10 Best Dog nail clippers for large dogs

 Dog nail clippers for large dogs

Most dogs do not like the trimming of their nails. But eventually, you have to get them started in the process at an early age. But many of you may have not, and you must be wondering about “What are dog nail clippers for large dogs?”

There are several kinds of dog nail clippers for various breeds and sizes. It depends on what kind of dog you own and what trimming method you would prefer for your dog. Talking about the kinds of nail clippers, the most famous ones are the guillotine type and the scissors one. However, the guillotine nail clippers are much easier to use.

Below we have prepared the lists of the best nail clippers you can find online. All of the products are available on amazon. Hence they are very easy to access and purchase.

10 Best  Dog nail clippers for large dogs


Product Images

Product name




Deshedding Brush Tool


Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs


Peroom Dog Nail Grinder


JW Pet Company GripSoft


Pets Professional  Nail Clipper


Toysdone Large Dog Nail Clippers


HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers


BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers


Peteme Dog Nail Clippers


Ceenwes Dog Nail Grinder

 1.     Pet Craft Supply Self-Cleaning 

best dog nail clippers for large dogs

This nail clipper is a scissor-based nail clipper that is excellent for both small and large dogs. You can carry it anywhere with your dog. You can also pop it in your bag and can do nail trimming of your dog any time, anywhere.

One of the best things about these clippers is that they have the best quality as the blade is made up of high-quality stainless steel. It means the blade is not prone to iron rust, scratches or it will go a long way without being worn out.

Product specifications:

Brand Pet Craft Supply
Color Blue
Blade Material Stainless steel
Style Nail clippers
Item Dimensions (L*W*H) 6.69 x 1.18 x 2.95 inches


  1. Ensures premium quality: This nail clipper stands out in competition with other nail clippers because of its high-quality premium stainless steel. This stainless steel ensures that the iron blades won’t rust out due to humidity. In addition to this, it is also responsible for maintaining the blade for longer periods without rusting, which saves it from scratches. It means buying one will ensure the pure value of your money.
  2. Guarding your dog nails: This intelligently designed nail clipper has adjustable blades. It means if your dog’s nails are huge or small, you can adjust the clipper accordingly. This feature saves from over-cutting of the nails and hence protecting the dog against any nail injury.
  3. The perfect and precise cut: With our semi-circular blades, we ensure safe nail clipping of your dog. The semi-circular blades increase accuracy and mold the blade just in the shape of the dog’s nails.
  4. Firm grip: The clipper is designed for the owner to have the firmest grip that does not slip. To aid this, the clipper has non- slip rubber coatings on both handles that make sure the hands won’t slip while trimming nails.



Perfect thing to have for nail cleaning and trimming for your pets.

Available in only blue size.

The perfect size makes it travel friendly.

The size is much suitable for larger pets.

The safety lock ensures the safety of children as well.

Large size may scare up the pet so you have to make it used to the clipper.

Stainless steel ensures durability.

It is difficult to handle large-sized clippers.


2.Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs

 Dog nail clippers for large dogs

These are also scissor shaped nail clippers. Specifically made for large dogs they are excellent for trimming down your dog or cat’s nails at home with all ease. This nail clippers is very cute and trendy as well with brown colour and a pup picture on it as well.

Product specifications:

Size Medium- large
Color Yellow
Brand Thunder paw store


  1. Unlike the unprofessional clippers, which have low-quality blades, this nail clipper has high-quality stainless steel blades. Professional veterans also use this nail clipper. The blades are perfect for trimming thick nails for large and medium-sized dogs.
  2. Professionally designed ergonomic handles with non-slippery rubber coating ensure the perfect grabbing you need while trimming the nails. It also ensures you have a perfect and firm grip.
  3. Nail trimming should be done precisely; therefore, this nail clipper has a protective guard on its blades to ensure protective trimming. It also comes with a safety lock to ensure protection around toddlers. Besides, it also makes it hand while it is locked.
  4. Warranty: This nail clipper comes with an unbelievable warranty. This store gives you a warranty of a lifetime. Plus, they also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.



