Best 12 List of Animals That Start With H

Animals that start with H

“H” is an interesting alphabet, and it may be difficult for you to think of many animal names from this alphabet, but don’t worry we got you covered. Here is a comprehensive list of animals whose initials begin from this alphabet “H.” But let us give you a little hint of our favorite animals, and they are harpy seals, and honeybees.

List of Animals That Start With H

  1. Hammerhead sharks
  2. Hamsters
  3. Hare
  4. Harpy Eagles
  5. Hartebeest
  6. Hawk
  7. Horse
  8. Hippopotamus
  9. Hyena
  10. Halibut
  11. Harp seals
  12. Honey bees

Hammerhead sharks

Hammerheads are aggressive hunters and they are true miracles of nature. Like all other sharks they have to feed on various small fishes to survive in the harsh marine environment. Their major feed includes small fish, squid, octopus, and other crustaceans like crabs etc. Though they do not attack humans, they will not miss the opportunity. Like all other animals of prey, they are also very defensive and will attack when they feel threatened.


Hamsters belong to the rodent family, and are most common house pets. In America, the first pet that a child will have is a hamster. They can be easily differentiated from other rodents like rats and mice due to their short tails, thick fat legs, and small ears.


Most people assume that hares and rabbits are similar species but actually they are not.  Though rabbits and hare look similar, and they do belong to the same family called “Leporidae” but just like goats and sheep they are different.  Hare are bigger in size than rabbits, and they have huge ears, also they tend to socialize less than rabbits. If you want to differentiate between a hare and a rabbit the most appropriate time is to look when they both are babies.

The rabbits when they are born are partially developed, do not have hair on their bodies, and are unable to do “thermoregulation” On the other hand, hare are delivered when they are completely developed and are “leverets.” They also possess completely developed fur and are born with open eyes.

Harpy Eagles:

Harpy eagles are a true wonder when it comes to the eagle species. They are found in the moist climates, mostly in Savanna and in the Guinean forests. In Brazil they have a special name which translates as “Royal-hawk.” Harpy eagles have an upright posture and they have a unique color combination of gray and white on their plumage, in particular in the crown area. They are sexually dimorphic and can be easily differentiated as females are bigger than the males.

Harpy eagles can weigh around six to nine kilograms, and for a context their size is similar to a child almost four feet. Harpy eagles are one of the largest eagle species found in the world. It often competes with the Giant Phillipinian eagle, however the latter has less weight than the Harpy eagles.

Animals That Start With H


Hartebeests belong to the Antelopes family and are located in Africa. They can be easily identified via their long crown and strange looking horns. Hartebeests have tipped ears, a small neck, and stature supported by long legs. Their legs also have black patterns. They have a dark colored face, the rest of the body is usually sand colored or tangerine brown.

Their plumage can vary from species to species. Most of the species have a shiny plumage with short fur. You can also spot very fine white patterns on their bodies. They excrete a dark fluid that may be colorless in some species via their eyes. Female horns are less big and more slender. The only thing that differentiates these from other antelopes are their huge breast area, and a unique back.


Hawks are true miracles of nature as they have great visibility, are known for their precision and what not. However, as some people assume that hawks are harmful to humans that is not the case. Most hawk species are actually beneficial to mankind. As they are birds of prey, they may destroy other communities of small animals and small birds. Their diet mainly includes small reptiles, rodents, and small-sized animals like bird’s chicks. Hawks have multiple hunting techniques however the most common is to chase their prey to the point where there is no escape. Their major hunting tool is their talons which strongly grip their prey.


Who does not admire horses as they are sturdy, loyal and extremely strong animals? That is why humans have been using horses for centuries as a weapon in wars as well as for domestication purposes. First human to domesticate a horse was an Asian, and it was done nearly four thousand years ago. Nowadays, horses are also considered as a symbol for status, and prestige. Until the invention of the engines, humans completely relied on horses for travelling alone. Some horses are used for domestication while others remain wild.


 You have often heard the name “River horse” well it’s a slang used for hippopotamus for their affinity for water. Hippos are present at a very strange location as compared to their body requirements. Hippos have to keep themselves submerged in the water for more than sixteen hours, so that they can regulate their body temperature in the scorching heat of Africa.

Hippos have to spend their life both on the water, and on the land. They are good swimmers, and can even hold their breath for up to five minutes inside the water. But, mostly hippos are so huge that they do not need to swim or walk in these lakes, and most of the time their half face is above water, and that’s why they can keep an eye on external situations and can breathe too.


Hyenas mostly rule the jungle after the king of the jungle. Hyenas are most often framed as thieves or scrappers as they do not hunt for themselves and make themselves on the leftovers of the others feast mostly lions. However, that does not mean that hyenas do not have hunting skills, they are masters in the hunting category as well, and can hunt down antelopes and Wildebeests. When there is scarcity of food or prey hyenas may hunt on small animals like cubs etc, and on small birds.


Halibuts are flatfishes belonging to different parts of the world. Three species of halibut are mainly common, the Pacific, Greenland, and Atlantic Halibut. Halibut are extensively used in dining and can be fried, steamed, grilled, and whatnot. This fish contains high-amounts of fatty acids and omega-3 which makes it extremely healthy and nutritional. Also, it’s meat is very tender and has a very natural flavor that is why it does not need a lot of spices for seasoning purposes.

Harp seals:

These seals belong to the category of “True Seals” and are associated with the ice of Atlantic and Pacific oceans. They got their name due to the markings they have on their backs that look exactly like a harp.

Juveniles are white colored while adults grow into darker skin. Harp seals are social in nature and they enjoy the company of other seals. Female seals usually tend to form groups after the mating season. Harp seals are considered as “Endangered or threatened species” because they have to rely on their ice as their habitat. Due to global warming, their habitat has been destroyed, pushing harp seals to the edge.

Honey bees:

We may not respect honey bees but they play a huge role in making our ecosystems stable. Honeybees are the most massive and essential pollinators of different flowers, fruits and veggies. They aid in transferring pollen from one plant to the other. Honeybees are social insects and they tend to form colonies or hives that contain a queen, workers, and drone bees.

The most important thing that honeybees are famous for is “Honey.” Though honey bees produce honey as a food stock for winters, nature has gifted them with the capability of producing in large quantities, which they don’t even need. So, we humans get a part of it too. 

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