10 Best Birds Rabies Facts, Can Birds Get Rabies? 

Can birds get rabies? 

Being a birder, I am very protective regarding my birds; therefore, if they are prone to any of the diseases out there, I should know about them. Last night I was going through a post, and I saw this fantastic post about birds and rabies. It makes me wonder about Can birds get rabies?

The beginners who are new to birds always hesitate with birds unless they get used to it. Therefore for them, there is good news about the question Can birds get rabies? The comprehensive answer to the problem is that No! They cannot get rabies as mammals are the only victims of the disease. 

While it is true that birds can’t extract rabies from any infected animals however, you should be cautious of other wild animals; that are present out there in the forest while you are watching birds. They surely can extract and transfer rabies; therefore, a little information on the topic is necessary. 

Rabies- An overview:

Rabies is a disease caused by a virus that directly targets the central nervous system. It hardly has any cure, and the majority of the victims die due to this virus. 

The virus is known as lyssavirus, and it’s literary meaning clearly describes the nature of the disease. The word comes from Greek mythology and has a definition of ” wrath and anger.” There are two types of viruses that cause two different kinds of diseases. One is the casual rabies virus, and the other one is lyssavirus that is transmitted through Australian bats. 

Can Birds Get Rabies? Why are that birds don’t get rabies? 

According to the biologists and researchers, we know that all species of mammals, which are ultimately warm-blooded animals, including humans, ultimately can get affected by rabies. But Can birds get rabies? what do birds eat?

As I told you that birds couldn’t get rabies, and are majorly immune to the symptoms of the disease as well. But why is that? 

In 1884, an experiment was conducted in which birds were used as a victim to know more about rabies. It was done to observe what is the effect of the virus on birds. Surprisingly, the bird’s immune system successfully developed antibodies against the virus. The experiment was d repeated on other species as we including the phylum of cold blood invertebrates. 

You will be amazed to know that most invertebrates are poisonous species or otherwise have developed defensive mechanisms to survive in their harsh natural habitats. But, when this experiment was performed, they also got infected by the virus. Their immune system wasn’t able to develop any antibodies to fight against the virus.

So it seems like the bird’s immune system is somehow developed to fight the virus. On the other hand, almost all other species aren’t able to combat the virus. 

Get well even before the virus knocks them down. Can birds get rabies? No, they cannot get the disease. The fact is though, that they are warm-blooded, that doesn’t mean that they are related to or have anatomy similar to mammals. They are more linked with the extinct dinosaurs. It is evident that birds have efficient circulatory and breathing systems that any of the mammals don’t have. The whole concept makes them very unique, and also there is hardly any virus known which affects both the birds and mammals simultaneously. The birds are mostly immune to most of the germs, and there are sporadic cases in which birds get the virus; they hardly depict the signs and usually get recovered before the virus knocks them down. 

The question Can birds get rabies? Is also connected with the brain. The warm-blooded animals usually go into a coma after extracting rabies. The situation in which our mind sleeps gives a chance to the virus to multiply, and so it results in more destruction. However, birds usually don’t go through such situations. As long as the brain is awake, more significant are the chances for recovery. The same phenomenon happens for birds.

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What diseases do birds carry? 

The people who think that birds are not carriers of harmful diseases, these people are traveling in a wrong boat. The research on this topic is entirely different and contradictory because the scientific study proves that the bird’s excretions are the source of many harmful diseases. Here in this article, you will come to know about  Can birds get rabies.  A few of them are even fatal to humans. Birds are surely the carriers of deadly diseases. It will be jaw-dropping for you that there are sixty diseases or infection symptoms known to the world which are transmitted through different species of birds. The most famous is the flu; it is a lung infection that causes difficulty in breathing. It is caused by fungi called cryptococcosis. It multiplies on the dung of the birds through spores.

However, diseases transmitted by birds to humans have cures available, and the patients rarely die. Yet the flu which I have mentioned above is an exception. Sixty percent of the cases of the flu died; therefore, it is a fatal disease carried by birds. 

Birds indeed carry different fatal diseases, but the conditions which are transmitted from humans to humans are more threatening. Two hundred different types of viruses cause even the common flu which we get once in a week.

The diseases which are transmitted by birds are hardly killers. Still, you should avoid getting into contact with an infected chicken whose beak is secreting mucus, any bird who is in contact with another animal’s blood, and ways to handle the dung of the birds with gloves. 

The following are the diseases carried by birds:

  • Salmonella
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Aspergillosis
  • Avian pox
  • Mites and lice
  • Lyme disease

Can birds get corona virus?

Along with this question, Can birds get rabies? There comes another one. We all are aware of the deadly virus now. The virus is so contagious and is spreading very fast. The death rate in many countries is much higher than the rate at which people are recovering. Therefore, the people are now getting anxious and curious about the resources through which they can get the virus. So, can birds get corona virus?

As it is a disease that we hardly know and have explored, therefore, to have much information about the situation is hard. The condition is new to humanity, and every pandemic comes with its wrath, but the case will get better soon after the doctors successfully invent the vaccines. So after the question, Can birds get rabies? the modern era demands the answer to Can birds get corona virus?

As far as the question is concerned that birds can get corona virus through humans? The answer is no because there is not much information available on the topic. Moreover, the transmission in mammals, particularly in birds, has not been observed. Also, it is known that corona virus is specific to different species. Therefore there are no chances of humans transferring the virus to the birds or vice versa.

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Guide for the pet bird owners:

Though there are no chances of transmitting the disease from birds, owners should always take the necessary precautions to prevent any misadventure.

Social distancing and quarantine:

Any person suffering from the disease should not go near his pet at all. Similarly, if the bird is sick, it should not be allowed as well to get near to the owner to prevent any chances of getting the disease. Whenever you introduce a new bird pet to your family, you should always keep him isolated for at least 30 days from the birds. Remember that it is not a rule of thumb and is applicable to all kinds of infections.


Don’t take this step for granted. Always wash or disinfect your hands and arms every time you come into contact with your pet bird and the objects related to it, e.g. Cage and feeders. 

Necessary medical aid:

Keep a look on your birds! Even the slightest change in behavior can be an indication of something big. If you are also suffering from a disease or COVID-19, seek the help of your friend to take the pet with you to a professional avian vet. 

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