10 Facts About Carpenter ants with wings

Carpenter ants with wings are mostly found in the tree rich area of the world. They inhabit the damp wood and make holes in it by chewing them. Due to their habitat in the wood, they are a major contributor to building damage or destroying infrastructure.

Winged carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are highly found in Asian and tropical countries. The areas in your houses are vulnerable to moisture. They usually like to live in those places which can provide them easy food and shelter.


  • Most people get confused between other ants and the carpenter ones. So first of all carpenter ants will reside in the wood areas and not the others. They love moisture as well.
  • Their abdomen is round in shape, unlike the other ants. And so they appear rounder when observed.
  • They live in communities and have their chores divided. The worker ants differ in their size and colors mostly red or black.
  • The fertile males and females are a bit larger than the community workers.
  • The female queen ant lose their wings when they start a new reproductive cycle.
  • The largest size is of the Queen ant and can be up to one inch.

Do carpenter ants have wings?

Seeing ants with pitch black color on your white floor is totally gross. But mind me when they release their secret weapon “wings” one can get totally scared.

You may be amazed to know there are up to 50 ant species of only carpenter ants. Their size ranges from a quarter to half an inch. They are easily recognizable due to their round abdomen and their heads are also unique. Their heads are similar to the shape of the heart. 

As far as wings are concerned usually queen and the worker ants do not have wings while the others possess wings.

Those female ants which are capable of reproducing they have wings. They use these wings to travel towards the new reproduction site.

Control carpenter ants and winged ants in the home

Carpenter ants are highly found in America and as they inhabit the damp wood mostly houses and the buildings got damaged due to these. If not properly taken care of they can increase their breed with a very high speed so a huge loss can occur to your property.


Only seeing a large ant with black color does not mean that they are carpenter ants and also you cannot ignore them as well. Because even in the same species their sizes, textures, and colors vary to a large extent. Mostly those you see outside in your home are the worker ants which can be a quarter or more than a quarter-inch in length. Those male ants which are capable of breeding other than workers use their wings to fly to the nest to breed with the queen. That’s why they use their wings. Queen is the largest member of the community.


  1. Never be careless of damped wood of any area in your house because that is the most vulnerable are in which they can inhabit.
  2. Use specified ant killing sprays and it’s not necessary to spray only in the victim area but should be done on all places where wood is present.
  3. Make sure there is no direct contact of the house with damp soil or mud.

Complete control:

Chemical treatments can prevent the condition temporarily but it can worsen up later so the most effective method is to replace any kind of amp or damaged wood structure in your home. Keep your tree bushes far away from getting in touch with your roof etc. Get your trees trimmed regularly. If your building or home is extremely populated with aunts and it cannot be controlled by you. Then call Pest Control Centre.

What are giant black ants with wings?

Yeah, we all hate ants especially when we found them on our kitchen shelves, etc. as female or breeding male carpenter ants have wings and can fly so they can come in your home by fate or they may be hiding and growing at some damp woody place in your house.

Carpenter ants with wings 44

Why inhabit wood only?

Many people think that carpenter ants eat wood like termites but that is not the case. They do not eat wood like termites as they don’t have any paradise residing in their gut. Besides they just use the wood as a shelter particularly residing in the rotten trees. But when your house will have their drops like any drainage traveling towards the drawers, cupboards or your roof they will inhabit them. They make a hole in the wood area and will discard the wood from the hole. It is also a sign that you can get a clue of them residing in your house because you can clearly see the wood residue. 

What to do about flying ants in your home?

Flying black ants called the carpenter ants can easily reside in our home walls and they are also hard to find where they are residing so you may need a professional to do this chore. Spraying insecticides can inhibit the population but the solution is temporary. People also use treat traps but they hardly work. Ants take the treat in their nest to share that as a food and as it is medicated to kill them they can die. But that works only once in a blue moon. Therefore you should seek help from the specialists to get rid and prevent the problem permanently. 

Difference between carpenter ants and termites:

The most common color of carpenter ants are black and red and have an ombre effect of reddish-orange on their bodies when examined closely. The main distinction between termites and carpenter ants are their wings. Carpenter ants have two sets that are not equal in size the front pair is a bit larger than the back one whereas termites also have two sets of wings but they are hard to differentiate according to their size.

Carpenter ants prevention and control

Following are the things to be taken care of:

  1. Replace any damp wood or damaged wood area in your house t avoid inhabiting carpenter ants in your home.
  2. Take care of any leakage or drainage in the home.
  3. Trim trees branches to prevent any kind of soil contact to the house.
  4. Trim those branches as well which have contact with electrical lines because they can travel through them and then towards your house.

Treatment for the ants inside the house:

If the nest is viewable and you have detected it easily then any insecticide and pesticide which works best in your area can be used. But usually, their nests are hard to find due to mainly they built their nests inside the walls. Therefore, in that case, calling a professional is highly recommended because they have the knowledge, experience and proper tools that can easily destroy their nests.

Carpenter ants with wings 55

Spraying however is a very temporary treatment because those ants which get the insecticide will take a very little amount back to their nests and also most of the population of the nest does not come out of their nest as well so spraying will only inhibit the growth but the community member will remain there

Using baits:

If you cannot find the nest you can bluff the ants by inviting them to the baits. Baits are basically treated mixes with poison to kill the ants. If ants eat those baits it will be beneficial because ants share their food with other ants and eventually they all will get killed.

Question and answers

How to treat carpenter ants?

Use an insecticide or pesticide containing aerosol if u have found the nest otherwise contact to Pest Care Centre for professional aid.

How to identify carpenter ants?

They are usually pitch black in color having reddish orange ombre effect. Their head is heart-shaped and the abdomen is round.

How to save a tree from carpenter ants?

Ant repellent powder is the most effective way up till now to save trees from ants. It is also very easy to do because to obtain food is a necessary evil for the ants and they have to leave the three no matter what.

How to get rid of carpenter ants?

Using insecticide sprays, by giving baits or by seeking professional aid can be used to get rid of the problem permanently.

How big are carpenter ants?

The worker ants are usually long as a quarter inch or half inch. Whereas, the queen ant is the biggest among the community and they can grow up to an inch.

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