Best 10 List of Animals that start with V Updated 2022

Animals that start with V

Various animals are present globally, whose names start with “v”, each with unique identities and characters. This blog post provide you with exciting facts and information about some of these animal species. Examples include Vulture, Vole, Vicuna, Viperfish, Vervet monkey, vampire bat, Volcano rabbit, Vaquita, Vireo, Virginia opossum, etc. 

List of Animals that start with V

  1. Virginia opossum
  2. Vireo
  3. Vaquita
  4. Volcano rabbit
  5. Vampire bat
  6. Vervet monkey
  7. Viperfish
  8. Vicuna
  9. Vole

Virginia opossum

The Virginia opossums have the scientific name Didelphis virginiana. These animal species possess hairless and scaly prehensile tails about half of their total lengths, long heads, pointed snouts and rounded naked ears. In addition to this, they are called playing opossums because of their playing dead nature. One wackiest myth includes that the females use nostrils to give births. They have an average lifespan of about 4 years. 

Phylum Chordate 
Habitat shrubs, cities, farmlands,

forests and other wet areas

Size 30 inches (males), 28 inches (females)
Weight 6.6 pounds (males), 4.4 pounds (females)
Diet Garbage, frogs, mice,

snakes, seeds, fruits, dead animals and insects

Predators Humans, cats, dogs, red foxes, hawks, owls


The Vireos with the scientific name Vireonidae have gray-blue-colored caps, olive-gray-colored wings and backs, dark-colored lores, thick white-colored supercilia, and dark gray-colored eye stripes. Short tails with olive gray colors are present. They travel long distances twice yearly between South and North America. Their diet includes invertebrates, a variety of insects, berries and some fruits. 

Phylum Chordate
Habitat Shrublands, wetlands,

mangroves, swamps, woodlands, forests

Size 4 to 7 inches
Weight Less than 2 ounces
Lifespan Unknown
Predators Opossums, skunks, raccoons,

blue jays, chipmunks, mice, snakes


The Vaquitas with the scientific name Phocoena sinus come in the category of animals, whose names start with “v.” They have rounded heads, small and short bodies, spade-shaped teeth and black-colored patches around lips and eyes. No beaks are present in these animal species. Furthermore, these animals are called the smallest cetaceans of the world. They have giant dorsal fins that help them in heat dissipation.

Phylum Chordate 
Habitatmurky waters (with the depth between 30 and 90 feet)  
Size 5 feet
Weight 43 kg
Diet Cephalopods, crustaceans, small fishes
Predators Killer whales, large sharks 

Volcano rabbit 

The Volcano rabbits have the scientific name Romerolagus diazi. They possess short legs and small rounded ears. Their short, thick and brown or black-colored furs help them quickly blend in the volcano and rocky soils. These animal species appear to live in small groups containing two to five animals. These crepuscular rabbits tend to be more active at dusk and in the morning rather than during the day. They live an average life of approximately 7 to 9 years. 

Phylum Chordate 
Habitat Central Mexico’s four extinct volcanoes
Size Second smallest rabbits 
Weight 390 to 600 grams
Diet Eryngium rosei, Stipa itchu,

Muhlenbergia macroura,

Festuca amplissima  

Predators Red-tailed hawks, bobcats, long-tailed weasels

Vampire bat

The Vampire bats with the scientific name Desmodontinae are included in the list of animals, whose names start with “v.” They velvety light brown-colored furs covering their bellies. Their backsides are of burnt amber color. In contrast to fruit-eating birds, they come with short, conical muzzles. These agile and light animal species can drink blood from animals for almost thirty minutes without waking them up. 

Phylum Chordate 
HabitatDeserts, forests, mines, caves,

abandoned buildings, tree hollows, Uruguay, Argentina,

South and Central America, Mexico

Size 2 to 3 inches
Weight 33 grams
Lifespan 9 years (in wild), 20 years (in captivity)
Predators Large eagles and hawks

Animals that start with V

Vervet monkey

The Vervet monkeys have the scientific name Chlorocebus pygerythrus. These animal species with short black-colored faces come with silvery-grey or greenish-olive-colored bodies. The white-colored bands on their foreheads help them easily blend with short whiskers. In addition to this, they possess cheek pouches, with the help of which they store food to eat later. Their diet includes rodents, lizards, birds and their eggs, shoots, buds, flowers, berries, fruits, fungi, etc.

Phylum Chordate 
Habitat Open Savannah, woodlands,

Senegal, Africa

Size 420 to 600 mm
Weight 3.4 to 8 kg
Lifespan 12 to 24 years
Predators Baboons, raptors, snakes, leopards


The list of those animals, whose names start with “v,” also include Viperfishes having the scientific name Chauliodus. They have hinged lower jaws and long needle-like teeth quickly grabbing prey. The vertebrae present behind their heads are used as shock absorbers similar to air bags. Their modified fin rays contain luminescent lures that help them glow. Furthermore, they can live up to almost 30 years. 

Phylum Chordate 
Habitat Tropical regions of major oceans
Size 2 to 10 inches
Weight 10 to 15 grams
Diet Small fishes and crustaceans 
Predators Dolphins and sharks


The Vicunas with the scientific name Vicugna vicugna are graceful and swift animal species. They are the smallest of all camels and possess white-colored chests, hairs on throats, and brown-colored coating on their backs. The manufacturers use their strong wool to produce soft, expensive and warm clothes. Furthermore, family-based groups containing young ones, five to fifteen females and one male, is present. 

Habitat Peru, Equador, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina,

plains, high mountainous grasslands

Size 75 to 85 cm
Weight 35 to 65 kg
Lifespan 15 to 20 years
Diet Grass 


The vole rodents have the scientific name Microtus. They come in the list of animals, whose names start with “v.” These animal species with tails shorter than their bodies possess blunt noses, sharp incisor teeth, and small ears and eyes. In addition to this, grey to brown-colored furs are present. The other names of these rodents are field mice or meadow mice. Their lifespan varies depending on the species. The average known lifespan is 3 to 6 months. 

Phylum Chordata 
Habitat Japan, Taiwan, Southern China,

Asia, Europe, British Isles,

sea levels to high mountains

Size 4 to 6 inches
Weight Varies depending on the species
Diet Roots and bark of trees,

tubers, bulbs, herbaceous plants, grasses

PredatorsOwls, hawks, gulls, cats, weasels, badgers, foxes, coyotes


The Vultures, also called turkey vultures, have the scientific name Cathartus. These heavy-bodied animal species possess looser and shaggy feathers compared to other birds. Their bodies are mainly of dull brown or black colors. They also tend to have deep blue or bright red-colored throats and heads. About 23 species of these animals are present throughout the world. Sometimes they do vomiting to lighten their bodies and fly more easily. 

Phylum Chordata
Habitat Savannas, plain areas,

suburban areas

Size 3.3 feet, 8.9 feet (wingspan)
Weight 27.5 pounds
Lifespan 10 to 30 years
Predators Wild cats, snakes, hawks


Sometimes people get confused and ask some questions to get to know more about various animals. Therefore, the answers to some of those questions are as follows

What are the mammals that start with V?

There is the presence of different animal species in the world, each starting with a specific letter. Here, the mammals that start with “V” include Vizsla, Vampire bats, Volpino Italiano, Vervet monkeys, etc. 


This world contains a variety of species, including animals, plants and microbes. This blog post provides you with enough information about the animals, whose names start with “V.” Various exciting facts are explained in it that will help you greatly. 

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