The professional nail clipper saves you a lot of dollars as you will be doing the process at your home instead of paying so much to the expensive vets.

The blades are not suitable for small dogs and pets with thin nails.

The stainless steel saves the clipper from wearing out early.

The clipper is available in only one color.

The rubber coating ensures the perfect grip, and the handles do not slip.

If not done properly, the big blades can cause pain and discomfort for your pet.

The clipper comes up with an exclusive offer of a lifetime warranty. Not only this, but the store also ensures a 90-100% money-back guarantee.

Damaging of quirk is possible with such big nail clipper

3 Peroom Dog Nail Grinder, Portable Pet Dog Nail Clippers 

Peroom Dog Nail Grinder

It is a scissor shaped nail clipper for all sizes of dogs. This is not an ordinary nail clipper. In addition to trimming it also has the features of nail grinding with LED lights. The grinding port is adjustable and can be decided depending upon the size of the pet.

It has super protective LED lights and the sound of the grinding motor is equal to the safest level of hearing for dogs. It has a diamond bit grinder that ensures precision and accuracy while trimming and grinding.

Product specifications:

Brand Peroom
Color Blue and Silver
Led Light White
Switch type Slider
Accessories USB outlet, Power bank, Power adapter


  1. LED light: The white LED light ensures protective trimming by highlighting the bloodline from the nail. In this way, trimming becomes much easier. With the led light, you cannot over-cut the nails of your pet.
  2. High tech motor for efficiency and low noise: Most of the pets do not feel comfortable around the nail grinder’s noise. This professional nail clipper maintains the sound of 40 dB. In this way, your pets are comfortable and do not feel anxious around the grinder’s vibration and noise.
  3. Adjustable ports for nail grinding: The rechargeable professional nail clipper also comes up with three different sizes of nail grinding ports. You have to choose which port size is best for you, depending upon your dog’s size and their nails’ thickness. We have three ports for small, medium, and larger pets.
  4. Storage box for nails: Unlike other nail clippers, which create a mess while trimming and clipping, this clipper comes up with a nail storage box. While you cut or trim the nail, they are stored in that storage box. Hence no mess and easy to clean.



Rechargeable electric nail clipper leads to less manual work.

Even with the lowest vibrations, the pet may get scared.

High-quality stainless steel blades for protection and accuracy.

Automatic nail trimming may not be as efficient as manual trimming.

LED light and Slow vibrating motor for the comfort and ease of the pet for the trimming process.

If not used properly, the nails of the pets may crack or break.

Nail storage box leads to easy cleaning.

A digital nail clipper is not for everyone.

4. JW Pet Company GripSoft 

This simple and sleek nail clipper comes in different colors. It is very easy to use due to its simple design. It has unique scissor-like blades that are of perfect size for all sizes of pets. The clipper comes in beautiful colors, which attract pets as well.

Product Specifications:

Brand JW
Material Blend
Color Multi
Item Weight 0.02 pounds


  1. Ideal length: As this nail clipper is of unique style and perfect in size, it will help grip easily and control your pet while trimming. The small blades provide accurate trimming without overcutting the nails.
  2. Maximum grip: The non slippery handles ensure that the owner has a firm grip on the clipper while trimming the nails.
  3. Unique color: The unique colors of the clipper keeps your pet attracted and entertained. It will help to keep the pet comfortable and will aid the process of clipping.
  4. Easy to use: With its ergonomic handles and unique shape, this nail clipper is very easy to use.



Unique style attracts pets.

No digital features.

The small design will provide you with more control while clipping.

The hand may get fatigued due to small size and excessive clipping.

Non-slippery handles provide a firm grip so that the clipper does not move and hence ensure fewer injuries.

Very small in size may not be ideal with pets having thick nails.

Highly easy to use and perfect for beginners.

Blades are bigger and may result in damaging the quirk.

5.  H&H Pets Professional Nail Clipper

Pets Professional Nail Clipper

This is a very elegantly designed scissor shaped nail clipper. It is ideal for small pets having thin nails. The store provides complete assurance of quality and also offers money back guarantee in case of quality dissatisfaction. Due to its small size it is very easy to use.

