Best 16 List of Animals that start with D

Animals that start with D

There are a lot of animals in the world that begin with the letter “D.” It’s amazing that most of the time we are unaware about these little facts that make this list beautiful. This list will help your kids to ensure how many animals there are in the world whose initial alphabet is “D.”

Not only that they will also know some certain facts and details about these animals. So, let’s begin:

List of Animals that start with D

  1. Deer
  2. Dingo
  3. Dodo
  4. Dog
  5. Dolphin
  6. Donkey
  7. Dove
  8. Dragonfly
  9. Duck
  10. Dugong
  11. Dormouse
  12. Dunker
  13. Dusky dolphin
  14. Doxle
  15. Dwarf crocodile
  16. Dingo


Deer also known as true deer collectively form the family Cervidae. They are hoofed ruminant mammals.There are two main groups of deer that includes muntjac, elk, and fallow deer. The male deer is known as stag whereas the female deer is known as doe.Male deer have antlers for which they are famous for and they are also hunted for their skin and antlers. The young deer is also known as foe.


 It is an ancient dog breed, and is one of the legacy of Australian dog’s breed. Dingoes are also found in Southern parts of Asia. The Australian breed is believed to be the descendant of the asian one, when it was introduced to the Australian continent four thousand years ago. Dingoes are carnivore animals and are not advised to be kept as pets due to their wild nature.


It was a flightless bird that is not extinct anymore. Dodo used to inhabit the lands of Mauritius. This island is situated in the Indian Ocean towards Eatern Madagascar. Dodos also have a relative that has unique physical features just like dodo, and that was ‘Rodrigues’ but it’s extinct now as well.


Everyone is well aware about dogs. There are several dog species available throughout the world. Dogs are mammals, and are carnivores. Dogs are the domestic versions of wolves and are said to be derived from wolves. A dog’s nearest relative right now is the modern grey wolf.


Dolphins belong to the mammal family, and are related to toothed whales. They belong to the family delphinidae. There are almost forty species of dolphins and out of them six are termed as whales. The term ‘dolphin’ is also valid for the fishes belonging to the family Coryphaena.’ Dolphins are not too large in size, and usually have a length of three meters.


 Donkey also known as ass is widely used for domestication purposes, and  belongs to the horse family. Donkey is believed to be a descendant of African wild ass (Equus Africanus). Since the last five thousand years donkey has been used as a working animal and is used with human labor. The male donkey is termed as “Jack”, while the female is called “Jenny or Jennet.” On the other hand, a young donkey is called a foal.


Belonging to the family Columbidae, doves are members with pigeons. Doves are slim-bodied birds having slim and tiny necks. They have slender bills with a pointy tip at the end. The primary feed of doves is seeds, leaves, and fruits. Pigeons and doves are not alike, though they do belong to the same family. But, doves usually have a smaller body structure than pigeons.

Animals that start with D


 Dragonflies are true miracles of nature as they were one of the initial insects that evolved themselves with wings. The evolution took place almost three hundred million years ago. Dragonflies spend their lives flying and they have true expertise in it. They can fly just like a helicopter straight, up-down, and they hover like a pro. If dragonflies are unable to fly, they most likely will die because they survive only on the prey they catch during flight.


Duck belongs to the family Anatidae. Several waterfowls are termed as ducks. Waterfowls are those birds that have a particular affinity for the water. However, ducks should not be mixed with swans and geese, Ducks possess shorter and smaller necks than swans and geese. However, swans and geese also belong to the same family as they are also waterfowls. 


Have you ever wondered about cows in the sea? Well there are actual cows in the seas not like the cows on earth. Dugong is a sea cow, located in warmer waters in the Indian and Pacific oceans. They belong to the family Dugongidae, and are the only living members of their family. Their closest relatives are manatees. Dugong is an endangered species, and various kinds of dugong are vulnerable to extinction.


The dormouse belongs to the Kingdom Animalia and belongs to the phylum Chordata. Its a rodent, and spends most of its life in decentness, that is, he lives alone in hibernation for most of the time of the year. Surprisingly, dormouse is considered as an exotic pet and is very expensive. Dormouse are even used as food in several parts of the world. It has been raised for food in several parts of the world from ancient times including France.


Dunker is a dog breed also known as Norwegian hound. It is a medium sized hound found in Norway, It was named after wilhelm dunker, who first bred this hound using a cross of Russian hound with a norwegian scent hound, resulting in dunker. Dunkers are used as scent hounds and are used to living in extremely cold climates. However, dunkers are well-known for their adaptable nature, and they are also pet-friendly.

Dusky dolphin:

There are a total of six species of dusky dolphin. Dusky dolphins are easily recognized by their rounded bodies, and have skin with multiple hues and bands. They also possess a tiny rostrum. Like other dolphins, dusky dolphins also utilize the phenomenon of “echolocation,” and hence they can view in the ocean even without their eyes. They have a special organ called “melon” that aids them in generating clicks. They receive the echo from other dolphins in their lower jaw that is transferred to the fatty brain tissues via the internal ear. This phenomenon helps them create a three dimensional image of the clicks they receive. Amazing isn’t it?


Doxle is a dog breed and is usually found in the colors like tan, black, golden, chocolate, white, and brown. Doxle coats are very hard, wired, and are not pleasurable to touch. It’s also very thin. Just like Dachshund breeds, they have very slim bodies, and short legs. They have long baggy ears, and extensive nostrils.

Dwarf crocodile: 

As its name suggests, dwarf crocodiles are the shortest crocodiles in the world. They hardly grow up to 4 feet. The habitat of dwarf crocodiles is pretty much similar to the other crocodiles, they live in mangrove swamps, slow-paced rivers, open rainforests, and streams. Dwarf crocodiles are very common in Southern Africa and can be seen in activity only at night when they hunt lizards, insects and small rodents.


This dog breed, that is medium in size can grow up to three to four feet when measured from head to two. The tail mostly adds volume to their length, almost twelve to thirteen inches. Dingo’s weight also ranges between medium range like ten to fifteen kilograms. Male dingos are normally larger, and heavier than females. They are found in Eatern, and Central parts of Australia where they inhabit forest, mountain ranges, and even in deserts. Like wolves, dingoes are used to live in dens, and for that they usually select rabbit holes.

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