10 Best Ferrets Fun Facts, Can ferrets swim?

Apart from the question which the beginner ferret owner Do ferrets smell is the question Can ferrets swim?. To your amaze, swimming is a natural thing for ferrets. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into making them float. However, the likeliness of swimming depends on species and personalities as well. Some of them may start swimming just by placing them into the water while some may give you and themselves a hard time swimming.

For the information on the previous question, you can see my article “Do ferrets smell?” to have in-depth knowledge about the smelling and scents of the ferrets. 

Now let’s get straight into the swimming concerns of your ferret. You can check this only through this process. Place them in a tub containing water. The water should not be cold; it should be lukewarm and not smokey hot. Make sure that their feet touch the tub. See them if they enjoy the “getting wet” part or not.

You must take them used to water from the very beginning because this is the only way you can get the answer to Can ferrets swim? Introduce the water to them from a very early age when they are young because more the thing that is common to them more are the chances that they will ultimately like it.

You can do this while bathing them. You can simply put them in the tub for some time. Sometimes, ferrets become so fond of swimming that they can go swimming for the whole day if you allow them.

Ferrets at the beach?

Can ferrets swimAt the beach? Are you joking? Yes, they can. Ferrets, which are experts in swimming and are fond of swimming, definitely love a cool bath in the hot summers. You can take them to the beach and let them swim while keeping an eye on them.

Don’t let them swim while the beach is heavily crowded because some people can get scared of ferrets and vice versa. Also, keep an eye for the dogs and cats so that they don’t harm your ferret baby.

To add ferrets love the sand. As we all know, they love to dig, and the seaside sand is the best for that purpose. Coastal sand is granular and moist, which ferrets love to play in. You will find the digging tunnels, and in no time, they will have a complete underground network. They will love to roam in it. 

Your ferrets will love to swim, as well. Allow them to have one or two dives in the sea. Keep a vigilant eye on the pet. Look for the stray dogs.

Can ferrets swim in the pool?

Your ferrets will love to swim in the pool. Several people ask this question ferrets can swim but can ferrets swim in the pool? Yes, they can stay in the pool as well. As long as the temperature is of the right intensity and the water is not too deep, they will love to enjoy the swim in your pool.

Also, place some ferret accessories in their surroundings. Putting the accessories will persuade them to move a bit. Exercising your ferret is necessary because of seeing if they do not get enough exercise, they can become obese, and ultimately, you have to face other issues as well. 

However, the other part of the question that can ferret swim in the pool is that some ferrets may hesitate and don’t feel comfortable in the water. At that time you have to come in. You have to allow the ferret to move freely and explore the area surrounding the pool. Hold them gently in your hand and get into the water very slowly. 

Swim slowly in the water, and following the instinct, your ferret will follow you as well, though ferrets are natural swimmers but do not let them stay in the water too late because they are likely to get tired soon.

Ferrets in your bath place:

Can ferrets swim? Okay, we got it that they can swim in little deep water and all that but the bathtub? The fact is ferrets can swim very greatly in your bathtub as well as in your sink. 

You can also use a pool that can be pumped through, and you can place it in your bathroom and can enjoy bathing with your ferret. You can put it on your lawn.  Are you ferrets lover or do you want to know about can ferrets eats fruits?

Do ferrets like to swim? 

Out of the most frequently asked questions about ferrets, the question which comes after can ferrets swim is the question do they like to swim? 

Naturally, ferrets are swimmers. They have their instinct to swim when placed in water. However, the swimming patterns can vary from species to species and the personality of the individual ferret as well. 

Some of them may like to swim, or they enjoy swimming much. However, others may have a hard time swimming and can hardly get themselves into swimming mode. 

Also, when we have summers, the sun is literally on the top of our heads. What else is better than having a quick cool dive into the pool. Everyone loves that, and so do the ferrets. 

Moreover, we also have scientific proof that ferrets have all the physical and biological abilities to swim, and they enjoy it as well. However, wild ferrets may don’t do it for enjoyment or entertainment purposes, but still, they can swim. 

On the other hand, the domesticated ferrets do not only justify the question can ferrets swim? But also they do enjoy swimming a lot. 

It also reveals the fact that the ferrets are no lesser than dogs when it comes to swimming. We all know that dogs are very famous for jumping and having dived in the water. 

But we were not sure about the swimming of the ferret, and we were in amaze that Can ferrets swim? Do they like to swim? So, from the above discussion, it is evident that they can indeed swim and they want it as well.

Can ferrets swim 11

A guide to ferret swimming safety

Can ferrets swim? Now we are aware that they can glide easily, but you can’t let them swim blindly. You have to take care of them vigilantly.you should know about a proper guide that will lead you to a pleased and cheerful time with your ferret.

Remember that it may appear to you that your ferret is enjoying swimming a lot, but that does not mean it’s okay all time. 

Swimming is a very tiring process, and if you don’t keep an eagle eye on them, they can get tired and can drown. 

On the other hand, some ferrets also put a contrary view to the question Can ferrets swim? By answering it in a very negative way because some ferrets don’t like to swim at all. 

Therefore as soon as you put them in the water, they will panic and will find a way to get through. 

How to make them learn? 

However, it is natural for your ferret to swim, and they can swim without any floating tube or kit. But we strongly recommend investing in a line. 

The tube will make the whole job quite easy, and even if you cannot keep an eye on them, the line will keep them safe. 

Can ferrets swim? Or you have to make them learn to swim? These are the questions that people often ask. So as you all know from the previous discussion that they can swim and you can also make them learn too. 

It is recommended to let your ferrets drink some water before you take them into the swimming place so that they can drink. 

Drinking water will prevent the ferrets from drinking any chlorinated water which is present in the pool. 

Once the ferret has drunk enough water, you can simply put a flotation aid on the ferret. Now, place them in water. 

The benefit of floating tubes is that now the ferrets can stay afloat, and because of the tube, they will also use their paws for moving or propulsion.

Can ferrets swim 22

Questions and answers

Can ferrets swim underwater? 

Ferrets can swim, and that is the natural thing for them. However, the swimming pattern also depends on the ferret types and their personalities. Now it is up to you to find out whether your ferret likes it or not. 

Can ferrets swim in saltwater? 

Yes, ferrets can swim, and as it’s an instinct for them to swim, it doesn’t matter that the water is salty or chlorinated or only freshwater. It is your job to let your ferret get used to all types of waters. 

Can ferrets swim in the pool? 

Yes, they can swim in the pool as well. It is strongly recommended to put a floating kit on your ferret. The floating kit lets your ferret float and to move their paws as well, moving the feet,  just let them exercise but to learn swimming as well. 


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