Best 18 Animals That Start With B Updated 2021

Animals that start with b

Though the word “B” is just an alphabet, have you ever thought how many creatures are out there whose names start with ‘B’. Below is the list of all animals having names starting with “B.” Each animal is mentioned with its picture and with some interesting facts.

List of animals start with b

  1. Baboon
  2. Bactrian Camel
  3. Badger
  4. Baiji
  5. Ball python
  6. Banded Palm Civet
  7. Bandicoot
  8. Bar jack
  9. Barn Owl
  10. Barnacle
  11. Bengal tiger
  12. Barramundi fish
  13. Bonefish
  14. Blue tongue skink
  15. Bonito
  16. Brown snake
  17. Butter fish
  18. Bullsnake


Scientific name of baboons is “Papio.” Globally, there are five baboon breeds present currently. Baboons inhabit the lands of Africa and Arabia only. Baboons come under the category of some of the giant monkeys in the whole world. Baboons can be twenty to forty inches long and males can weigh about thirty-three to eight-two pounds. The former length does not include the varying tail length.

Bactrian Camel: 

It is a camel breed also known as “Mongolian Camel,” and the “Domesticated camel.” Theri scientific name is “Camelus bactrianus,” these camels possess two humps instead of the one. Arabian camels have only one hump on their back. The hump performs the same function; storing energy and fat that can be transformed to water and energy in emergencies. The hump provides the camel the ability to travel in the harsh desert environment for several days without eating and drinking. The humps start to get dissolved and look a little flabby when they are out of fat. Bactrian Camels can live up to forty years.


Badger is a common name used for any “Stout Carnivores.” Most badgers belong to the “Weasel family.” Weasels are found all over the world and are recognized for their amazing ability to dig and burrow. Badgers are usually nocturnal, have strongly scented anal galnds, and coloration. They have strong jaws and claws that are powerful enough to tear anything apart, and hence are remarkable tools for digging.


It is a river dolphin found in China also known as “Baiji.” It is the first dolphin species that have gone extinct due to human activities. For twenty million years, Yangtze river was the home to this remarkable river dolphin.

Animals That Start With B

Ball python: 

It is also known as “Royal python.” Ball python snakes have their origin in Central, and Western Africa. Ball python finds its habitat in grasslands, shrublands, and in the plain land forests. Among the African pythons, it is the smallest one, and surprisingly does not contain venom. The ball python can grow up to one hundred and eighty-two centimeters.

Banded Palm Civet: 

Also known as Banded Civet, found in Myanmar Peninsular Malaysia, and Peninsular Thailand, and is also found in Sunda islands of Sipura, Borneo, and Sumatra. It is a viverrid, and comes under the category of “Endangered species.” As it lives in rainforests of Thailand, and Malaysia, and due to increased deforestation, their numbers are decreasing,


 It belongs to the order Peramelemorphia. This order contains almost twenty species under the name Bandicoot. It’s an Asian marsupial, and looks like a rat. Bandicoots can grow upto six to twenty-two inches. Bandicoots generally do not bite humans like rats or mice however, when fighting with other bandicoots they do use their rear legs to fight with them. Bandicoots are aggressive mammals and they react harshly regarding their territories. 

Bar jack: 

It’s a fish that belongs to the Jack family or a fish species that belongs to the Carangidae family. The Jack family also includes other species like Pompano, look down, trevally,and several others. Bar jack fish is usually found in the Atlantic ocean and is used as decorative or recreational fish in aquariums. Usually when you ask a kindergarten kid to draw a fish, the shape he draws is exactly this fish. It has a long streamlined body with a fork tail fin. It’s tail also has silver-coloured scales. 

Barn Owl:

Among all owl species, barn owls are extensively found all over the world. It is present everywhere in the world except for the deserts and polar regions. It’s scientific name is Tyto alba. Barn owls are generally nocturnal in nature, and hence difficult to locate during the day. They live in their tree holes, and cavities during the day, and hunt during the night. 


Barnacles are sticky crustaceans similar to crabs, shrimps and lobsters. There are almost fourteen thousand species of barnacles in the world, among them the most common are ” acorn barnacles. ” Barnacles secrete a thick substance that dries very quickly and is the world’s most strong glue

Bengal tiger: 

It is also famous as “The Royal Tiger. ” It is a specific tiger population belonging to the group Panthera tigris tigris. It is only present in India. Bengal tigers are seriously under threat as they are killed for their teeth. In addition to this, habitat loss and poaching are also the contributing factors in decreasing their numbers. 

Barramundi fish: 

It is also known as Asian sea bass. This fish is hugely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific ocean. It is found in both freshwater and saltwater, and it can be easily located in several tropical rivers. They can eat anything which also includes other barramundi. It’s a strange fact they can change their sex during their life cycle from male to female and vice versa.


It is neither too small nor too large, but a medium-size fish. This fish can weigh about one to fifteen pounds. Bonefish love to hunt in less deep waters, and are saltwater fish. They are named as bonefish because they have too much bony structure, and also they have bony shades over their eyes as well.

Blue tongue skink: 

They belong to the Australian genus called Tiliqua, this genus contains largest Tiliqua members. They are called blue-tongue skinks because they have a huge snake-like tongue but blue in color. In their native region they are known as blueys, blue-tongues etc.


Bonito is a fish that belongs to the tribe of ray-finned fishes. All ray-finned fishes are predatory in nature. These fishes swim real fast, and are present worldwide. Their bodies are striped, and they have a silver back. Bonito fish can grow upto thirty inches.

Brown snake: 

Also known as common brown snake, this asian brown snake is extremely dangerous, lethal, and full of venom. It belongs to the family Elapidae. This snake is native to Southern New Guinea, and eastern parts of Central Australia. Brown snake was first discovered in 1854.

Butter fish: 

Butter fish is named due to its unique flesh. As it has very smooth flesh with little to no bones, that is why it is named as butter fish. They have flaky white meat, as they have such smooth flesh, they are very easy to eat and provide a wholesome experience.


As its name suggests, the bullsnake is a large snake but surprisingly it’s non-venomous, and a colubrid snake. Taxonomists suggest that these snakes are a subspecies of gopher snakes. These snakes are the largest and the most huge snake species present in Australia and in the U.S. It can grow upto eight feet.

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