Top 10 Animals that start with Y Updated 2022

Animals that start with Y

Various species are present throughout the world including, plants, animals, and microbes. They all possess unique characters and identifications. In this blog post, we provide you with exciting facts and information about those animals whose animals start with “y.” Examples are Yellowjacket, Yellowhammer, Yellow Ground Squirrel, Yak, Yabby, Yellow Mongoose, Yellow-Eyed Penguin, Yellow-Pine Chipmunk, Yellow-winged Bat, etc. 

List of Animals that start with Y

  1. Yellowjacket
  2. Yellowhammer
  3. Yellow Ground Squirrel
  4. Yak
  5. Yabby
  6. Yellow Mongoose
  7. Yellow-Eyed Penguin
  8. Yellow-pine Chipmunk
  9. Yellow-winged bat
  10. Yeti crab


The yellowjackets, also called social wasps, have the scientific name Vespula vulgaris. These animal species possess black, and yellow-colored stripes zigzag down their entire smooth, elongated bodies from abdomens to heads. In addition to this, they mostly live in large colonies, and all members work together. Their diet includes nectar of flowers, carrion, fruits, picnic fare, bees, flies, and other insects.

Phylum  Arthropoda
Habitat  City areas, farms,

grasslands, meadows, forest edges

Size  12.5 to 15.9 mm
Weight  0.04 grams
Lifespan  12 to 22 days
Predators  Badgers, shrews, and moles


The yellowhammers with the scientific name Emberiza citrinella come in the category of animals whose names start with “y.” These animal species have black-colored necklaces, red-colored spots on the necks, dark-colored barred back plumages, and spotted breasts. The wings and tails are bright yellow-colored. They get food from crop margin weeds, winter stubbles, wild bird covers, and root crops. These animals live for 3 to 11 years.

Phylum  Chordae 
Habitat  Non-intensive farmlands and

healthlands, scattered hedgerows and bushes

Size  16 16.5 cm
Weight  30 grams
Diet  Seeds 
predators Hobby, lesser spotted angle,

northern goshawk, and sparrowhawk 

Yellow Ground Squirrel

The yellow Ground Squirrels have the scientific name Spermophilus fulvus. Their hind feet possess naked soles excluding heels and yellow-colored upper bodies with black-colored tipped hair. In addition to this, they can quickly find food, even the one that is buried beneath feet of snow. These animal species, with a gestation period of 30 days, can give birth to five offspring. They have an average lifespan of up to 7 years.

Phylum  Chordate 
Habitat  Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,

Kazakhstan, Iran, China, Afghanistan, tamarisk,

glasswort, and sandy steppes with Artemisia

Size  7.2 to 30 inches 
Weight  780 grams
Diet  Leaves, stems, seeds, and bulbs
Predators  Coyotes, rattlesnakes, eagles and hawks


The Yaks are the animals with the scientific name Bos grunniens. These animal species possess long-sized furs, rounded cloven hooves, sturdy legs, and bulky frames. In contrast to brown and cream-colored domestic yaks, the wild ones have dark brownish to black colors. Their tongue is so rough that they can quickly scrap lichens and mosses off tough surfaces including, rocks. They feed on lichens, mosses, herbs, and grasses.

Phylum  Chordate 
Habitat  Grasslands, cold desert regions of the Tibetan plateau, Alpine Tundra  
Size  1 to 1.4 meters
Weight  220 to 580 kg
Lifespan  25 years
Predators   Snow leopards,

Himalayan black and brown bears,

Himalayan wolf


The Yabby species have the scientific name Cherax destructor. These smooth-shelled animal species vary in color from red, black, yellow, blue, and brown to olive green. They are vigorous burrowers with short, smooth rostrums and broad, spade-like eyes. Their females lay almost 100 to 1000 eggs and wait 40 days for their eggs to get hatched. The average lifespan of these species is 4 to 5 years.