Product specifications:

Brand H&H steels
Color Black and blue
Material Stainless steel


  1. Quality satisfaction and warranty: The seller offers a money back guarantee of 60 days in case of any misadventure. In addition, they also offer a warranty of three months. They claim the clipper is of the premium quality.
  2. Ideal for small pets: The clipper is small in size and is very light weight. Hence, it is an ideal clipper for small animals like kittens, puppies, ferrets, and pigeons.
  3. Easy to use: The blades are made up of high quality stainless steel that makes it hypoallergenic. The blades are free  from rusting so it is durable as well.



Ideal for small pets like small kittens, puppies, and rabbits.

Not suitable for medium sized and larger pets like dogs and cats.

Small design makes it very handy and easy to carry.

The trimmer is only for thin nails and cannot trim thicker nails.

The store offers a money back guarantee and a huge warranty of three months.

If you are not an expert then nails of small animals are very soft and can result in injuries.

6. Toysdone Large Dog Nail Clippers

Toysdone Large Dog Nail Clippers

This clipper resembles a screwdriver and is unique in its design. It can be used for all sizes and breeds of dogs. No matter the nail thickness, this nail clipper will be the best option to buy for all uses while remaining on a budget.

Product Specifications:

Bundle listing No
Brand MF
Model Large orange handled
Mpn PETP401
Manufacturer Unknown


  1. Bright colored handle: The nail clipper contains bright colored orange handles that not only look unique but they also provide comfort to the pet.
  2. Stainless steel blades: Stainless steel blades confirm the durability of the product.
  3.  Ideal size: This dog nail clipper is of the best size for all sizes and breeds.
  4. Ergonomic handles: The handles are coated with non-slippery rubber, which provides a tight firm.



It consists of a beautiful handle with orange color which will attract the pet and will keep it entertained while the clipping process.

No digital features means more manual hard work.

It is suitable for all sizes of dogs.

The clipper cannot be easily used for small animals due to large baldes.

No matter which breed of dog is , there will be no problem.

Nail injuries are more common with this type of clipper due to its uncommon design.

The clipper can be used for any type of nail thickness.

Blood lining is not clearly visible which means more chances of nail injuries.

7. HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers

This red and black clipper that comes with a filer also resembles a screwdriver.  The handles are of plastic, and the blades are made up of stainless steel. This clipper has a wavy rubber coating on its handles that provides a more firm grip on the clipper.

Product Specifications:

Material Plastic, Stainless steel
Color Red, black, and silver
Blade material Stainless steel
Item Dimension (L*W*H) 6.3*2.17*0.67 inches


  1. Sharp stainless steel blades: The blades of this clipper are very sharp. You can cut the nail with just one bend. Hence it will lead to accuracy when it comes to cutting. With this much ease of trimming, the process will not be scary for you and your pet as well.
  2. Safety lock: The clipper has this lock which can be utilized when you do not clipper. The lock keeps the blades of the clipper closed.
  3. Rubber coating handles: This clipper is very easy to use due to this feature. You don’t have to put a lot of effort with this clipper. The anti-slip rubber technology ensures that you don’t have to put in a lot of masculine pressure.
  4. Stainless steel blades: Due to the premium quality stainless steel blades the clipper has very high durability. Because of this these blades do not become a victim of rusting, bending or scratching. They always remain sharp



High quality stainless steel blades that are durable and do not rust or bend leading to the longevity of the clippers.

There is no LED light for more accuracy while trimming.

Precise size for medium to large sized dogs.

No motor or any kind of engine present for nail buffing or grinding.

Perfect trimming for thicker nails.

No nail storage box which will result in an untidy environment.

Safety lock prevents the damage to other objects that surrounds these clippers. Plus, it is  also safe for the children.

Not suitable for smaller animals

8. BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers

BISSELL Cat & Dog Nail Clippers

This clipper is very much similar to a tool called “Plass.” This clipper is unique on its own. It has a very beautiful pop blue color. The clipper comes with an inbuilt nail protection safety guard. The tool is for medium to large-sized pets.

