you may acknowledge symptoms like cloudy urine, urethral burning while urinating, and some other kinds of pain mainly in the kidneys and below the abdomen, while you pee.

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