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Black siamese cat

Siamese cats are famous along the globe because of their athletic body shape, friendly personality, unique, and attractive blue eyes. The major identification about siamese cats is their specific pointed coat pattern which is not common to other cats. So is there really a breed of black siamese cats? To explore about this stick to this article.

Black siamese cat personality

The thing is there is no pure black siamese cat in the world. The people confuse the “Genes” with “Patterns” and vice versa.  The Siamese cat is actually a black cat however the Himalayan gene prevents the production of pigmentation or darkness over the body. You can think of a Siamese cat as a  balck cat coated in cream colour except for warmer areas like nose, tail, and ears etc. 

Black Siamese cats like all other Siamese cats are extremely amiable, social, and talkative. These cats are the most attention-seeking ones. Sometimes they are too demanding and the busy owners may find it annoying. 

Being the most ancient breed all varieties of Siamese cats are intelligent, kind and quick-bonding, sometimes requiring more attention, talkative and social cats.

However, if you really want to have a black cat which is very much similar to a Siamese cat’s personality and body shape then an “Oriental cat” is the right cat for you. The oriental cat is also known as the “Foreign shorthair”. They are very similar to Siamese cats but are just in the colored version.

But, most of the people opt for siamese cats for their blue eyes. But, the oriental cats result from  breeding between an oriental and a Siamese cat. As a result of this breeding, some of the cats will be oriental and some will be Siamese while others will be Hybrid. 

Therefore, any Oriental cat which has the Siamese personality will not be bearing blue eyes. The colour of their eyes will range from green to golden or yellow.

Black Siamese cats like all other Siamese cats are extremely amiable, social, and talkative. These cats are the most attention-seeking ones. Sometimes they are too demanding and the busy owners may find it annoying. 

Black siamese cat 1

10 Black Siamese cat facts

Apart from the athletic body shape and the most intriguing personality the black siamese cats have a lot other things to their personality as well. Like this, you may know that Siamese cats are one the ancient breeds of the cats. Nut, did you know that these cats are available in multiple coats of orange, cream, brown, blue and many other colours. 

Also, do you know that thri coat colour is dependent upon the temperature and external surroundings in which they live. To explore more facts about black siamese cats read the following section :

  1. The color coats of the Siamese cats are recognized by some pairs of genes while the coat patterns among Siamese cats are determined by the “Modifier genes”.
  2. Modifier genes are only able to affect the Siamese cats when the temperature is above or below a certain level. In Colder environments, Siamese cats develop darker pigmentation but as soon as the temperature increases, the pigmentation disappears.   
  3. Siamese cats only have pigmentation on their colder areas like nose, tail, and ears.
  4. Siamese cats are one of the oldest breeds and no one exactly knows their origin as well. Until, some people find the Siamese cats in 14th century manuscripts in Thailand. The word Siamese also originated from the word “Siam”, meaning “Diamond moon”.
  5. Most Siamese cat breeds have crossed eyes, and also abnormal tails. According to the historians, people believe that Siamese cats are the guardians of a precious Golden totem and when they were performing their obligations they saw the totem with such a focus that their eyes twisted.
  6. Siamese cats since a long time were the legacy of Royal families. The Royal and wealthy families of Thailand used to keep them as pets as they were unique, rare, different and beautiful. Therefore, even these days they are one of the most expensive cats.
  7. Siamese cats were more common in Asian countries and were introduced in America in the late 1800’s.
  8. Siamese cats due to their popularity are also being shot in several movies and series. The most famous being the “That Darn Cat” , in which a siamese cat helps in the kidnapping.
  9. Black Siamese cats are quite talkers, they are the most anxious and curious cats. 
  10. Black Siamese  cats develop special vocals on different food giving their opinions so that their masters can acknowledge which foods they like or not.

black siamese cat infographic

Black Siamese cat with green eyes

As we already know because of the knowledge through the above sections that Siamese cats cannot be black. Therefore, those black cats which are very much similar to the Siamese are mainly the Oriental ones.

So anyone out there struggling to know that if their cats are Siamese are not then they should acknowledge these facts that Pigmentation or points in Siamese cats are only because of the Himlayan gene. In colder temperatures, the pigmentation gets stronger while in warmer areas and temperatures the pigmentation disappears.