Phylum  Arthropod 
Habitat  Dams, rivers, streams, swamps
Size  12 inches
Weight  20 to 80 grams
Diet  Fresh food, vegetables, bottom detritus 
Predators  Man, insects, birds, fishes and other yabbies 

Yellow Mongoose

The yellow Mongooses with the scientific name Cynictis penicillata come in the list of animals whose names start with “y.” These animal species possess bushy tails, lighter highlights on chins and underbellies, reddish-yellow colored longer furs, and long tails with white tips. In addition to this, their burrows contain 40 different entrances with various tunnels and channels. They need various food such as carrions, lizards, snakes, reptiles, rodents, amphibians, and insects. 

Phylum  Chordate 
Habitat  Mountainous regions,

forests, deserts, scrublands,

grasslands, and other semi-arid areas

Size  400 to 600mm
Weight  600 grams
Lifespan  15 years
Predators  Jackals and snakes 

Animals that start with Y

Yellow-Eyed Penguin

The yellow-eyed penguins have the scientific name Megadyptes antipodes. These medium-sized animal species have yellow-colored heads, pale yellow-colored eyes, and black-centered feathers. They are called hoiho due to yellow-colored head markings and eyes. Furthermore, almost 5,930 to 6,970 mature population of these animals is present globally. The threats include ferrets, stoats, cats, accidental fires, drowning in fishing nets, human disturbances, habitat degradation, etc. 

Phylum  Chordate 
Habitat  New Zealand 
Size  Between 22 and 31 inches
Weight  5.3 kg
Diet  Squid, sprat, opal fish, and red cod
Lifespan 23 years

Yellow-pine Chipmunk

The yellow-pine chipmunks with the scientific name Tamius amoenus also come in the category of animals whose names start with “y.” These striped animal species possess five dark, black, or brown-colored stripes. Their mating behavior is Polygynandry, meaning that males and females contain multiple partners during mating seasons. The average lifespan of these chipmunks is almost five years two months (in the wild).

Phylum  Chordate 
Habitat  Meadows, chaparrals,

rocky outcrops, and brushy coniferous forests 

Size  181 to 245 mm
Weight  51 grams
Diet  Small roots, birds eggs, mammals,

insects, corms, fungi, fruits, plants, and seeds

Conservation status   Least concern 

Yellow-winged bat

The Yellow-winged bats have the scientific name Lavia frons. These animal species are also called African-winged bats due to their broad yellow and white-colored wings. In addition to this, the ears contain divided spiky tragus and reddish, yellow-colored ears. They do not feed on small vertebrates but insects. So, their main diet includes dipterans, lepidopterans, orthopterans, scarab beetles, termites, and hard and soft-bodied insects.

Phylum  Chordata 
Habitat  South to northern Zambia,

Sub-Saharan Africa, Savanah habitats and woodlands

Size  50 to 80 mm
Weight  28 to 36 grams 
Conservation status   Least concern 
Threats   Climate change, habitat loss, windmill turbines, etc.

Yeti crab

The Yeti crabs with the scientific name Kiwa hirsuta possess silky blonde setae covering their pereiopods. These animal species are also called yeti lobsters and were discovered in 2005 in the South Pacific Ocean. Some researchers have named Kiwa tyleri (yeti crab species) Hoff crabs due to hairy chests. There are almost five species of these animals, for example, Kiwa araonae, Kiwa tyleri, Kiwa puravida, Kiwa hirsuta, and unnamed species. 

Phylum  Arthropod 
Habitat  Along hydrothermal vents,

near South of Easter Island and Pacific Antarctic ridge 

Size  15 cm
Weight  2 to 5 pounds 
Lifespan  10 to 20 years 
Top speed  2 to 3 mph


Sometimes people get confused and ask questions to know more about various animals. Some of those questions are as answered below;

What animals end with Y?

As various animals are present in this world, each possessing unique characters, there are some animals whose names end with “y.” They include Cavy, Canary, Dory, Veery, Mangabey, Monkey, etc.


This world is full of many species including, plants, animals, and microbes. All are getting started or ending with some alphabets. This blog post has facilitated you with a list of those animals whose names start with “y.” It contains exciting facts and information about these animals that will greatly help you. 

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