Best 10 Steps How to Make a Dog Throw Up? Updated 2021

How to Make a Dog Throw Up

Everyone likes to have dogs, mostly due to their affection and let’s not forget their cuddles. But, they usually roam around a lot in the house and they may sometimes eat something which they are not supposed to eat. So what to do? No matter what the case is either large or small you should ask your vet first. Because inducing vomiting in a dog can be a very risky job and sometimes following the wrong process can damage and risk your pup’s life furthermore. To make a dog throw is not a very pleasant job but sometimes they may eat something which is extremely harmful if they stay for long in the body like grapes chocolates, resins, etc. Therefore. If you have to make a dog throw up pay attention because let’s be true Doctor Google is not always right.

When to make a dog throw up:

You should always ask your vet first or an animal care center why? Because doing the job at home and not knowing the right method can cause more damage to the pet. Remember do the process at home only when:

  • If the dog ingested something which was poisonous.
  • You saw your dog eating something inappropriate and he is not vomiting on his own.
  • If your dog does not have any kind of previous disorder like broken air pipe etc. which can result in getting vomiting into the lungs.
  • Your dog is not Brachycephalic, because they are slightly more immune to getting the vomiting into the lungs. Brachycephalic breeds mostly are Pekingese, English bulldogs,  and pugs, etc.

Which methods you should not follow:

Do not be in haste of doing the process to make your dog throw up. Be patient and in your panic does not do the following at all:

  • Poking the finger in the dog’s throat.
  • Using mustard
  • Using salt because high levels of sodium can cause side effects in dogs.
  • Syrup of ipecac. It works in some but in most of the dogs, its side effects have been observed. So it is better not to use it.

Using hydrogen peroxide at home:

To make a dog throw up at home, 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is suggested by the vets to make him throw up naturally. Hydrogen peroxide acts as an irritant in the dog’s gut and intestines and makes him throw up almost 50% of the contents he had ingested. Coincidentally, many have this drug at home already in their cabinets and it is also available on any drug store. You can also make it an essential part of your dog’s first aid kit as well.

The medicine usually works within 10-15 minutes. The vomiting can last up to 45 minutes so, make sure your dog is at the place where you have planned for it to throw up, also he should feel comfortable in that certain place. It may seem simple but life is not a bed of roses. Obviously you are not a vet and if you give medicine to your dog in the wrong way the situation can worsen. Do not give hydrogen peroxide if the dog is suffering from the following situations: Do you want to learn about How to give a dog a pill? read the all guidelines related to dog pill.

  • If he is already vomiting, then to make a dog throw up quickly will be foolish.
  • If he is severely weak and lethargic.
  • Less ability to swallow.
  • Breathing is difficult due to some surgery or some inborn reason.
  • If he consumed sharp objects which can damage his throat while throwing up.

Steps to follow to make a dog throw up safely:

  • First, call your vet or animal health care center. Because of the way they can handle your pet you cannot.
  • If your dog has not eaten anything from the last 2 hours. Give him a small meal, it will make him to throw up. But if he is not in the mood you may have to struggle a bit.
  • Take one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide which is approximately five milliliters and give it to your pup with the help of a syringe. The maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide which can be given to a dog to throw up is 45 milliliters and not more than that, even if your dog weighs more than 45 pounds. 
  • If the dog does not vomit in 15 minutes, you can give one more dose to the pup. If still vomiting does not occur call out for a vet and Animal Health care Centre. 
  • When the dog vomits, collect some samples in an airtight jar to take it to your vet s that he can analyze the sample for determining the pet’s health.
  • Handle the vomit carefully. Always wear latex gloves particularly if the dog has ingested something which is contagious.
  • If your dog does not get better after the vomiting and he may fell nauseous, immediately take him to the vet.

How to make a dog throw up

Determining your dog’s health from the vomiting:

Yes, you got me right. Like humans when you make a dog throw up, the kind of vomit he does can actually tell you about his health conditions. First, you have to differentiate between “true vomiting” and “regurgitation”. Regurgitation is a simple process of bringing swallowed food again to the mouth whereas vomiting involves stomach contractions. In vomiting, the dog will feel a little nauseous whereas in regurgitation the pup will simply bring food or water to the mouth without any warning.

Color of the vomiting:

After confirming that your dog is actually vomiting. You can send it to the vet for testing. Vomiting can be of many colors, of there is blood in the vomiting it will appear bright red and if it gets enough time to be digested then it may appear brown. White foam indicates toxins and yellow due to bile back up.

 Remember no matter what color of the vomiting is you should always ask your vet for further medication and cure.

How to Make a Dog Throw Up quickly 

One very effective way to make your dog through up quickly is to give him hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes, when dogs swallow something unwanted, you need to provide him with hydrogen peroxide (4.5 kilograms). Give your dog only one teaspoon of it. Also, it is better to concern the vet because he will inform you of every necessary detail. Moreover, the one very effective method is that:

Inject hydrogen peroxide into the back of your dog’s throat.

This method will take approximately 20 minutes to show its effect. But, if the technique is slow, you need to give your dog hydrogen peroxide three times a row.

Questions and answers

How to make a dog throw up naturally?

Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution can be used at home to make your dog throw naturally. But it should only be used if your dog has not ingested something sharp.

How to make a dog throw up safely?

You should analyze If your dog is actually feeling nauseous and wants to vomit hydrogen peroxide is a natural irritant that will make your dog puke up.

How to make a dog throw up with salt?

Salt can be used to make a dog throw up but elevated levels of sodium can cause side effects. 

How to make a dog throw up after eating chocolate?

Chocolate is basically a form of resin for dogs. Therefore, try to keep it away from them but he accidentally eats it and hydrogen peroxide will work.

How to make a dog throw up after eating grapes?

3% hydrogen peroxide will work. Grapes are not meant to be digested by dog’s guts.

How to make a dog throw up after eating rat’s poison?

Firstly, try to keep this kind of thing away from your pup. As if is a very hazardous chemical it is recommended to see a vet.

How to make a dog throw up after eating chicken bones?

It is not recommended to make your dog vomit if he has ingested sharp objects like chicken bones. See a vet.

How to make a dog throw up after eating a sock?

If the sock is short enough then the dog can be induced to vomit it out. But for the major foreign object, you may have to ask a vet and he may have to perform a surgery.

How to make a dog throw up?

Well it may not sound good but sometimes your dog has to throw up so that you can save his life. Dogs are not humans and hence are not sane, that is why sometimes they do swallow some foriegn object or substance that is poisonous or may tear up the tissues. So, you must have to make them throw up before the substance is completely absorbed by the body and becomes fatal for the pet.

You can use these things to make your dog throw up:

  1. Use Hydrogen Peroxide
  2. Take aid of Syrup of Ipecac

Keep in mind, that there are sometimes you should never make your dog throw up:

  1. When the dog has swallowed some sharp object.
  2. It swallowed some sort of acid or any petroleum-based object.

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