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Bombay cat

It is a short-haired cat. They are developed by breeding black American shorthair cats and sable Burmese cats. They are easily recognized by their black coat. They are also called Black Mamba. They also have the nickname “mini panther.” Actually, they are the black cats of groups of Asia. These cats are completely black including paw pads. It is a medium-sized cat. They have a round shape body. They are very active and highly adaptable.  These cats are very smart and love to play with children, even fine with dogs. 

Bombay cat classification

Let’s have a look at its classification: 

Scientific NameFelis catus
Order Carnivora
SpeciesF. catus
Diet Carnivores
Lifespan 12 to 20 years.
Weight3 to 5 kg
Trophic levelOmnivores
Length33 to 56 cm

Bombay cat price

This breed has stunning eyes and has a sociable, loving personality. These characteristics make them a forever friend and you do not need to spend much to welcome this special and unique cat into your home. Their average cost ranges from $700 – $1200. Sometimes, its price may be higher than the average cost. Its price increases when you are interested to buy a show cat because its price can be up to $2,000. Mostly, its price does not go higher than average. 

Bombay cat

Bombay cat personality

These cats are active and curious. At any time of their age, they love their surroundings, and thus their favorite might be a window from where they can see the outside world. They are attention seekers and highly affectionate in nature. These cats are known for their jumping habits into people’s lap. As they mature and become older, they love to watch rather

than to involve in activities. These cats are good friends because they like to play with people and other pets even dog. These cats shed very little or may not shed at all. They are vocal so you have to be very careful about their excessive meowing or crying. 

Bombay cat lifespan

When you are interested to buy a Bombay cat, the question may arise in your mind that how long they live because you want them to be with you as long as possible. You will be glad to know that its lifespan is quite good. They can live up to 20 years. Their average lifespan ranges from 12 to 20 years. Many factors play roles in their longer lives like enrichment, diet, socialization, and exercise, and activity level. These factors help them to be healthy.

Bombay cat size

When born, these cats are frail and little. They slowly grow and mature into active, big cats. These cats are medium-sized and also size differs depending on the breed. Some cats easily get fat and may also suffer from obesity, if the diet of cats is not controlled. Male and female both have different sizes. Males are larger than females weighing about 12 pounds while females weigh between 8 to 12 pounds. Their average weight ranges from 8 to 15 pounds. Kittens are usually 5 to 12 pounds in size. 

Bombay cat facts

Let’s explore its interesting facts:

  1. They are completely black cats
  2. This cat is not a natural breed
  3. They are not from Bombay but originated in America. They are named Bombay because Horner wanted them to resemble with a black leopard of India
  4. They are easier to train to walk on a leash
  5. They are attention seekers and may become a stalker if they don’t get attention
  6. Their coat and eye color has resemblance with black panthers so these cats are also famous as “little black panthers” 
  7. One interesting fact about them is that their kittens also have white hair because at the time of birth, they are not completely black
  8. When you see it at first glance, it seems aggressive. After a while, you will notice that actually it is not aggressive but is loyal and friendly 
  9. They attract people with their unique appearance. They have button-like eyes and usually wide open which gives a surprising look to them
  10. They are fans of food. But it does not mean that they like every kind of food. But when food is given to them, they eat a large portion of it.
  11. Not only food lovers, but they are also water lovers and like to be in a bathtub.

Bombay cat vs black American shorthair cat

Both cats have different patterns and different colors. Black American cats are not just black but their color may be golden, blue, or black. On the other hand, Bombay cats are completely black in color. Both cats have round-shaped heads but look different. Bombay cats are more talkative than black cats. Bombay cats have wider eyes than black cats. 

Bombay cat adoption

These cats are active and loving. They are highly adaptable to the environment. They are not attention seekers. These cats are heat seekers and love to lay on sofa, bed or other warmer place. But it does not mean that they are not found in colder areas. They also found in colder areas but they love to be a warmer place. Because of these characteristics and their

friendly nature, you may want to adopt them. The easiest way to adopt them is through a rescue because of their health issues. It will be safe for you to buy or adopt a kitten from a professional breeder because it is not a natural breed. In order to adopt a Bombay cat, you may have to drive a thousand miles to search for a safe, reputable breeder.

Bombay cat allergies

These intelligent, beautiful, and loving cats are very popular. But enjoying life with this cat can be limited if you are among those who suffer from cat allergies. Because these cats produce a glycoprotein namely “Fel d 1.” This type of protein is found in the cat’s saliva, skin, and urine. This protein is not found in the hair of the cat. Fel d 1 protein is only found in cats so you may experience cat allergies around them. 

Bombay cat

Bombay cat behavior

These cats are very social and have a friendly nature and easily adaptable to the surroundings. They enjoy meetings with visitors and play with children. They like to lay on the bed or sofa because they are heat seekers and like warmer places. In addition to heat seekers, they are also attention seekers but do not demand attention if not given to them. They have an affectionate personality and an inquisitive nature. Somehow, they have a dominating nature but are playful. They like to live indoors. Surely, these cats will win your heart by their behavior and affectionate personality.

Bombay cat diet

Their owners feel lucky to have these silky, black cats around. But there needs a lot of attention to their proper and balanced diet in order to keep them healthy. These cats are healthy and are food lovers. Diet rich in protein with lower carbohydrates is best to feed them. Limited snacks may also be added in their diet. Because these cats are obligate

carnivores, they eat meat in order to consume the amino acids. They cannot make amino acids by themselves. That’s why they need proteins. Plant-based proteins do not provide all the necessary amino acids they require but animal-based protein provide these amino acids. So, it’s important to include proteins in their diet.   

Questions & Answers

How to identify a Bombay cat?

These cats have a glossy coat. You can identify them by their black fur and copper or gold eyes. They have a rounded body with rounded edges, a rounded head, and rounded tail. They are medium-sized cats and usually walk in a special way like a kind of swaying, swishing walk. They are completely black with black paw pads. These have wider eyes. These characteristics might help you to identify your Bombay cat. 

Is a Bombay cat rare?

With copper or gold eyes and short black hair, these cats have the appearance of a black leopard. In fact, they get their name from the Indian city, Bombay. This breed is considered rare.

How do I know if my cat is a Bombay?

If you have a cat and little confused about it that your cat is a Bombay cat or not then don’t worry, I will tell you some characteristics that will help you identify your Bombay cat. These cats have wider eyes and eye color is gold or copper. They have rounded bodies and are entirely black with paw pads. Other cats are also black but they do not have black paw pads. This will surely help you know that your cat is a Bombay cat or not. 

Are all black cats Bombay cats?

No, all Bombay cats are not black cats. It’s true that Bombay cats are black in color but it does not mean that every black cat will be a Bombay cat. Bombay cat has some characteristics which differentiate it from other black cats

Can a Bombay cat have white?

American Bombay cats have a black coat and golden or copper eyes. On the other hand, a Bombay kitten may have some spots of white on-ear the, chest, or tail. Kittens may have few spots of white because of its resemblance to Burmese. 

Bombay cat

Are Bombay cats cuddly?

Because these cats are active and curious, so they like watching the world around themselves. They love to live indoors and usually love to watch outside from the window. 

Do Bombay cats like to cuddle?

These cats not only like to be among people but more likely, they love to cuddle on your lap. These cats are attention seekers and want your love and attention. This is the reason that they love to sit on your lap.

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