Product specifications:

Brand Bissell
Color Green and white
Material Plastic
Blade material Stainless steel


  1. The clipper comes with ergonomic style handles with rubber coating on them. It provides the maximum grip on the clipper.
  2. The blades are made up of rich quality stainless steel. That means that blades are not prone to rust, bending or scratching, They will remain as it is. Hence durability.
  3. Ideal for medium-sized to large-sized pets. The semi-circular blades ensure maximum accuracy with nails with no sharp edges.
  4. The clipper also contains a detailed guide on how to clip your nails. So that beginners can also trim the nails.



Once you buy it, it will go a long way due to high-quality stainless steel blades.

The clipper is not ideal for small-sized pets due to its large blades.

The color is unique, and it will attract the pet while you clip the nails.

There are no digital features present in the clipper.

Ergonomic handles are a plus. They provide you with the finest grip.

You have to use a lot of manual effort while clipping the nails due to the absence of digital features.

Anti slippery rubber handles do not let your grip slip while you clip the nails.

No warranty of any kind on this product.

9. Peteme Dog Nail Clippers

Peteme Dog Nail Clippers

This product is the most high-technology nail clipper you can find out there. It involves no manual effort, and its clipper will do everything, so if you don’t even know how to clip your pet’s nails. This product is then a holy grail for you. The product comes up with so many digital features like a diamond bit grinder, adjustable ports, etc.

Product specifications:

Brand Peteme
Color White
Ports 3 adjustable ports
Grinder Diamond bit grinder
Charging Portable USB cable can be connected to any device, charger, power bank.


  1. Diamond bit grinder: This nail clipper uses the most advanced grinder for extra precision and accuracy. It delivers you the safest, fastest, and most effective nail clipping. It is also recommended by professionals if you are a beginner.
  2. Safe and quiet: This nail clipper is designed to work on less than 40DB to work. Hence there is the least sound and vibration for the maximum comfort of your pet.
  3. Three adjustable ports: This nail clipper’s exclusive feature is that it comes with three ports that can be adjusted according to your dog’s requirement. There are three ports for small, medium, and large pets.
  4. Advanced 2-speed switch: The nail clipper works at the lowest vibration, and the nail grinder comes with a sleek design to buff your pet nails.



Low noise protects the pets from different types of disorders like anxiety, depression, antipathy, and many more

Digital products scare pets away sometimes. Therefore your pet has to become habitual of the process.

It is safe and painless as the safe grinder reduces the chance of cuts.

In case of the absence of electricity and no charging, you can't clip your pet's nails.

As the process is very easy, you can save a lot of money rather than spend them on visits to vets.

The clipper is on the expensive side; hence not everyone can buy it.

Easy recharging helps you to do nail clipping anywhere, anytime.

  1. If the USB port gets lost, then you can't recharge the clipper.

10. Ceenwes Dog Nail Grinder

Ceenwes Dog Nail Grinder

It is a multi-purpose set with an electric nail trimmer, a manual nail clipper, and a nail buffer. The electric trimmer has a diamond bit grinder, notified for charging, and it can also work at multiple speeds.

Product specifications : 

Brand Ceenwes
Grinder Diamond bit
Speed and ports 3 types of ports and 2 speed switch
Color White and black


  1. The electric trimmer has a 2-speed switch that features low-high speed to adjust the speed according to your pet.
  2. The trimmer has 3 changeable ports depending upon the size of your pet and their nail thickness. You can adjust them as you want.
  3. The trimmer can be recharged by portable USB. This makes nail clipping very easy hemce you can do it whenever you prefer.
  4. After charging the battery the trimmer can work up to two hours.



The grinder works at a fast speed and the process is very easy to do as it's electric.

Power adapters are not included in this package of nail clippers.

The diamond bit grinder ensures a very fine nail shape with no sharp edges.

Digital adapters are not for everyone

It contains a super mute motor that doesn't scare or make your pet uncomfortable.

You cannot recharge it if there is no electricity.

Your pet remains calm and silent while the process is done due to low vibration and low noise.

The vibration and sound may scare away the pet.

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