Best 10 Frog Poisonous Facts, Can frogs kill you

Can frogs kill you?

Though frogs are fascinating animals as they belong to the class amphibians. Some of the species can be dangerous. But can frogs kill you? We have listened to several stories and folktales that particularly have frogs as their main characters. We have heard about  Princess and the frog since our childhoods. This story basically blooms due to the metamorphosis process in the frogs. You can check my article how frogs breed to explore the process.

Coming back to the danger ratio of the frog,  in this article, we will be discussing some significant dangers about frogs, which will be jaw-dropping and nail-biting for you. To explore more about can frogs kill you? stick tight to the article.

The touching frog can be deadly? 

Can frogs kill you? I mean by just a mere touch. Yes, there is a frog called “poison dart frog” which can kill you. Its poison is so fatal that it can kill a massive amount of mice up to 20,000

The colors of some frogs which are very bright and attractive like red, parrot green, yellow-golden yes, they are catchy and look very pretty, but there is more to it. These colors explain, “I am a predator. I am toxic, do not try to eat me.”  

Some of the researchers may believe that the poison which this frog contains may even come through their prey like poisonous insects. 

It is also known as the Golden poison frog. It’s sporadic and inhabits the tropical forests. It is one of the most toxic animals in the world. 

The rare amphibians are now declared as threatened species in Nature’s red list of threatened species. These amphibians are almost 2 inches long, and their skin is covered in poison secretion. Nearly 5000 such species are inhabiting tropical forests of Colombia. 

Golden poison frog is like a beauty and a beast. It’s so beautiful and toxic at the same time. Their scientific name is Phyllobates terribilis. Do you see it? Even their scientific name contains the word “terrible.” That’s because their poison is fatal. 

For centuries people located in the area were using their poison for hunting. What they used to do is they collect the frogs. And they rub their darts and arrows on backs because that’s where the poison is secret of the frogs. 

But doesn’t that kill them? Yes! Can frogs kill you? Yes! Doing that practice was very dangerous for humans as well, and it took several lives as well. 

Also, we heard several stories in the region that a hunter’s dart hits some person other than the animal they were about to hunt. That dart resulted in instant death. 

However, for most people, poison is a form of fear, and it’s a threat to humanity. But everything is a necessary evil and has its pros and cons. 

That poison can be used in medical research and can prove itself very beneficial in producing medicines and curing incurable diseases.

Besides, the most surprising fact about this creature is that its poison is so toxic that it is capable of killing 13 adult humans. The number is equal to the killing ratio of 2 giant elephants. Their toxicity can be most comparable to the jellyfish. However, these amphibians are top poisonous animals compared to any other fish and snake. 

The Behavior of local people:

Can frogs kill you? We have discussed a bit of the question in the above sections. But how do the natives of such areas in which they are found 

Handle such a brutal species?

The answer is with the time they get used to them and derived opportunities from them. They excessively used their poison for hunting. They usually load their guns and darts with the poison. 

They have trained their kids not to go near then, keeping in mind the threat. Also, they don’t kill them. Instead, they respect them because they believe that they have saved their forefather’s legacy. 

Can frogs kill you, Ten beautiful but death frogs

The content that I am going to mention below highlights the most dangerous frogs that are found on earth. They mostly inhabit rainforests, and some of them are rare and are endangered as well. 

Golden poison frog:

I have explained the toxicity and threat of this species. They are ranked first due to their highly dangerous poison. You will be surprised to know that each unit (frog) contains almost one milligram of poison, and that amount is fair enough to kill 10-20 humans. However, even if they have such a powerful tool to save themselves from predators. Still, they are in the list of threatened species. 

Blue poison frog:

The thing is poisonous creatures have solid and bright colors that seem very appealing, but remember that it’s a warning to stay away. As the name depicts, these species have a very nice blue color with ack dots present all over their body. 

However, they lose their ability to create poison when they are kept as pets or are kept in captivation. The reason is that they don’t have that poisonous diet available to them. This phenomenon makes them very popular pets. 

Black-legged dart frog:

This species shares its legacy with the golden dart frog. It also looks very similar. In contrast, to its cousins, they are a bit smaller in size, and their toxins are even weaker than them. 

Still, it is the second most toxic species and has caused the deaths of several people. So Can frogs kill you? I am sure now you won’t doubt your question. 

Dyeing dart frog:

Their name may surprise you. But behind that, there’s a whole story. People of local tribes used to rub parrot’s skin with the poison. Hey, don’t scare! The phenomenon let them grow parrots with different colored feathers and hence the name Dyeing dart frog. 

They are less toxic than the Golden and Black legged-one. 

Phantasmal poison frog:

These species of frogs are beautiful, and not only are they pretty, they are very tiny as well, But don’t get fooled by their cuteness and appealing exterior. They are still very poisonous and are capable of killing an adult human being.

Strawberry poison dart frog:

This frog may not be the most dangerous, but in its own genus Oophaga, it is the most vulnerable. It is excellent in camouflaging, and you may not be evident at first sight at what you are looking for. 

They are usually bright red and can also be of blue jeans color. There are almost 15-20 different color ranges in this species. So can frogs kill you? This species may not kill you, but still, its toxin is capable enough of swelling and can cause burning at the spot. 

Lovely poison frog:

This species of the frog inhabits Central America and is also known as striped frog.  In the genus Phyllobates it’s the least toxic. 

Koko poison dart frog:

These are the 3rd most dangerous and poisonous member of the family Phyllobates. They are tiny, though, but they have a beautiful call that resembles the song of a bird. 

The males don’t fight with each other for females. They simply sit and sing until the other one tires up. But don’t get deceived by their sweet songs. They are still very dangerous, and their poison is famous for seeping through wounds, causing extreme pain, fevers, and seizures. However, any case of human death is just suspicious; it is not confirmed yet.

Golden poison frog

The golden poison frog is considered one of the most deadly species in the whole world. Even the smallest member of this species can kill ten adult men. Different tribes in third world countries like Ethiopia used their poison to kill their prey by indulging their darts into the toxin secreted by the frog. They get this name “Golden poison frog” due to this practice. 

Poison dart frogs

Poison dart frogs are among one of those species of frogs that exhibit brilliantly beautiful colors. Their color ranges from blue, red, yellow, green, copper, and many others—the coloration depending upon the habitats in which they are found. Most of the species use their bright colors to scare off the predators, a tactic called “Aposematic coloration defence”.”.

Can poisonous frogs kill you?

Most of the species of the frogs which contain the fatal toxins are considered poisonous, but they are not life-threatening. In most of the cases, if you have come into contact with the poison of such a frog, then you can have paralysis (temporary or permanent), swelling, nausea, etc. except for golden poison frogs and the poison dart frogs can be deadly to humans.

Can poison dart frogs kill you? 

Most of the frog species are not deadly, but the golden poison frog and the poison dart frogs are so fatal. They secrete poison through their skins, and their toxins are capable of killing any adult. Due to their toxicity, their venom has been utilized in hunt practices by applying their poison onto the dart. Once the toxin is inside the victim, there are full chances that the person or animal will be dead.

Can frogs kill you 11

Can tree frogs hurt you?

The tree frogs are very dangerous to humans and animals simultaneously. They profoundly damage the habitat they are introduced into artificially, therefore it is necessary to be cautious of these species along with some poisonous toad species.

So you see how important it is to learn about “Can frog kill you?” either you are getting them as pets or just want to know about them. It is essential to learn about this phenomenon to have more in-depth knowledge about this species. 


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