Best 10 List of Animals that start with C

Animals that start with C

The alphabet is so intriguing, and curious as it has so many words from it like cartoons, creatures, and chimpanzees. We can find every other thing that begins with the alphabet ‘C’ Similarly, there are so many animals that start with this alphabet, and if you are struggling to find a list that contains maximum animal names beginning with “C.” You are at the right place.

List of Animals that start with C

  1. Caiman
  2. Caiman Lizard
  3. Cairn Terrier
  4. Camel
  5. Camel Cricket
  6. Camel Spider
  7. Canada Lynx
  8. Clouded leopard
  9. Cichlid


Caiman belongs to the same group as the American alligators. However, they also have a far relationship with their counter species; crocodiles. The main distinguishing factor between Caimans and Crocodiles are their noses. Crocodiles have thin noses more like a “V. ” On the other hand, the Caimans and the alligators tend to have broader noses like ‘U’. Among Caimans, the largest Caiman is the Black Caiman, and it is a lethal and dangerous animal that can attain a length of 5 metres. Caimans are usually found in Mexico, Mangrove lakes and rivers, Northern and Central America as well.

Caiman Lizard:

These are extensively found in Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. Caiman lizards are semi aquatic and most of their life they live in the water. Their habitat includes marshes, swamps, and shallow lakes. The caiman lizards can grow up to two to four feet. Caiman lizards have a very strong body and they can even bite. Though they are non venomous, if they bite the pain is extremely painful. They feed on freshwater clams, snails, and crawfish.

Cairn Terrier:

This dog breed is native to Scottish highlands. Cairn terrier is one of the ancient working dogs that have been in Scotland. They are named as ‘Cairn’ because their purpose was to chase and look for the quarry among the cairns of Scottish highlands. They don’t shed much and hence do not need much grooming. They shed in the early spring and summer twice in a year. Cairns are extremely social dogs and they make the best pets, and are highly friendly with kids and other dogs.


We all are well aware of camels as they are found in deserts and mountains. Camels have even toes and are categorized as ungulates under the genus Camelus. Camels have a distinctive feature that is their ‘humps’. Humps are present on the back of camels. They aid them in storing water and energy and that is why camels can travel for days even in such harsh environments. Some camel species may even have two humps.

Camel Cricket:

Camel crickets are also famous as ” Cave Crickets”. These are annoying insects that can make themselves at home in damp garages and basements. Camel crickets are named due to their humpy backs just like a camel’s hump. They have long legs that make them resemble a spider. However, unlike other adult crickets, camel crickets do not have wings. These crickets also do not chirp like the field crickets. Camel crickets may become a problem in the areas where there are severe climate issues like extreme rainfall, and drought like conditions.

Camel Spider:

Camel spiders are extremely dangerous though they cannot make you die but even if they bite you, the bite is extremely painful. These spiders have an amazing jaw size which is almost one third of their body, With their amazing jaws,they can make their prey to die in seconds, they can even prey upon the animals which are much bigger than their own size like rodents, lizards, other insects, and even small birds.

  1. Canaan Dog: Cannon dog is the national dog of the country “Israel.” This dog is abundantly found in the Middle East and also in Sinai Peninsula, Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon. Canaan dogs are extremely fine pets as they get along with the children and think of them as the members of their own pack, and they even behave well with other small pets, even the cats.

Animals that start with C

Canada Lynx:

It is a North-American lynx, medium in size and extensively present in the regions of Canada, Alaska, and North America. This lynx has its own distinctive features like triangle-shaped ears, thick fur, with black colored tufts on the edges. It also had wide paws resembling snowshoes. Canada lynx is a rare animal and there are only fifty left in Washington.

Clouded leopard:

Neofelis nebulosa, scientific name for the clouded leopard. Clouded leopard is a wild cat that inhabits forests with dense vegetation. They are generally present in the dense forests of Himalayas, South Eastern Asia, and China. Science first discovered this amazing cat in 1821 when it was first brought to London from the lands of China. Many people are doing illegal trade of this amazing wild cat putting their numbers at risk. Many elite people are keeping this cat as exotic pets which is entirely illegal.


Cichlid is a freshwater fish which is highly adaptable and that is why you can spot these fishes in diverse environments of the world. Cichlids are highly aggressive, and territorial. That is why it is always recommended not to put this fish with other fishes in the same tank. Even cichlids of the same continent can only stay together in the same tank while others cannot. However, a few species of catfish and plecostomus get along well with the cichlid.

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