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Akbash dogs are a majestic breed that hails from Turkey. They are known for their white coats, beautiful faces, and gentle demeanor. Though they may look like pure-bred angels, Akbash dogs are fiercely loyal to their families and make excellent watchdogs. If you’re thinking about adding an Akbash dog to your family, be sure to do your research first; this is not a breed for everyone. But if you’re up for the challenge, an Akbash dog will make an excellent addition to your home. Here are some exciting facts about this dog in this blog post;

Akbash weight and size

Akbash is one of the most giant breeds of dogs, with males typically weighing between 115 and 140 pounds. They are also among the tallest dogs, with a height of 26 to 30 inches at the shoulder. Akbash has a thick, double coat that is white or cream-colored. This coat helps to protect them from the harsh conditions of their native Turkey, where they were initially bred as guard dogs. Akbash are known for their loyalty and courage, and they make excellent watchdogs. However, they are also gentle and affectionate with their family and friends. If you are looking for a large, loyal companion, the Akbash may be the perfect breed for you.

Akbash behavior

The Akbash is an all-purpose dog. The Akbash have a devoted and loyal temperament, making them an excellent choice for families with children. They are also very athletic and agile, able to cover a lot of ground quickly. However, their high energy levels can sometimes be overwhelming, and they need a lot of exercises to stay healthy and happy. Akbash are also natural guard dogs and will bark to alert their owners of any strangers or potential threats. If you are looking for a versatile and protective dog, the Akbash is an excellent choice.

Dog food for Akbash

Akbash dog food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all Akbash dogs. This all-natural food is made with chicken, fish, and lamb meal and is fortified with vitamins and minerals to support optimal health. In addition to being highly nutritious, Akbash dog food is also highly palatable, making it a favorite among all dogs. Whether your Akbash is a picky eater or has a hearty appetite, they are sure to love this delicious food. So why wait? Give your Akbash the nutrition they need with Akbash dog food today!

Akbash interesting facts

Akbash is a dog breed that is all white in color. They originate from Anatolia in Turkey. Akbash are gentle, calm, and loving dogs that make great protectors of sheep and other livestock. Here are some interesting facts about Akbash dogs:

  • Akbash dogs were initially bred to be guardians of sheep and other livestock.
  • The name “Akbash” comes from the Turkish word “akbaş,” which means “white head.”
  • Akbash dogs are all white in color, with some having a light cream or tan-colored coat.
  • Akbash dogs have a life span of 10-12 years.
  • Akbash dogs are gentle, calm, and loving dogs that make great family pets.

Akbash health problems

Akbash is a relatively healthy breed of dog, but like all dogs, they are susceptible to specific health problems. The most common health problems seen in Akbash include hip and elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and eye disorders such as entropion and ectropion. While these conditions can be severe, they can often be effectively managed with proper treatment. Akbash are also prone to suffer from anxiety and stress, so it is essential to provide them with a calm and stable home environment. With proper care and treatment, Akbash can enjoy a long and healthy life.

How to take good care of Akbash

Akbash is a mix of all the best features you could hope for in a dog. They’re loyal, obedient, and protective, but they’re also gentle and loving. If you’re thinking of adding an Akbash to your family, here are a few tips on how to take care of them;


The Akbash is a large, powerful dog with a thick, all-white coat. Despite their size and strength, Akbash are gentle giants who are known for their loyalty and affection. Due to their thick coats, Akbash require regular grooming to keep them looking their best. Brushing your dog’s coat at least once a week will help to remove dirt and debris, and it will also help to distribute natural oils throughout the coat. In addition, the Akbash’s coat should be trimmed periodically to prevent matting and tangling. By taking care of your dog’s coat, you can help to keep your Akbash looking and feeling its best.


The Akbash is a large, all-white Turkish guard dog. It was originally bred to protect sheep from predators such as wolves, but it is also an excellent family pet. Akbash dogs are loyal and protective; but also need plenty of exercise. Without enough physical activity, they may become bored or destructive. Akbashes are particularly fond of running and retriever-type games. They also enjoy working on agility courses and pulling sleds or carts. In short, the Akbash is a versatile and athletic breed that thrives on exercise. For potential owners, this means that getting an Akbash is a commitment to providing the dog with plenty of opportunities to stay active.


Akbash training is an all-inclusive approach that involves teaching the dog-specific behaviors, obedience commands, and how to respond to various cues. The Akbash is a versatile breed that is well-suited for many different types of work, making them an excellent choice for Service Dog work. They are also very intelligent and have a strong desire to please their handlers, which makes them highly trainable.

Akbash training typically takes between 12 and 18 months to complete, and during this time, the dog will learn how to perform a variety of tasks that can assist its handler in daily life. Some of these tasks include retrieving items, opening doors, and providing balance support. With the proper training, an Akbash can be an invaluable asset to their handler and make a profound difference in their quality of life.

Akbash Dog

Children and Akbash

Akbash is all about children. They are gentle, playful, and loving with kids of all ages. They are also very intelligent and easy to train, which makes them ideal pets for families with young children. Akbash are also known for their loyalty and protective instincts, which can help to keep kids safe from harm. This makes them a good choice for busy families who might not have a lot of time to walk or play with their dogs every day. Overall, Akbash make great family dogs that can bring a lot of love and joy into your home.


Is an Akbash a good family dog?

These intelligent creatures love to be around their human families. Although these dogs are great with children, they require early socialization if they will live with other pets or dogs in the home. The Akbash is the right choice for those who want a loyal dog.


Akbash are some of the best watchdogs around. They’re loyal, protective, and make great family pets. If you’re looking for an intelligent dog that is easy to train and loves people, an Akbash may be perfect for you. Are you thinking about adding an Akbash to your family?

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