So all you guys who are having Siamese cats with green or yellow eyes are basically oriental with Siamese cat characteristics.

Black siamese cats with blue eyes

We know that Siamese cats with golden eyes are a result of  “Tonkinese gene”, but what about the balck cats with blue eyes with a very much appealing personality just like Siamese? Black Cats with the same firm body shape,  the coat texture, similar vocals, behaviors, habits and with ocean blue eyes.

As far as Siamese are concerned we know they have albinism with Himalayan gene that keeps their colder parts pigmented. However, black cats occuring in such breeds are mainly a result of Melanism. Melanism occurs in them as a mutation.

Black siamese cat mix

All Siamese cats have specific genetic patterns which are responsible for their colours and coat-patterns.  Whenever you breed a pure Siamese breed with some other breed the results are Black Siamese cat mix with other feline creatures.

The resulting kittens will be usually black, balck and white and maybe total albinos as well. However, these resulting kittens are necessarily not Siamese cats. Moreover, if you breed a Siamese cat with a half-breed Siamese cats the resulting cats have half the probability of developing the Siamese coat pattern.

All breeds of Siamese cats have attractive, deep blue ocean eyes. These cats have a rough coat texture which is also due to some specific genes. 

Black siamese cats have the normal face shape earlier but these days these cats have a very different face shape. In Black siamese cat mix, the ones having wedge-shaped faces are most probably belonging to their Pure siamese ancestors.

Black siamese kitten

Siamese cats are really famous for their elegant body shape, talkative and social personality. When you breed an oriental cat with a Siamese cat the results are black siamese kittens with other probabilities.

Himalyan gene in Siamese cats is responsible fo the points that you see in a Siamese cat at nose tail and fingers. However, if any of the parents, mother or father, does not have the HImalayan gene, the ratio of eye colour and the occurrence of points in the kittens is discussable.

Black siamese cat 2

Can siamese cats be black?

If you are wondering that the cat you have looks like a Siamese but is black, so is it a siamese or simple balck cat? To clear your confusion, we may tell you that Siamese cats have modifier genes which determine their coat pattern. You can consider them as the black cats covered in cream with points on colder parts.

The genes in the Siamese  cat cause pigmentation whenever they are in colder environments and the pigmentation starts to fade when they are in a warm  environment.

One thing you should write down in a notebook is that Siamese cats are not black, however the breeding between a purebred and a black oriental cat results in the Black Siamese cats which we see in teh pet stores.

How much are black siamese cats?

While purchasing a balck Siamese cat you have to fill your pocket because these cats are expensive and rare. Any Siamese cat can cost you from two hundred and fifty dollars to thousand dollars. 

However, if you are looking for an adult purebred black siamese cat they will surely cost you almost a thousand dollars. However, buying a Siamese cat also depends on other factors as well like if you are buying from a protection centre, then you may get it at a low price. However, if you buy a purebred from a proper breeder then they must be expensive.

Why do Siamese cats have dark points?

In Siamese cats the patterns and the pointings are controlled by a specific gene called “Himalayan gene”. This gene is responsible for the pigmentation in the Siamese cat’s body parts. However, this gene can cast its effects only in a specific temperature range.

When the temperatures are colder the pigmentation gets stronger. On the other hand, if temperature gets warmer the pigmentation disappears. That is the reason they only have pointing patterns only in colder areas like nose, ears, and tails. Read the complete details about how to discipline cat.

Black Siamese cat name

There are several cute cat names which you can give them according to their traits and personality. Some of the names which you can opt for your black Siamese cats are:

  1. Grey
  2. Smokey
  3. Ombre
  4. Kentucky
  5. Bendit
  6. Buboo
  7. Sasha
  8. Sara
  9. Blue
  10. Sam

Black Siamese cat breed

Black Siamese cats are the result of the breeding between Oriental cats and the Siamese cats. Technically, there are no purebred black siamese cats in the world. Because siamese cats only have “black pointing pattern” on specific areas and not on the entire body. 

Black siamese cat 3

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